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SAN ANTONIO — I’ll always remember Mickey Rooney, whom I’ve met in both San Antonio and Hollywood, as being as feisty as all get out — even in his later years. My first encounter was in the Alamo City — in his trailer, during the 1983 filming of “Bill: On his Own,” his sequel to “Bill,” the TV movie that won him a lead actor Emmy for his performance as a mentally challenged man.
I was to interview him about his time in San Antonio, but what he really wanted to talk about was how angry he was about a Supreme Court decision: His suit that demanded actors receive residuals when their movies were shown on TV had just been dismissed. I got a front-page story out of it, as Rooney, extremely upset and tearful that day, vowed to quit movies for good — even file his name off his honorary Oscar and throw it away.
Later, my story got even more attention — nationally — when a regretful Rooney claimed he had been misquoted, that he never would have said those things.

I stood by my story — and got my first taste of what it was like to spar with the fireball known as Mickey Rooney. More than 20 years later, I witnessed him in fighting mode once again, but this time it was all in jest. The year was 2005, and Rooney was part of a PBS panel for the special, “Pioneers of Primetime.” Sitting next to him were Sid Caesar, Red Buttons, Carl Reiner and Rose Marie.
The verbal slings began with Rooney grabbing the spotlight — again and again — and Buttons and Reiner giving him heck for it. At one point, they even made like boxers and started throwing pretend punches at each other.

Maybe they weren’t the warm stuff that nostalgia is made of, but the long-beloved actor of stage, screen and television certainly knew how to make a meeting memorable.
Every time you open a can of mixed nuts there's like 90 of these in there, elbowing the peanuts and cashews out of the way.
This time they don\t even make it to the front door before the girls are nude and on their knees!

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