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This article is about the weapons used by Zero in the games he appears in, as well as techniques and EX Skills he can acquire.
Similar to the X-Buster, the Zero Buster (Z-Buster for short) is a chargeable cannon embedded in Zero's arm(s). Zero's favorite weapon and the one he is most skilled with, the Z-Saber is a lightsaber-like beam weapon which he first acquired in Mega Man X2 after being repaired by the X-Hunters (or Dr. The Z-Saber can be used on the ground and in mid-air and can perform combo attacks; however, the normal slashes (and the combos) force Zero to stand still. In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Zero can use several types of Sabers, all of which are Combat type weapons that hit a single target.
Z Saber: (Z????) Zero's standard weapon, a beam saber that is capable of a Double Slash combo. Flame, Ice and Thunder Sabers: (???????? (Fire Saber), ??????? and ????????) These Sabers have pretty much the same level in terms of stats and hit with one Splitting Slash, but offer elemental strengths to the user, capable of causing additional damage to certain enemies.
Doubletooth: (???????) A double-bladed saber, which has a higher chance of a Critical Hit with a Splitting Slash. Red Lotus Saber: (???) Zero's fastest weapon, this blade drains all of Zero's power and channels it into a giant flame blade, and unleashes it in a fire elemental triple slash called the Bone Slicer. Z Ichimonji: (? Rei, "Zero") Another metal blade, the Z Ichimonji glows with a dark blue flame. Z Rapier: (Z????) This thin, red blade can perform a Triple Slash combo, compared to the Z Saber's double combo. The Mega Man X7 version utilizes a triple-slash move, different from the usual 4-slash combo of Z-Saber and has weaker vertical reach. The Mega Man X8 version adds the overhead spinning move as its third slash to be able to strike enemies repeatedly with its blade part as well as to deflect enemy fire with the handle part of the weapon. The ? Blade is the weapon Sigma uses in Mega Man X8, and it can be obtained by either completing the game and then buying it in the R&D Shop, or by entering a code (PS2 version only) (by pressing L3 (x2), R3, L3 (x2), R3, L3 (x2), R3, L3 (x2), R3, L3 (x2), R3) on the title screen.
Also known as the Titan Breaker, this is a super-powerful hammer that can break through enemies' barriers. Also known as the Kaiser Knuckle, this is a pair of brass knuckles that appear in Mega Man X8. It is indicated by various Zero series sources (such as the Recoil Rod illustration below) and concept arts, that the Zero of this series actually uses at least two Z-Sabers, and he can alter them to become the basis of the rest of his Zero series arsenal (excluding the Buster Shot which can still be fired normally, and the Zero Knuckle).
The Buster Shot (????????, Basuta Shotto?) is Zero's long-range weapon; alongside the Z-saber, it appears in all Mega Man Zero games. The Shield Boomerang (?????????, Shield Boomerang?) is a weapon used by Zero in the first three games, constructed by Cerveau.
The Triple Rod (???????, Triple Rod?) is a lance-like weapon appears only in the first Mega Man Zero game and constructed by Cerveau from gathered data about Zero (talking to engineer after complete "Retrieve Data" mission - Maha Ganeshariff's mission).
The Chain Rod (???????, Chain Rod?) is manufactured from the remains of the Triple Rod by Cerveau in Mega Man Zero 2.
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One year after the events of the first game, Zero as become a lone wanderer, still fighting against Neo Arcadian soldiers.
The techniques obtained from defeated bosses are usually assigned to different elements, such as fire, ice, and lightning, and those attacks are executed by fulfilling certain button combinations while in a certain situation (for example, while Zero's in mid-air). From left to right: Red Lotus Saber, Z Ichimonji, Z Rapier, Soul Saber, Flame Saber and Doubletooth. As the game progresses, Zero has access to better versions of his weapon, the Z Saber+, ++, and +++.
However, since the blade drains so much power, it almost completely annihilates Zero's defense stats, making him extremely vulnerable. The Mega Man X7 version of this weapon is obtained from Splash Warfly after he was defeated in addition to learning the Suiretsusen technique, which it can only be performed using this weapon. It is a giant sword with legendary attack power, and it can easily break enemies' barriers.
Equipping them grants Zero access to the special techniques used by Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series.

The Z-Saber now no longer possesses a lightsaber-like appearance, but a deltoid-shaped blade.
It is an energy shield created by spinning the Z-Saber (mounted onto his forearm) around like a chainsaw.
Instead, Zero activated the Z-Saber blades on both sides of the saber hilt and spun it around, making it look like a shield.
It is a modified Z-Saber hilt which can be three times for additional range and has a spear-like energy tip at the top; however, the extension can only be executed if standing still on the ground.
It is a Z-Saber variation with a "loose", extendable Z-Saber tip which is held together by several energy chain links. When you finish a level you get a score depending on the time you took, the amount of damage sustained, the number of enemies you killed (among other things). Similar to the Buster Upgrade of X's armor from Mega Man X2, Zero's Z-Busters can be linked to each other to fire two Charge Shots one after the other; however, they do not combine. When not used, Zero stores the deactivated Z-Saber hilt in a special sheath-like element located on his back (via a hole on over his left shoulder in canon), although in Mega Man X7 and X8, he keeps it out and activated as long as it is equipped. The Mega Man X8 version of this weapon is available as a Rare Metal that Zero can redeem in the R&D Laboratory for use with any technique unlike in the previous version. Besides allowing him to use Souenbu by creating beam boomerangs, the V-Hanger allows him to do up to a 5-slash combo. In addition, equipping this weapon will reduce special weapon energy usage by half automatically. The weapon's range is almost non-existent as Zero has to come up close to attack enemies making it easier to get hit, however the attack power is the same as T Breaker. When Zero awoke, he grabbed Milan's weapon in order to defend Ciel and himself against the attacking Neo Arcadian troops. It can reflect most enemy shot attacks, however, it provides no protection from melee attacks, nor is it capable of deflecting exceptionally powerful moves (like those used by bosses). It can also be used to attack in eight directions (left, right, up, down, upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right). It can be used to hook onto various enemies, holding them in place by stunning them, pull them closer to Zero for further attacks with the Z-Saber or the Buster Shot, or to simply impale them from mid-distance if already weakened. Cyber Elf System did not change; you will still need to collect weapon chips (Thunder, Ice, Fire).
Little has changed except the advent of Elpizo, new leader of the resistance, whose aim is to eliminate once and for all the human threat. It would have been better to be able to take our time exploring a stage thoroughly and return later to aim an A or an S rank.
When Zero became a fully playable character in Mega Man X4, his Z-Buster was completely removed due to game balancing, but it was re-introduced in Mega Man X5; in this game, it was only available if the game was started with Zero. Zero uses his Learning System to learn new attack techniques for his Saber; this Learning System works in a similar fashion to X's Variable Weapons System. The reach of this weapon is two times that of the Z-Saber and is effective on any enemy or boss.
Zero can stand still with this weapon that creates an energy shield around him that can deflect low-damage projectile shots. The main flaw of the K Knuckle is that it cannot break through enemy barriers due to it lacking the three hit combo ability for Zero to break through enemy barriers.
Unlike in the X series, the Zero series Z-Saber can be used while running and dashing (however, no combos can be performed while in motion). Once acquired, the Buster Shot's bullets directly changed from regular ammunition to energy shots, and once the Z-Saber is obtained, the gun can be charged with its help (early concept art and the illustration to the left show that the Z-Saber can be loaded into the buster as a power cell, granting the weapon the ability to be charged this way). Like most weapons of the series, the Shield Boomerang can be charged and equipped with element chips. It can also be used to grab distant energy capsules or to hook Zero to a ceiling, swinging on it, similar to a grappling hook. Up until Zero's death at the end of Mega Man X5, the Z-Saber had a rather fluid-formed blade, less like a saber in the actual sense.
Additionally it can be charged due to the Mega Buster Mk17 technology embedded in the saber.

Like the Zero series version of the Z-Saber, the Buster Shot can be equipped with element chips, and it had to be upgraded in the first two games. When charged, the shield can be thrown like a razor blade, flying in an ellipsis path and cutting through several enemies before returning to Zero. When fully charged, Zero will swing the rod around himself like a battle staff, with an energy tip on both ends; when in mid-air, Zero spins the Triple Rod in front of him.
It can be equipped with element chips as well, and has to be leveled up to deal more damage and extend its range. There are energetic covers which change color, three parameters (Power, Protection, Speed) and give extra skills. With this sis game you will not be bored anymore - just download free Megaman Zero 2 sis file and you'll spend hours playing. It could only be used on the ground, and Zero was unable to move while firing it because he had to "charge" the attack. Learning the Rekkyodan technique will power-up the fans, allowing them to reflect shots back at the enemies by hitting them with the weapon. As for the weapons, Rod was changed into Chain Rod (which makes the second part the most pleasant for playing).
The fluid-shaped Saber is found by X after X5 and used in the following game, but what became of it in later games is unknown. In the first two games, Zero has to "relearn" his skill with the Z-Saber, upgrading its attack power and moveset by frequently using it, thus leveling it up. In the first Mega Man Zero game, Cerveau only gives the weapon to Zero after he gets the Triple Rod and completes a mission.
The Triple Rod is destroyed in the time gap between the first and second game, and the Chain Rod is constructed from its broken remains.
Possibly before the chain rod was decided to be included in Zero 2, concept art shows a wrist mounted grappling hook that may have been replaced with the more combat capable chain rod. At our site you will find many other games of different genres, from fighting and RPG to the puzzles and arcades. The fire frequency of the Buster was vastly increased (yet still bound to the ground) and its power was increased as well, making it rather useful against most enemies and bosses.
Oddly, the same fluid blade was used by the Zero Nightmare, rather than the new one that Zero currently uses, though it is more likely that the Nightmare Zero's data was based on Zero in X5.
The Z-Saber from Mega Man X6 onwards utilizes a straight solid beam rather than the fluid blade used in previous games. The Z-Saber is also unique in how it apparently doesn't require an energy source to operate. In the second game, Zero must talk to Cerveau and get the Shield Boomerang (and Chain Rod) to progress the game. Contrary to popular belief, Zero actually uses the Z-Saber on his left hand rather than his right (the right hand is usually for activating his Z-Buster, similar to what X does. In Mega Man Zero 2, Zero spends around a year far away from any energy source and the Z-Saber is still in full operating condition; though, knowing that Zero has an internal reactor, it is entirely possible that the saber can be recharged by drawing energy from Zero himself. Furthermore, the Buster Shot gun was erroneously called "Z Buster" in the first Mega Man Zero game, possibly because it seemed as though Zero had obtained a gun from nowhere and the translators assumed it was a stylized Z-Buster. However he still keeps his left hand for Z-Saber combat even if the Z-Buster is no longer used from Mega Man X7 onwards) as shown in the video sequences involving Zero in Mega Man X3, X4 and X8.
Why Zero still uses his right hand to hold the Z-Saber during gameplay is still open to question. Zero however may be ambidextrous, and the Z-Saber in canon is sheathed behind his left shoulder, barring any ambidextrous positions he has or artworks like his character select portrait in X4.

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