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A breakup with your girlfriend can be a very painful experience, especially if you loved her deeply or dated her for long.
You need privacy: Much as some well-meaning people will like to help, you need to get your thoughts together without any external interruptions. Make plans to move on: You need to move on with your life as soon as possible so you will need to decide the qualities you desire in your new girlfriend. Talk to a friend: Not just any of your friends, but a trusted friend and confidant about your relationship and what you are going through as a result of the breakup with your girlfriend. Big Brother Australia – Tully Smyth And Tahlia Are Back Together!by Reality RaverIn the “I did not see this coming” files it looks like Tully Smyth and Tahlia are back together. Getty ImagesBut it hasn't all been good times for the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star. The most painful part of every breakup is the emotional pain and trauma that comes in its wake.
This may be embarrassing initially, so you need to start slowly and continue with more details if your friend is genuinely interested and not being judgmental. The pair have been busy uploading photos of each other to Instagram.Now let’s revise this truly modern romance of this couple.

Kim Zolciak showed Instagram followers that she's still having a very sexy marriage with husband Kroy, as the couple celebrated four years of marriage together. Being alone in your own home helps you deal with your emotions without anyone contributing to your anger and sadness by trying to show you some pity.
Magazine 'I think she went down there to reconnect with Drew.'They shared something incredibly personal to them and it was also incredibly public.
The pair were living together in a lesbian relationship and then Tully goes on Big Brother Australia, hooks up with Drew, Tahlia dumps her via Twitter and Tully at this point after she is evicted is unfazed and not too apologetic about her behaviour.Tully then goes back into the Big Brother house pashes Drew on the lips and tells him she is single and the night he is evicted is all over him at the live show. They have each other's best interests at heart.'But Tully has maintained that the two were always close friends, even after their breakup, telling OK!
Tahlia is papped moving out of their house and they tweet that they will be sharing custody of their dog Luna.Tahlia sells her story to Woman’s Day saying what a bitch Tully was and how badly hurt she was.
Much as you will want to get your ex-girlfriend out of your mind as fast as possible, you need to allow yourself some time to get accustomed to the fact that it is over for good. If you do not have a personal space you can be alone, try visiting some quiet outdoor places like a park or school. Whenever you go out, try as much as possible to talk to interesting women you meet, chances are that you will soon meet someone you would love to go into a new relationship with.

Healing after a breakup will take a while because it is an emotional and psychological thing.
If your home reminds you of your ex-girlfriend, probably because she chose the pattern and style of the interior decorations, you can rearrange the rooms to make them look less like what your ex-girlfriend would have loved. Pay attention to the new girl once you find someone new and resist every temptation to call your ex-girlfriend.
Then Drew and Tully sell their story to OK Magsaying how madly they are in love, then Tully sells her story to OK Mag saying they have busted up.Now it looks like the story has come the full circle and they are back together. Meditation helps you get a focused thought so you can be able to identify where and how it all went wrong. This will not only get your mind off your ex-girlfriend, it will make you excited and eager to go out and look for the great girl you have described in your write-up.

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