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When math teacher Jennifer Davis looked in her school mailbox last week, she found the perfect holiday gift. Davis, who teaches at West Mesquite High School in Texas, had received a thank-you note from a student. Davis told The Huffington Post over the phone that while she has received notes from students in the past, this one was especially touching. We hope more students take a cue from this student and give teachers the recognition they deserve. She never spoke of her life as a child, her life as an adolescent, or as an adult - I don't know of any of the real hardships or joys of her life. Now that she's gone I realize more and more how sad it is that I know so little of the person I loved most in the world. When our mom passed way, my older sister Jane was absolutely devastated since she was the one family member in Vancouver who dedicated most of her life to our mom during the last several years.

A 23-year-old woman who was driven to self-harm by bullies who teased her mercilessly about her excessive facial hair has embraced her condition and now sports a full beard. I know some of the aspects of my Mom's life but those are only from what I experienced personally as I got older.
I live in Cranbrook, British Columbia and ~ because of distance ~ had limited time with my mom. If you know of a unique caregiver who you would like to honor or perhaps submit yourself, please send a jpg photograph (if one is available) along with your story. Harnaam Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome which causes thick hair growth, despite her lengthy attempts to shave, wax and bleach it. Even though Jane has a family of her own and works full time, she was always ready to reschedule her days and nights to accommodate whatever our mom needed. But now the primary school teaching assistant is so confident and content with her appearance she has even been baptised as a Sikh – a religion where it is forbidden to cut body hair.

Although my mom was Canadian born, her youth was spent in China and she adopted all the Chinese characteristics. Because of her, we siblings talked to each other on a fairly regular basis, made plans together, spent time together. This includes but is not limited to the journal exercises, Newsletters and original articles, etc.
About 4 or 5 months after our mother passed away, I wrote this poem for Jane because I thought in some way that it would help her soul. I suppose this is one of the reasons my 7 siblings and I know so little about the woman who raised us and took in scores of foster kids and made her home a 2nd home for all of our friends and any distant relatives.

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