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After an almost flawless first attempt, the 16-year-old landed her second vault on her heels and her legs quickly skidded out from under her as a look of shock crossed her face.Maroney was attempting a move called the Amanar when her dreams of a gold medal came unstuck.
Maroney appeared extremely unimpressed as she stood on the podium next to beaming gold medallist Sandra Izbasa of Romania andA Maria Paseka of Russia, who won bronze. She took to her Twitter page to vent her frustration, saying: 'Disappointed on how today turned out, but everything happens for a reason!! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I did what any freaked-out newbie parent would do, and I began to research – I read Dr. Not surprisingly, attachment parenting (AP) was the clear winner among the conscious-minded, crunchy-leaning parents and experts.
Attachment parenting, a term coined by William Sears, is a style interacting with babies that promotes development of connection, trust, and confidence between caregiver and child via skin to skin contact, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby wearing.
I was particularly lured by the prospect of more sleep, and indeed, inhabiting the same bed with a small human that nurses every two hours ensured that I could at least get a full night of strung-together naps. As soon as I was cleared for exercise, I began wrapping the baby into my mai-tai carrier and marching on a mountain hike that was a few minutes walk from our home. Despite this, I was happy to get out of the house, and the AP-encouraged baby wearing made these outings possible.
I would lay in bed with him for up to 45 minutes, and when he finally dosed off, I would try to gently detach him and tip-toe out the room.
Needless to say, I spent hours most evenings trying to get my sweet boy to settle, leaving very little time for my husband and I to connect.
Nap time was a downward spiral, and I spent every afternoon for months in a rocking chair with my baby on my chest. By the time my son was one, he had all but completely rejected napping – leaving him (and me) exhausted and cranky most of the day. Now, I DO NOT recommend sleep training a one year old if you can avoid it (instead introduce a schedule no later than four months in most cases).
On the first two nights of sleep training, I nursed my son on the sofa, and then we put him into his bed where he proceeded to scream for 30 minutes before he fell fast asleep. After this, my son still nursed once per night until we did a similar screaming-in-the-middle-of-the-night intervention about 6 months later.
Nap time continued to be a struggle until he finally gave them up completely at the age of 2. As for nursing, I deeply enjoyed the bonding and nurturing time until about 18 months, but struggling with sleep deprivation, I didn’t have the energy or heart to wean.
Not only had attachment parenting led me down a path to crazed sleep deprivation and chronic back pain, but I spend most of those first two years feeling guilty about my failures as a mother. Finally weaned and sleeping through the night, it wasn’t until years later that he stopped screaming upon waking  and frequently waking in the middle of the night needing to be consoled for no apparent reason. When it came time for baby #2, I was determined to find a way of early parenting that was a better fit for me and my family. My daughter (you can read her home birth story here) had a beautiful birth, lots of skin-to-skin time and was breastfed until 16 months – 6 months shy of when I weaned my son.
Without baby wearing or extended nursing, my back was pain-free and I never grew to resent nursing, but our biggest triumph with our hybrid-AP baby was sleep.
Using the sleep training plan laid out in Gina Ford’s The Contented Little Baby Book (and ignoring her feeding advice), we began to gently guide my daughter to a schedule as soon as she regained her birth weight. Admittedly, in the beginning I missed staying in my own bed through endless nights of nursing. In my clinical practice, week after week bleary-eyed parents (usually with babies 6 months or older) stagger into my office looking for advice about getting more sleep. It’s my opinion that for most parents, the early days of parenthood would be much easier if healthy sleep patterns are introduced at a younger age. Other moms and dads come in with chronic pain caused by baby wearing or awkward positions while co-sleeping.
Don’t get me wrong, the message here is not that one way is better than the other, but in fact, the opposite. Each baby has a unique temperament, and every child will respond differently to different methods. Let’s help new parents understand their choices.  What was your experience with your baby? If you found this post interesting or helpful, please share it on Facebook, Pinterest, or your other favorite social media! This post can be seen at the following blog carnivals: Monday Mania and Gallery of Favorites. I’m 37 and raising 7 kids, and I do not regret any time spent holding a napping infant.
I believe that people who do not read parenting books, traditional cultures etc naturally gravitate towards frequent suckling, lots of in arms carrying, and co-sleeping.
As for temperament, I mentioned this briefly at the very end, and I do think it is a huge factor.

Completely agree that the author has totally misunderstood the meaning of attachment parenting. I tend to run perfectionist… I stay at home with my kids and my life revolves around them. When it comes to dating and romance now, what differences would a single Dad in his 50s encounter compared to his single son in his 20s?
One of the delectable things I found out about being with a grown up is: they WANT to connect! A few months ago, a college friend of mine who's an avid online dater, received a note in her dating site inbox. Dating columnist Louisa Whitehead-Payne and her new boyfriend have now been dating just under three months.
Just as I think I have been stood up, a lone chap arrives, clad in a lime-green anorak, looking anxious and slighter in stature than I was expecting. The period after a breakup is the perfect time for a little post-relationship debriefing with trusted friends.
In another, she is fuming about the failed vault that had her landing in a sitting position.It didn't get better after she was awarded a silver medal instead of the coveted gold, as Maroney rolls her eyes and shoots daggers against her rivals in subsequent photos.
I am sure it will probably shock and offend many attachment parenting advocates that I chose baby sleep training. I also think the AP community deserves a smack on the wrist for unabashedly treating any other style of parenting with scorn.
My husband and I hadn’t spent much time around kids since we were youngsters ourselves.
Sears, chatted with midwives, poured over the internet, and generally immersed myself in learning the best ways to parent a newborn. We had weighed the pros and cons of co-sleeping, and were confident that we would not suffocate him. After a few weeks, when we figured out side-lying nursing, I enjoyed full nights of sleep, only interrupted by the occasional roll-over-switch-sides. While my friend’s baby mostly slept through these hikes, my baby mostly screamed (despite trying different carriers, feeding schedules, bouncing, singing, etc). Most of the time, he would be awakened by my movement, and require my assistance to get back to sleep.
I looked forward to daily scheduled visits from friends, so I could hand off the baby to take a shower.
Cry It Out is the stuff that makes skin crawl for attachment parenting advocates, and it is simply not pleasant for anyone. Sleep schedules awry, our days often began at 4am (!) – an hour that both the sun and I never considered to be morning. After all, AP babies enjoy better behavior, development, and learning skills – but what happens when Attachment Parenting methods are a disaster?
While she still got plenty of snuggles and kisses, I carried her only minimally, and otherwise allowed her to explore from the floor whenever possible.
But by only nine weeks, my daughter had begun to sleep from 10pm until 7am, and naps nearly always occurred like clockwork. Parents need to know that they should not be suffering at the price of practicing attachment parenting.
For me, AP was an extremely helpful paradigm that allowed me to listen to my baby and not to others. I know a mom of 11 who sleep trained all her kids, but it simply did not work with her son, who at 2 is still not sleeping through the night. I love the idea of AP being more about connection than intensive co-sleeping and baby wearing.
You do what is best for your family so that everyone is happy and gets a good night’s sleep and you have a close bond with your children. Actually my ability and willingness to attachment parent has increased and improved with time. This author seems to really not understand the difference between emotional and psychological attachment, and physical attachment. I nursed and laid them down to sleep in their crib and they always seemed perfectly fine with that and we all got sleep at night. And actually, one could argue that if you follow a particular method, such as AP, you are prioritizing the method over your baby by trying to get your baby to conform to the principles of that method.
Chances are you still wear jeans and like many our age, your hair is longer than your mother's. Well, a solitary old age, I suppose, but if you really want to get together with someone, there is almost no chance you will meet them in real life. In other words, how might it go when a dad and his son sit down to openly compare notes about what's happening with the women in their lives? Leaving a message required me to put myself on the line and a Heimlich-maneuver-inducing swallowing of pride. It wasn't my intention to find love when I went online -- it was just to be happy, have sex and a nice time.

The Muddy Farmer hadn't got over it five years on, and here again is a guy that is badly affected not only by his wife leaving him, but a lady walking away after a relationship of only a few months.
But she doesn't think men expect women to be checking them out in bed in parallel, so she must make a decision. The barman points me out, and Home Boy steps up and greets me confidently with a kiss on the cheek.
Unless there is a theme where I can lose myself a bit and I find fancy dress liberates you.
It's also a great time for some self-reflection about what you're looking for in a new relationship. Plus, the silver medal is actually pretty sick.'A  Had Maroney not fallen, she would have easily won gold because of the degree of difficulty in her vault. As a holistic health practitioner, I knew I wanted to go the natural route in terms of birth, but that was the extent of my plan. It was completely instinctual to want to be skin to skin with a newborn baby – our midwives had my husband remove his t-shirt to hold our son, and he fell quickly and deeply in love.
My fatigue began to affect my appetite and I was washed with waves of nausea throughout the day.
At bed times my Contented Little Baby would lay down awake and drift off to sleep with a smile. If Carrie did in fact adopt some or all of her 7 children, hats off to the lady for that act. Attachment parenting is about the importance of psychological attachment (look up Bowlby and Attachment Theory) in the mother infant relationship, primarily.
We were able to stop the all night nursing sessions ( I got fed up at 18 months) without my ever leaving him alone to CIO. I am 39 with my first baby and have never worked harder in my life and have never been in more pain in my life. And that strange and unexpected emotion is not especially welcome so soon after my split with my husband.
We eat at a nice restaurant and I am delivered back before dark (it has to be light for private pilots to land).
This self-reflection often includes reading up on love and relationships to make sure you are wiser and better equipped for relationship success.
Hopefully this will include some attachment parenting principles such as skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, but co-sleeping vs. I certainly did not mean to imply that adoptive parents are not legitimate parents, in case anyone else might have leaped to such an asinine conclusion from what I said. Sleep training at best endangers that attachment, at worst actually causes neurological damage.
I was nearly crippled with pain (not an exaggeration) from adhering to all the physical AP recommendations (the emotional piece has been beautiful). I am impressed by the kindness and understanding he showed these women, but also gobsmacked by the essence of each story.
A child learns that their needs are not going to be met because an adult uses a clock to determine whether those needs are valid or not. I have had some bad sleepers but withdrawing comfort has never been the solution to helping them to sleep. The author (her name is Emily, whose blog you’re commenting on) clearly did her due dilligence, and guess what?
My husband, and myself are both insomniacs, we both slept FANTASTIC after being sleep trained, then around age 6 we both stopped sleeping.
If you co-sleep with one kid and the next one hates it, put the baby in the crib is that is were the baby prefers. We are actually now moving to live with my husband’s parents because I am not doing this alone anymore. Sears has meant excruciating pain, psychological pressure and feelings of failure as well as nurturing, sweetness and provision.
I agonized over what to do with getting sleep as well (co-slept with a baby who suckled all night long on my nipple for six months straight and who wouldn’t nap without my nipple) until I was completely broken. In total anguish and desperation I listened to my daughter’s pediatrician, who said my daughter needed better, deeper sleep, and tried to sleep train her.
I do a damn good job and since we all feel safe, secure and loved -even though there are plenty of kid and mommy tantrums through the week, that it’s good enough and I need to keep telling myself that everything will be fine. Like my daughter who’d wake every 30-45 min day and night screaming her brains out non stop. By GOD’S GRACE my daughter slept alone in a crib for 12 hours straight (never before!!!!) on Christmas night last year. You haven’t asked me to, but I am praying for you, that God will give you clarity and peace with the timing and way to get relief (even if that comes in part in the form of a doctor and a med).

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