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Bipolar Disorder and Work ProblemsI received this comment on the blog when I woke up this morning. Monday night i checked my wife into the hospital for the first time, after what i am now learning was probably a manic episode including grandiosity, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. She is in a locked down behavioral health clinic, where i have been visiting her for every minute they allow. I am trying to put my trust in the fact that she is in the right place and that they will be able to help her. Expecting her to bounce back is a mistake we all make- think of it as if she had been in a bad car crash and will need to recover at home.

I’m only talking generalizations here- many people bounce back from a hospitalization more quickly. That helps all of you see the severity of what her body has been through as well as her mind. Make sure they don’t send her home too soon- and make sure her health care is all lined up for when she gets out. This site should not be seen as a substitute for an official diagnosis or for professional health care. Thinking things like my girlfriend could have someone who has loads of money, nice house ect… all the things i dont have.

The only way to get around this is to treat the bipolar first- this means trying for as long as it takes to find the right meds and then… here is the hard part- learn to manage the illness on your own.

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