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My first computer was a Commodore 64, and my family was lucky enough to have the 1541 floppy disk drive.
Fortunately, in the last month I came across a great tool that has helped me free up considerable space not only on my Apple laptop but on my desktop at home. The files are sorted by size, you can start eliminating those that will make the most difference on your hard drive’s storage. If you want to explore particular types of files (movies, pictures, music, etc.), Gemini makes that simple.
This entry was posted in Reviews, Software and tagged duplicate, gemini, hard drive, mac, macpaw, storage. Amy Cavender is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and Associate Professor of Political Science and interim Director of the Center for Academic Innovation at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana.
Brian Croxall is the Digital Humanities Strategist at Emory University's Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC) and Lecturer of English. Kathleen Fitzpatrick is director of scholarly communication of the Modern Language Association and Visiting Research Professor of English at New York University. Lincoln Mullen is a PhD candidate at Brandeis University and a historian of religion in early America and the nineteenth century. Anastasia Salter is an assistant professor of digital media at the University of Central Florida.

Mark Sample is an Associate Professor at Davidson College, where he also directs the college's Digital Studies program. We were amazed at our ability to write huge files to portable media—all the way up to 170 KB!!!!
I was listening to an episode of the Mac Power Users podcast that featured a guest appearance from Merlin Mann (who was the featured guest on the inaugural ProfHacker podcast).
When you click on a single row in the results, you are shown the names of the duplicate files, as well as the folders in which they reside. You can then tick off the one that you no longer want to keep—or, as is the case in the example above, the two extraneous copies. You can also use a single click to have the application select the files that it’s absolutely sure are duplicates. Unfortunately, MacPaw doesn’t appear to offer an educational discount, but I think my $10 has been well spent all the same. Templeton is the Anne Morrison Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Study and an associate professor of English at Converse College. Houston is an associate professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a personal productivity coach for academics and professionals.
Of course, it wasn’t too many years before software was getting bigger than our disk drive could handle.

Searching through my entire hard drive on my iMac (1 TB) took longer, but I was honestly surprised that it finished as quickly as it did. Gemini could also auto-select which file to ditch, or you can tell it to keep the oldest or the newest. Gemini is Mac-only, but for Windows users, Lifehacker recommends Spyglass as one tool for accomplishing the same thing. Gemini’s sole purpose is to hunt down duplicate files within a folder, a single attached storage device, or your entire computer. If somehow you happen to select all of the versions of a file, it will warn you to make sure you want to get rid of all copies of it.
It handles my music and photo folders with aplomb (which is no easy feat given the strange way that Apple likes to handle those media files), and I can even set folders for it to permanently ignore. I started deleting applications, photos, anything that I could think of to recoup some spare bytes.
I particularly like using it to clean up space in my Dropbox folder, as it is easy to fill up and critical to how I work these days.

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