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Look, I realize not everyone is born with Jolie lips or Parton breasts, but when is too much really too much?
Finding the perfect concealer can be quite daunting, but you may want to give Dermablend a try after witnessing this amazing makeover. Twenty-six-year-old fashion model Rick Genest, who starred in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video and walked Thierry Mugler Men's Fall 2011 runway, puts Dermablend's concealers to the test in the brand's "Go Beyond The Cover" campaign. A team of three makeup artists worked in just one day using about 4 tubes of Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Tattoo Primer and Leg and Body Cover to conceal Genest's skeletal tattoos from the waist up. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and check out this glow-in-the-dark Halloween makeup. Subscribe to Channing Tatum Unwrapped with your RSS Reader or quickly sign up to receive the previous day's blog posts via email! The worlds most beautiful woman was not a 0, a 2, a 4, or a 6 — she was all that and a few bags of chips.

Shame on you for not only trying to force your horrific ideas of beauty on the public at large, but shame on you for making anorexia couture!
You toss caution and logic to the wind in lieu of an image of beauty no mortal could ever achieve. We must dive into much richer and darker hallows to find the true horror of Hollywood-induced beauty.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. You force your children to spend the vast majority of their days in the gym and with trainers instead of honing their craft. Often considered one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet, should that woman you see there try to gain a foothold on Hollywood today, she’d be laughed out of the town.
Now the casting couch seems to be filled with woman sporting young boys bodies sporting overly large, overly fake breasts.

A woman who claims her husband has a fascination with hit cats so she wanted to look like one. Women should have curves and men shouldn’t concentrate every second of their days on six-pack abs.
Of course, because Odell has already been the targetĀ of some crazy chick who said she was engaged to the Giants stud wide receiver. Well guess what — the only real losers are the ones pointing the fingers at those size 16 women and tossing their noses in the air in disgust.

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