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I know what it’s like for my husband to be out eating fancy steak dinners and going interesting places while we sat at home eating spaghettios and watching Barney.  I know! I know what it’s like to watch other couples enjoying fellowship together while my husband is away and does not have the time or energy for casual friendships with other couples.  I know! So I took a bad situation and made it WAY worse – I KNOW!  I know what it’s like to not know how to handle everything thrown your way and cry because you just want your man to come home! Monday to Friday he was up north working, while I waited down here with our four sons (they were aged 10, 7, 4 and 1 when he started working there) and also tried to keep the house in order for people to view!
Now, just before Christmas, his hours have changed again, meaning he is only away Tuesday to Thursday, again home in time for dinner on Thursday, and working the rest if the time down here.
Although he is too modest to admit it himself, he has done a wonderful job establishing the charity up north. Whenever anyone asked me how I coped, I always said that I only had to survive during the week and with him only a few hours up the road whereas other women have their husbands away for months on end, risking their lives in a war zone! Yes, it’s difficult, and I experience everything you mention (expect the mouse, which made me laugh!) but it does force you to be more disciplined in making time for each other too.
And although he is now only away for two nights a week, I do long for the days when he will be home again full time! Courtney, you are inspiring and that fact that you know and care how we feel as mothers and wives far outweighs the grammatical errors or spelling mistakes you may make. You’d have probably really cringed when you read the letter from our local school district excusing my daughter from public school this year. Courtney thanks for understand and encouraging all the wives that struggle day to day without their husbands. 6) I took one day at a time, not looking for trouble that may come tomorrow.CONTENT in each PRESENT day not wishing for tomorrow. I also have very close relationships today with my kids, in part I believe because of all the time I had with them growing up! Three cheers for a great dad – but I hate being a burden on others because of our life choices.
Or the multiple trips to the emergency room for things such as swallowing strange objects or my daughter’s teeth being knocked out – for some reason these emergencies only seem to happen when he is gone ?? !
But then I realized something unnecessary like that, probably came from an either envious or bitter heart. I sent you an email during your break explaining to you just how instrumental you have been in my own walk with the Lord.

I feel like we are no longer married and I am a single mum (definitely was no a part of my vision when I got married big shock to my ideal). Here are some things that helped me get through my husband being away (he travels up to 50 percent of the time). When he took the post we never intended to stay apart, only as long as it took to sell the house and then we would all move up too. His new post was working for the same charity but trying to establish them up north, where they had no presence.
We took the house off the market and my husband was able to change his hours so that he only worked away Monday to Thursday. I sincerely hope you find the kind of peace only Jesus can provide for your day & journey. And I thank Him for the work my husband and I have, and thank Him for all the people He has blessed me with, and leave what I can’t accomplish to Him.
My hubby doesn’t travel much, but we took him to the airport today and he won’t be back til Friday! When I was first adjusting to this new schedule, I used to be on the verge of tears all day as well. These are the perfect vehicle for leaving a little love note for him (or two or three) and placing them in spots he won’t see immediately. Think of the last time you did a 12 Days of Christmas for someone, and just apply that to your husband and with the theme of love! Mama first and foremost, but during naps I play publicist and graphic designer, while wiping off smashed avocado and banana from my face and hair, and pulling out embedded Legos from my feet. I sometimes feel overwhelmed, though I have a heart for God and serving Him, but sometimes just feel overwhelmed and there friendships, though many but seem to be more like distant hard to relate to our schedule and no family living around us. My husband works out of town 6 months out of the year and it has taken me almost four years to get the hang of doing things on my own when he is away. He would be home in time for dinner on Thursday and work Fridays in the headquarters down here. God is using you to reach so many women in this world, and you teach us how to be better wives and moms by your own example and by using scripture as our instruction book . That last one will enable my husband to not come home to a long to-do list, as I have leaned on God to guide me.
I don’t know why it is so comforting to know that others share your same experiences and feelings, but it is.

No mice yet, but I did have the 17 month old pull a nearly full gallon of milk off the counter – of course the cap was off, so that was fun! I really look forward to the encouragement I am sure you will write, I am working on changing my attitude but it is a slow process and really not very enjoyable.
No matter how long you’ve been married, I totally believe that flirting is 100 percent acceptable and so good for your relationship! You’re making small notes and gifts for him that apply to the upcoming holiday, and using those to countdown to the holiday.
Seems like everyone is too busy and I hate to burden someone, so yet though I am strong and am independent, some-days it just gets to me. It’s not only hard on me but our kids as well (we have a 14 month old and 4 year old).
I don’t want to live in pain and ungratefulness all of my life, I want to change, I want to grow in God and follow what He wants for our life, but my gosh this season of our life is feeling very painful. I want you to know that it is completely ok to be broken, to allow yourself time to grieve, as long as you are seeking the Lord in the process. I could relate to so many of your experiences and it is comforting to know that others understand. It does help remembering there are others going through it too, because it’s a very lonely life. With life so often spinning, it is cherished to know that other women are there to and that I am not loosing my mind.
I remember when my husband came home the day I left a parking ticket on his windshield – he said he was so nervous when he saw it, but then he laughed out loud when he saw my handwriting and what he needed to pay for the violation. So, right when we got married, I grabbed an empty picture frame and stuck a piece of white paper inside and used a whiteboard marker to write reasons I love him, or reasons he is amazing. You can do this with just about every holiday, and turn it into a reason to celebrate your love for him! Just like the sticky notes, I’ll put the picture frame somewhere different each time I write on it.

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