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Sublime Text 2 has built-in auto complete function which suggests suitable commands as you type. Upozornuji, ze komentare, ktere se netykaji tematu clanku, jsou vulgarni nebo urazlive, mohou byt smazany.
You may need to be more specific on what exactly you are trying to set up, but hopefully this answers your question.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged keyboard-shortcuts sublime-text-3 sublime-text or ask your own question. In Sublime 3 how can I prevent Sublime from stripping comments from my user preference file? Notepad++ is my favorite text editor in Windows at work.A At home, I use desktop Linux and I miss Notepad++. Before we check out this list of Notepad++ alternatives, let’s first see what are we looking for in a text editor.
Sublime Text is perhaps one of the few non-free and non-open source products that are widely popular in Linux world. KDE users must be aware of Kate which is the default text editor in KDE desktop environment. We mostly do web development on Notepad++ but once me (personally) use Ubuntu, I prefer using Geany for text editing.
IBM PC was cloned by Compaq decades a go – so many good developers waste time redoing applications that have small user base – Please someone clone notepad++ as is in it entirety now! If you'd like to help support the continuing development of this blog, please feel free tosend an arbitrary donation - any amount will be greatly appeciated! If you'd like to show your support, please consider a donation of any amount - itwill be much appreciated!
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Is there a solution which doesn't require me to extract all of the python libraries in the application folder? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged python or ask your own question.
Why does using elimination in a system of first order differential equations produce an incorrect result? Sublime Text is a very powerful programming text editor and therefore it is definitely a good choice even for ABAP developers. Now ST2 understands to all the commands and keywords of ABAP language which is really helpful.
I do not know why even after several years Notepad++ has not come up with its Linux client. I say the basic features should be lightweight, syntax highlighting, auto-competition, appealing GUI, multi language support, macros, regex search and a good number of additional plugins. Though, this list is for Notepad++ alternatives, I would not hesitate to call it the list of best text editors for Linux. GUI may not look as good as the next generation text editors such as Atom but it has features enough to make you use it. Geany is not merely a text editor, it is (almost) an IDE.A A free and open source product, Geany is available for all desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD etc.
Despite of opaque and slow development, Sublime Text has been the preferred text editor for programmers for a long time.
Kate is a powerful and feature rich text editor and was declared the best text editor for Linux by Life Hacker few years back. A cross platform, open source text editor from GitHub, Atom has just seen the first stable release but it already has over 300,000 monthly active users.
Well that’s okay, because you can add your own custom snippets into Sublime yourself.

You can choose either from the suggested keywords or the availabe snippets (described bellow).
If you only want that list to show up when you type a word, you will have to write a custom snippet for that I believe.
A vertical bar is not a good choice for showing progression as it typically implies OR logic.
So what if itA is not available for Linux, we can always have some worthy alternatives to Notepad++ for Linux. I know few people will pitch for Vi, Vim, Emacs, Pico or Nano but these legendary (and preferably) command line editors have been deliberately excluded from the list.
Feature rich, extremely cool looks and tons of plugins make Sublime Text a hot favorite for many. If you don’t want any text, but only want the cursor at that position, you can type ${1} instead, with no filler text.
I have compiled a list of seven best text editor that you could use in place of Notepad++ in your favorite Linux distribution, be it Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora or any other Linux distribution. Frustrated with slow development with hardly any insights on the upcoming Sublime Text 3 (it’s in beta for nearly three years now), Frederic decided to take the matter in his own code and thus Lime Text was born. This way Sublime will automatically detect the snippets suitability inside the various file types, and trigger it accordingly.
And if you liked this link, do check the list of best modern open source code editors for Linux. For my example, I’ll create a JavaScript folder inside User, and then save it inside there.

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