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When you first find out your ex is dating again, you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs. You can't steal your ex back from someone else until a very important thing happens: they finish the honeymoon stage of their relationship.
Dropping off your ex's radar right now is the best thing you can do to improve your situation. Your ex doesn't have to ask this question while you're still chasing them and making yourself available for them to talk to.
For tons more information on exactly why the No Contact approach to getting your ex back works?
As bad as things seem during this hard time, there's actually a bit of good news: most rebound relationships fail before reaching the six-week mark. To determine whether or not your ex is now involved in a rebound relationship, a few questions must be answered. A little later on during this process, you can use these memories to stir up old feelings of love and longing that your ex still has for you. That being said, there are certainly things you can do at this time to accelerate the process of getting your ex back. Join the thousands of couples who've already gotten back together using the incredibleBreakup Reversedaudio guide! Learn how to sweep in and steal your ex back from anyone else, no matter how long they've been dating this new person!

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Q: How likely is it that a rebound relationship (one where your lover dumps you and then gets with someone else immediately) will last?
If, however, the new relationship is not particularly rewarding, then the rebound relationship can backfire.
In terms of how dating experiences since the breakup might play a role, again, it really depends on how rewarding those dating experiences were. Assuming your question wasn’t simply a hypothetical, then what does this mean for you?
As I’ve touched on before in another post, rebound relationships can often help people stop missing their exes. For one thing, people usually break up for a reason, and so the chances of getting back together depend on whether or not the issues that led to the breakup have been resolved.
New rewarding dating experiences can help to lower attachment to an ex-partner, making it less likely that the person will want to get back with their ex.1 On the other hand, bad dates can indeed motivate people to go back to their exes. Exciting new dating prospects can easily trump past worn-out relationships and help people get over their ex-partners, so that they can better focus on their new, more compatible partners. Outside of trying to improve on your own relationship with your ex, all you can really do is wait and see – but do so patiently.

Due to spammers, your comment will not appear until it has been cleared by a website editor. When a person starts dating someone new, being able to find another appealing person to date can help them feel better about their romantic prospects.1 This can make people feel less dependent on their exes for meeting their emotional needs, which is a key step to getting over past relationships. On the other hand, when people fail to connect with new partners, it can make them really long for the familiarity of their exes, particularly if they found their exes to be deeply rewarding in the past. Nagging or otherwise trying to interfere with your ex’s new relationship will likely only remind your ex of the bad stuff from your former relationship. And, if the rebound relationship is with a rewarding, high-quality partner, then the new partner can gradually replace the ex as that special someone in their lives.
It seems that after people break up, unrewarding dating experiences can make them feel like their other dating options aren’t as good as they thought, making their exes seem more appealing by comparison.
Under these circumstances, people sometimes do decide to give their old flame another go (assuming that the ex is also willing).
Remember, you want to look good next to your competition, and good sportsmanship is attractive. On the rebound: Focusing on someone new helps anxiously attached individuals let go of ex-partners.

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