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Rita was so little she had to sit on a stack of foreign fashion magazines so she could see over the steering wheel, but always drove carefully.
A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE FILOFAX: HOW TO PLAN YOUR LIFE, KICK SOME ASS, AND MAKE MAGIC… WITH STATIONERY! When people asked her why she didn’t get it covered up, she said she liked having it as a reminder never to date someone so ridiculous again.
During the day she worked in a public relations firm, making loud phone-calls as she walked down the street at a brisk pace & keeping meticulous to-do lists.

Necklaces which clinked together, bracelets which jangled, belts which chimed against one another. She loved listening to Lou Reed as she walked to work & trying to think up colours that had never been seen before. But when she went home, she liked nothing better than an hour of yoga, an organic meal & plotting her week based on what her online horoscope told her. She always wore ears to class & was deeply in love with her new fingerless Louis Vuitton gloves.

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