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I am a Mother of 2 daughters and the handsome little guy is the newest addition to the family.  Since I know a lot of new moms and moms-to-be, I wanted to share some tips that have helped me get my babies to sleep. The feed, wake, sleep order helps your baby’s stomach settle and helps him learn what to expect.
Think about it.  If you get over-hungry how do you feel?  Does your stomach grumble or feel queasy?  Do you get grumpy, or emotional?  I think the same idea applies to your baby. When you let him get really hungry, he may be harder to feed because he is grumpy and his tummy hurts.  A schedule helps you determine what your baby needs.
Last night he woke up and I went into him and rocked him for a little bit but was so weary and exhausted I put him in the crib, kissed him, and said goodnight and he cried for about 30 min.
KristyMy husband works pretty consistently and only has weekends off, but also teaches Sunday school so I don’t want to keep him up Saturday night either. I suffer from sleep deprivation but it is more about my chronic insomnia than it is about my 6 children. I have a 6-month-old, and I have to say — I don’t understand the whole schedule thing. A schedule, for me, just helps to organize my day so I am better prepared for those times when my baby needs something. The natural AP-style approach did work very well for my family, but we also kept to a schedule to some extent.
I am working on a series of helpful materials on common toddler sleep troubles and would like to know your #1 question when it comes to getting your toddler to sleep better. Join over 300,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE!
Is your son verbal enough that he might be able to talk about why he doesn’t want to go to sleep or sleep in his own bed? Congratulations on baby #2 and you are exactly right in working on getting your son into a better sleep pattern before the new baby arrives. My question is How do I get our 18 month son to sleep more than one hour for his single nap? My 22 month old still takes a bottle at night (before bed) and we have gotten into the habit of leaving a bottle (with only water in it) in the crib after brushing his teeth. Our schedule is usually wake ~9 am, nap around 1 pm (2-3 hours), bedtime ~9 pm – this works fairly well for us *if* she falls asleep well at bedtime. But the last week as soon as I go to put her down for a nap or put her to bed she screams and cries until she makes herself sick. Her routine is still the same (bath story bed) and i can’t work out why shes became so scared of her cot!
I know that our sleep issues will soon resolve themselves – in the meantime I am doing all I can to ensure I get enough rest to be able to cope with Squishy’s night time needs. This difficult stage in our lives has really made me think about why I make the parenting choices that I make. I am not talking about leaving a baby to grumble for five minutes before falling asleep – we all know babies that seem to need that 5-minute wind-down time alone (not that either of mine have been like that). No sane parent makes choices for their kids that they don’t believe are in their children’s best interest.
Using sleep-training methods, be they the good ol’ CIO method or the supposedly more humane Controlled Crying (ugh), are short-term solutions. When we sign up for parenthood, we don’t expect to be excused from our responsibility to our children between the hours of 7pm and 7am.
When a child cries, cortisol floods the body to help the child deal with the stress they are under. In addition to this, it must be noted that it is normal for babies to sleep lightly, and for short periods.
There has not been enough research done to prove that sleep training harms children, BUT there is also not enough to prove that it does no harm. Over the age of 6 months, and once the baby has an interest in solid foods (this may come much later than 6 months), feeding at night is still important. I had to leave a popular baby forum because I so badly wanted other moms to know that you don’t have to resort to CIO to help your baby sleep, but I was only met with huge hostility and resistance.
Isn’t it funny that a society that claims love and compassion is over-rated but in the same breath say that slapping your kid on the hand is child abuse? We have slept trained all 4 of our kids & one of them is an adopted little precious girl. And my baby sorted herself out and sleeps through now because SHE wants to, not because we forced her to! I admit I sometimes feel jealous of these mums that, like you said, can lay the baby in the crib and not hear a peep out of them until morning but honestly?
It’s very, very normal for a baby (especially a breastfed one) to wake every 2-3 hours at night until around age 2. Up until the age of about one I just dealt with it, but just before he was about a year old I decided he really needed to learn to fall asleep without me rocking him for ages! I think there is a vast difference between trying this with an older child and with a very young baby. We made sure she knew we were there and we were very mindful of the type of crying and the length of time. I get this, I tried the CIO method with my first daughter, yeah, it didn’t work out so well. Gary Montgomery, MD, medical director, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Sleep Center, pulmonologist, certified in sleep medicine.
Up until the time we were potty training our now 4-year-old, we had problems with her waking up very early in the morning.
Maybe all those times she was waking up earlier and earlier was because her diaper was soaking wet.
As she was getting older, and had more liquid in her diaper, the diaper we were using overnight wasn’t keeping her dry enough and she was waking up. New Pampers Baby Dry diapers go beyond ordinary diapers to help babies get the most out of love, sleep and play.
I went years before a child slept thro the night … then my sister in law had 3 who slept from 7 til 7 from six weeks. When you’re looking for toys for 1 year old girls, you have a couple of different choices among the types of toys you buy. Colors and shapes are part of this learning experience as babies put the sorting blocks into the puppy’s side.
Through the play of this walker and toy combination, your child will also learn her opposites and get to know how to count and recognize letters.
Along with the soft glow, your daughter can listen to music or the sound of the ocean as she drifts off to sleep. Though the toy comes with volume control, after five minutes, the lights will slowly dim, the sounds of the toy will stop playing and baby gets a good night’s rest!
When kids pretend to pour tea, the pot will make a realistic sound go along with the action.
Little girls enjoy having a purse just like their mom has and they love the imaginative play fun they can have with My First Purse. The accessories include a cell phone for making those pretend phone calls she’ll make, a coin purse with a debit card and a safety mirror. A combination baby doll stroller and walker gives your baby girl fun while she’s learning how to walk. And just like strollers for real babies, this one has toys including spinners that your little girl or her baby doll can ‘play’ with.
This mirror set comes with a fluffy white powder puff housed in a pink smiling face container, a comb and lipstick.
This sturdy play laptop features play that will help your baby girl learn about shapes, objects and even feelings.
The laptop will automatically shut down after non-play but is easily restarted when your child presses a button.
This entry was posted in Top 10 Toys for Age or Gender and tagged Toys for 1 Year Old Girls. My boyfriend always jokes that all the stars need to be aligned for me to sleep and that is so true sometimes. I wrote about how I SLEEP LIKE A TODDLER back when my child was (sniff sniff) a toddler and it’s still true now. I have tried explaining the screen thing to my hubs over and over – he doesn’t buy it! I am one of the lucky coffee lovers in the world who can finish a cupful, set down the mug and fall immediately to sleep.
He was quiet for 15 min and started back up again, so I went back into him and rocked him, but he was so tired it didn’t take long. We have been trying to stay on schedule with his bedtime and bedtime routine, but he wants us to stay in there until he falls asleep. I feel like if I resort back to that (it worked great when she was an infant), the crying could last for hours!!
Depending on her age and level of comprehension, you can work in a rewards chart or use techniques where she learns that she gets to keep the door open by staying in bed and going to sleep. BUT I am pregnant with number 2 and need to free up my nights for the next one…… If you have ANY suggestions I will gladly appreciate the advice!!!! I’ve tried to nurse and then sit by the crib as a slow transition from nursing to sleep, but she protests long and loud.
Even the most patient, connected, attached parents can reach the point when they are ready to hurl themselves out of the window from sheer sleep-deprivation-induced insanity. During the recent height of Squishy’s sleepless stage (try saying that at speed when you’re sleep deprived) I read lots of books and online articles about babies and sleep, the majority of them by people who hold the same parenting philosophy as I do. I don’t care how you dress it up; leaving little babies to cry by themselves in a dark room is not fair. A few minutes of fussing is completely different to prolonged, distressed screaming night after night from a confused, frightened and lonely child.
I am not saying that parents who use these methods are intrinsically cruel; I am saying that the methods themselves are cruel. With most babies they do ‘work’, in that within a few nights the baby will probably be sleeping alone and for longer stretches. The rush of cortisol creates a fight-or-flight response in the body, putting the child under a lot of emotional and physical strain.
It is thought that the baby being in too deep a sleep, unable to rouse herself when experiencing a normal episode of apnoea, may cause some SIDS deaths. Levels of prolactin are higher at night time, and this hormone is responsible for milk production.
And would I try to convince myself that it was for his own good, so that he did’t become too reliant on me?
Why spend all day making an effort to be present with your child; to connect with them and bond with them only to test that attachment to its absolute limit that very night?

I figure it must be better to end the day snuggled up in bed with your babe (whether you have a family bed, or just snuggle to sleep before placing them in the crib), enabling you to reconnect with them, than to end it listening to them cry themselves to sleep. But I’m glad your 2 month olds actually SURVIVED being left without food and comfort for 12 hours.
My wee boy always went down with no issues for his nap in his cot, since returning to work he only naps in buggy for my husband and now for me on days off the cot is also refused.
Those are the days when it is really hard to see the positive’s of sharing sleep and waking a gazillion times a night. The only way he could fall asleep was during a feed (but if he woke up as you were putting him down it was back to square one!), or by rocking him for a VERY long time. Rocking a tiny baby is easy enough, rocking a one year old gets rather tiring after the first 5 minutes, especially if you’ve been woken up in the middle of the night! I saw this in a close friend of mine, who refused to use any method involving crying until her daughter was at least 2 years old and had been a consistently bad sleeper from birth (waking every night until that point, sometimes several times each night). I used a mild version of controlled crying with my daughter when she was 12 months old (and I was 3 months pregnant). Each child is different, and therefore requires parents who are sensitive to that child’s specific needs. My 2nd son slept in his bed, in our room, I got up when he started to wiggle around and fuss, he would eat and go back to sleep. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
We  switched to a different diaper (among other things to mediate the early waking) and she was soon sleeping in until 7 am.
Pampers, the #1 worldwide diaper brand serving 25 million babies in more than 100 countries around the world, is continuing to deliver on its commitment to help keep babies drier and happier. Also, follow Pampers on Twitter and Facebook for more diapering and baby tips as your little one gets bigger. It sounds strange but I’d put socks on their feet under their sleepers and it always worked like a charm.
And once baby eats less at night and sleeps for longer stretches the pooping drops down even more and usually goes away. With an older child, letting her run around for a few minutes before a nap, often in private, helps to get out the poop, if there is one, before the nap. Whenever my kids have taken longer than usual to fall asleep and they are playing like nobody's business, it is often a poop. If you've got a child that likes to sneakily poop during sleep (as in they wake, poop, then drift off to dreamland again) then make sure you put some diaper ointment on their little bums. Little girls get to hear over 50 songs and when the songs play, they will learn their letters and numbers. One year old girls love the seahorse and it can make bedtime a lot easier because it comforts baby.
Parents can use LeapFrog’s online access with this toy for more ideas for how to have fun with this toy. Of course, a set of keys like Mom’s are included and there’s even a tube of bright red lipstick. The wheel base is sturdy in addition to being wide-set in order to help her keep her balance as she walks.
The baby doll with the stroller is sold separately, but the stroller will hold most same size soft cloth baby dolls. We’ve been through so many kitchens for both my sons and daughter – and this is a precious starter one! One year old girls will get to learn about shapes and feel, colors and opposites as they engage with this lighted vanity set. This is another one where there’s a precious consumer pic uploaded on the site for you to see a real kid in action. I have had some on and off struggles with insomnia recently and it really impacts my day and mood. Definitely having a sleep schedule works wonders, as does shutting off the screens before bed but I am pretty naughty on that one lately and need to get back into better habits.
Luckily I love my sleep enough that I don’t usually have too much trouble falling asleep, but sleeping better is key! If I’m extremely stressed- sometimes a bubble bath, some stretching & tea helps a lot too!
Even if I fall asleep semi-quickly, I wake to most sounds (yay noisy roommates), or even if it’s quiet, still wake around 5x per night. Sticking with my workout and sleep schedules are the keys I find I need to get restful sleep.
It helps me when I’m getting distracted with a project (or *ahem* want to watch just one more episode). When I have gone through phases in my life when I wasn’t exercising, I always found it so difficult to fall asleep. I highly recommend a schedule, but adjust it according to your baby’s needs and to your unique parenting style. I have a 20 month old and have just got back from a month long visit in Idaho with my son and while I was there I had to rock him to sleep. Is there a technique that works better for toddlers having bedtime and naptime power struggles? Anybody who has me on their facebook friends list will know that recently I have been dealing with some serious nightwaking, and I admit that at times (always at 3am after the 6273647626th waking of the night) I have wondered whether I could continue in my efforts to never let my baby cry it out. My oldest son, Monkey, was also seemingly allergic to sleep in the first year of his life, and I am proud to say that he also was never left to cry himself to sleep, no matter how many times he awoke (it was a lot, by the way).
Babies don’t understand that mama is exhausted and needs sleep – all they understand are the overwhelming feelings of need; of emotional pain and longing. By allowing this stress response in the body repeatedly, you are allowing the brain to become accustomed to stress and hardship.
The trust that they have for us is a precious gift, given to us when we give birth to them. In the case of younger babies (<6months old), cue feeding at night is imperative for their continued growth, health and for maintaining mum’s supply.
Continued abandonment at night will help erode that connection you work so hard to create and maintain. I really wanted to spread the word about love, and compassion, but apparently love and compassion are highly controversial in our society.
Would only taking daytime nap in cot or while wearing help with settling in cot at night?if he wouldn’t nap I would just delay it until afternoon, eventually he would be tired enough to nap in cot. My mum and friends have spent the past year lecturing me for not leaving her to cry and it’s really pissed me off! We coslept which made things a little easier, but it was so hard many, many nights as my husband works nights and is a full-time student during the day. I can cope really well with two wake ups, I actually really love the nights with two wake ups.
In saying this I don’t AP, recently her napping has been a bit erratic because of my recurrent hospitalisations and as such she has started napping on my knee because she became distressed if put to bed for a nap although this is a sporadic habit! An older child has had time to learn that their parent is there for them and has had repeated proof that they love them very much, a young baby is more vulnerable to this learning being disrupted. I NEEDED sleep for my unborn son’s wellbeing as much as my own and it was really distressing to have people judging my decision in the same way they would a mother allowing a 6 week old to cry it out. We didn’t have any problems with nighttime sleeping until he hit 2 years old, at this point he was waking up in the middle of the night screaming, he came into our bed and would sleep all night so we let him, he just turned 6 and has been happily sleeping in his own bed in his own room for 2 years. For the first two months, newborns sleep off and on at random times for 12 to 18 hours a day. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. I might not be an expert on how to get a baby to sleep through the night, but I can offer some tips and things that worked for us. Time may fix things and possibly even more solids (though too much at once may make things worse). The happy face on the wide teapot delights kids and as soon as the lid is lifted, kids get to hear an assortment of sounds. The playset has the option of English or Spanish and includes music, imagination play and teaches kids coordination skills. Baby will love hearing the mirror talk to her as she gets goes through her beauty routine just like mom does! The balls ride the slide around down into the machine and then pop up on a cycle of continuous fun. If so, share for the other Moms and Dads (and grandparents) about what you liked or didn’t like – and why! It’s mostly just a psychological thing where I get nervous about not getting enough sleep, which makes me sleepless.
Now that I’ve been waking up really early in the morning (consistently) it’s 10x easier to fall asleep! These days, I’m a pretty good sleeper and I think most of that comes with making some of the changes that you mention.
I’m guilty of sleeping with the TV on, but I have a hard time sleeping in complete darkness! I also wear a sleep mask and earplugs if the hubby is working late, since his office is in our bedroom. I’ve always been a fan of essential oils ever since I learned about them in massage school. I’m sure he has developed a habit because he has that whiney cry at first and reaches out to grab me. I’m working on some research for a post and just now started to see different, real techniques for schedule setting.
Suddenly, my 20 month old decides in the middle of the night is when to throw a tantrum and have separation anxiety.
Now I feel that I can really put into words the reasons why I don’t subscribe to this night-time baby training business – and here they are. Research suggests that children who have been conditioned to high levels of cortisol may be more prone to aggression later in life. It is better to find ways to cope with the lack of sleep (co-sleeping, daytime naps, early nights) than it is to try to change what is natural and normal behaviour for the baby.
Our babies believe that we will be there for them unconditionally, so when we refuse to parent them in the same way at night as we do in the daytime – answering their cries, cuddling when they are sad, feeding them when they are hungry – they become confused. Scheduling feeds at any time, let alone under the age of 6 months – or even night weaning, as some baby trainers suggest – is damaging to the breastfeeding relationship and may even result in babies failing to thrive (FTT). I would make sure I could be there, even if it meant re-shuffling my schedule or missing a much-needed opportunity for a nap, because by not going I would be letting him down. I am willing to entertain that different things work for children of an age to physically be able to go that long (6months).

He has been having sucha hard time getting in any real naps,lately,often sleeping only 30 minutes a few times a day. I felt like I never once got a break from parenting my high needs baby that didn’t like to sleep. So I basically did the whole controlled crying thing but VERY slowly & gradually, trying my best to make him feel secure. Blanket statements about cio techniques are equally as harmful as any other blanket statement in the world of parenting. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. He was like this with sleep (which left me excited, then let down, then excited, repeat) and he was like this with poop.
I have tried going in and changing her but me showing up in her room caused even more problems. Click on the picture below and go look at the pics that consumers submitted of their 1 year old daughters playing with this toy.
The oven door opens for kids to peek inside while the pot on the top of the stove can cook up pretend food. I find exercising tires me out but if I do it in the evening it almost revitalizes my energy levels. We let him cry it out at night and he sleeps after 15-20 min but I don’t like to let him cry it out when he wakes in the middle of the night. He is potty trained, but wakes up just crying and won’t go potty, but just wants us to go in his room and read a book or 5 to him. She’s really happy to get into her cot, lies down really well and quietly, goes to sleep in 15 mins at absolute worst and sometimes 15 seconds. It might worth trying going in and reassuring him, the leaving him or sitting in a chair in his room so he knows you are nearby and reassuring him from there. Answering your baby’s call does not make you weak and it certainly doesn’t mean you are spoiling them. If night weaning must be done, it shouldn’t be attempted until the baby is at LEAST twelve months old. It made me cry and made me feel like absolute crap when he got comfortable with me and started to sleep, He woke up in a panic and started screaming, thinking since he was falling asleep I was going to put him in his crib again. But what you did was dangerous and I really can’t let another mother read that without saying so. When I took over the comforting, she started to calm but her breathing was irregular for a long time afterwards. Almost 2 hours of sitting with him trying to sneak out of the room, only for him to wake each time. But he eventually started sleeping better and by age 2, would nurse for a few minutes and then roll over and just go to sleep. I don’t know whether swaddling would be an option for you but it might be worth trying.
It was only when it became clear that her mental & physical health was suffering that she finally decided to try controlled crying.
This baby is 2 months old, I keep reading about how he should be waking up at night, for the past 2 weeks he has been sleeping from about 11pm to anytime between 6 and 8am without waking up, He cluster feeds before he goes to sleep.. He liked to poop during naps and he liked to poop during the middle of the night--mainly during the early morning hours which meant it was hard to get him to go back to sleep.
If you are having night poop problems, high fiber early on in the day may help your child poop then and not later. While we're on the subject, I suggest lansinoh or aquaphor or really, anything that doesn't reek and stain everything white or brown or any other color. My mom also just bought me a lavender vanilla pillow spray from bath and body works, and it is lovely Have a great Monday, Linz! There might still be some tears and crying but as long as he knows you are there or that you will come and check on him, then he’s not going to feel abandoned. They are crying because they need the comfort and love of a parent, and that need is as real and as valid as their need for food.
Children who have learnt healthy sleep habits in their own time, in an environment of love and respect, will be much more capable of slipping in and out of routine without much uproar. We were just so frustrated when she woke up crying when I put her down after a midnight feeding, and my husband and I, from our bed 4 feet away from her crib decided to let her cry and see what happened. We swaddle him,rock him,shush him,try to comfort him the best we can,but he screams,twists,and generally fights us longer and longer as the day goes on! As a mother of 1 horrible sleeper and 1 not-so-great sleeper, I can promise you, that eventually they will sleep!! CIO is a much more harsh method that seems to expect the child to just cope by themselves and quickly teaches them that is hopeless to cry and that they cannot depend on their caregiver.
It took a few false starts when she felt unable to continue with it before she finally bit the bullet and stuck to it, and she was able to get her daughter to settle herself and had pretty much her first full night’s sleep in 2 years! Of course, if you are concerned, waking him to feed him isn’t going to do him any harm! Exactly the same time she was waking up in the wee hours of the morning when she was wearing a diaper.
The naps improved all by themselves over time but with the night I ended up using wake to sleep to get him out of the habit.
I have been trying to keep a bedtime routine by bathing and letting him play and then story then bed. At this age, it can be a bit of a power struggle as he tries to assert what he wants for sleep & bedtime and as tough as it can be it will be up to you to help him understand the limits. Co-sleeping babies will usually sleep anywhere, as long as they have a warm body to snuggle up against. My second was a great newborn sleeper but around 4-5 months old, he started waking a lot more. By being responsive to my boys, they transition easily and have developed health sleep habits that are conducive to any environment. Controlled crying eases the child into it much more gently, and lets them know that their parent is still there for them. Thankfully,I came across this list to help me remember why sleep training is a no-win solution.
By refusing to feed them during the night you could be depriving them of necessary nutrients, even if they appear to ‘tank up’ during the day. We have the instinct to nurture for a reason and now I feel terrible about doing that to my beautiful Gabriel. The way that some people talk about allowing a child to cry as though it is child abuse is doing a serious disservice to parents who desperately need more options after suffering extreme sleep deprivation for far too long! He'll become a "self-soother" who learns to fall asleep on his own, even if he wakes up in the middle of the night.
She is so overtired she's taken a short morning nap only for 3 days running (I have to limit her morning nap or there definitely will be no afternoon nap). I’m not going to subject my son to a whole night of crying, hysterically, for my benefit.
3: He's Over-TiredToddlers and preschoolers need 11 to 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours, including nighttime and naps.
It really stinks to wake your child up from needed sleep in the morning, and then put them down in the afternoon and have them buck that nap.
If I ever get her slightly back on track of good napping all it takes is a few days of skipped naps from poops and we're right back in the overtired pit.
If I let her sleep as long as she wants in the morning I can assure no afternoon naps, but if I wake her, there still might be no afternoon nap and then I've really done it.
5: No Bedtime RoutineDoing the same things each night before bed helps your child know it's time to sleep.
For instance, each night your child gets a bath, listens to you read them a story, has a snack, and then it's lights out.
When my husband intervenes, she does not give him as hard a time, but it’s still a struggle.
Now, she just sleeps 5p-5a, so there's not much catching up with a longer night going on, even though naps are so awful.
7: Not Enough Nap TimeIf they don't nap enough during the day, young kids may have trouble falling asleep at night. So I never knew if it was an overtiredness problem from early waking or a problem of getting older and needing less nap time. 8: Obstructive Sleep ApneaIt's rare, but some children can't sleep due to obstructive sleep apnea -- when the airways are blocked, often by enlarged tonsils and nasal tissues called adenoids.
I think if I had a better handle on her nap timing, she would be spending less time awake in the crib before a nap and fall off to sleep before she poops.
It affects about 1 in 100 kids and is most common from ages 3 to 7, when tonsils and adenoids are at their biggest. They can snore for many reasons, including sleep apnea, seasonal allergies, stuffiness from a cold, or a deviated septum. But see your pediatrician if your child isn't sleeping well because of snoring or breathing problems. Your comment is making me seriously wonder if too-early bedtimes are a big part of my problem. I have almost never met someone as dedicated to timing, being home, consistency, ritual, early bedtimes etc.
So maybe all the counsel I've received about super early bedtimes is actually hurting me. When they wake so early is does make waketimes long to get to naps and that doesn't help things. But how do I put a kid to bed later who has been up since 5a, and had one short morning nap, and definitely nightwakes when she gets increasingly overtired?? My husband thinks a sensor on the baby monitor could do it, but it wouldn't catch the less-odorous ones ;) Ha ha! If drugs seem to be keeping your child up, talk to your pediatrician to see if changing the drug, dose, or timing might help. 15: No Pacifier or Teddy BearSometimes having a special object close by can help a young child fall asleep. 16: A Room That Says, "Stay Up!"To create the right space for sleep, keep your child's room dark at night.
Does she have trouble falling asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed, or getting up in time to start her day? You can also start teaching them good ways to manage stress during the day, so it doesn't affect their sleep.

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