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You can buy your boyfriend an expensive, age-appropriate Christmas present, like a shirt and tie set or a designer leather wallet or a book by his favourite author, but if you're dating a guy who is as active as a 10-year-old on a sugar high you might need to get creative this Christmas.
It's the ultimate boys toy, with features he'll love, this smart phone will have his undivided attention all Summer and beyond. It's rugged, durable, water-proof and guaranteed to make your boyfriend love you even more.
Browse through some of the best gifts for 12 year old girls!So you're wondering what should you give to a tween? Forever 21 Gift Card - ClothesIt's so easy to buy clothes they won't like these days so best way to go about it is to simply get them a gift card to their favourite clothing store and Forever 21 is one of the most popular clothing store amongst teens these days.This little card will make them super happy and will let them get just the thing they want from the store - certainly better than buying something and having to return it the next day. Bracelet Looming KitFriendship bracelets are great - even more so if kids make them themselves.

Here’s a creative use of a Monday – Sunday pill box: give him Seven Days of Love with some sweet treats and love notes for your sweetheart!
Have your 12 date nights brainstormed in no time with this cute 12 months of pre-planned monthly dates for you and him. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This is the perfect list for the hard-to-buy-for sporty guy in your life with gifts ranging from $4.99 to $899 you might even find something fun for yourself.
Girls can get really creative with their nails and there are so many fun ways you can decorate them so why just stick to one color nail polish!This nail style kit comes with all the essentials to create little works of arts - a book with lots of easy to follow tutorials, nail polishes, design tool to help decorate the nails and 250 stick on stencils. If you want to link to a project you can use 1 picture (collage, not the actual printable) with a proper link back.

And on that note, the idea of gift-giving can sometimes be so daunting, especially for someone special. Some things are pretty universal - like clothes and shoes as everyone needs those but style is another thing so not every piece of clothing will do for everyone. Another thing that is pretty popular are classes - a membership to local yoga, zumba or dance club could make a great gift.

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