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Almost every day I post an affirmation on my Facebook Page to support visitors who want to stay on track with living awake and authentic lives. Since then, I’ve learned to accept the fact that we all get angry and keeping it inside does no one any good.
Week 8 - Downton Abbey, housecleaning, and the benefits of aging Week 5 - What to do when the world feels too harsh to handle. Nope, I don't drink, and nope, it doesn't piss me off because I'm usually on my bicycle when I come across these checkpoints. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once that’s done though, it is now time for me to turn those negative emotions into something positive. My positive response can be something small, something big, or maybe a combination of both.
If you have a way of dealing with anger, helplessness, and frustration because of IBD, please feel free to share it in the comments below. I have seen these thoughts spoken by IBDers, but never really from the caregiver’s views.
I can’t speak for all caregivers Jeffrey, but I know I absolutely have those emotions. I just get up on the sidewalk to get out of the way of the motorists and continue on my merry way . A cyclist up in Oregon reported being harassed by a Prius driver, right before the driver turned into the McDonald's drive thru.

My son has spent seven of his eight years of life suffering with pain, nausea, and missing important milestones due to being stuck in the hospital.
I feel better now… I’m glad I gave myself those five minutes to vent and get that out! It doesn’t matter if you are patient, caregiver, a close friend or family member… If you are anywhere near IBD, you are going to feel these emotions. What better way to strike back at IBD than turning it’s negativity into something positive!!!
I can write a new blog post, like this one, and talk about anything that might help another IBD patient. In my opinion, IBD doesn’t just invade the patient, but it also invades everyone who is very close to those patients.
Fukc our country, we have no constitution left, we should rise up and overthrow the government and restore freedom and our constitution like those before us did.
Then there's that video that's been making the rounds of the cycling websites where a Cummins diesel smokes out cyclists or something. A very good friend of mine just got done spending two weeks in the hospital thanks to IBD and still isn’t able to do most of the day-to-day things most people take for granted. I didn’t want him to see my frustration or even get a sense that I was anything but positive. IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis are serious diseases that don’t just affect the body, but also affects us emotionally too!
What’s even better about this, is that when I do turn it into something positive, I’m not just doing something positive for my son and those closest to me with this disease, I’m also doing something positive for the 5 million people worldwide that suffer with it too!

I can work to increase education and awareness around IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis so we are one step closer to making these diseases a household name. Another person, who is very special to me, rarely gets any sleep and has to deal with migraines on a daily basis due to IBD.
I can even find those that are doing Team Challenges and donate so we can do more research into finding a cure.
If I had done that, in some weird way I felt like that’s exactly what IBD wanted and it would be winning. If appropriate or warranted, I might even give myself the time to cry or voice all of these emotions. People that bring joy and happiness to my life and yet I’m powerless to take their suffering away.
It didn’t take very long, keeping all of that inside of me, for me to become very depressed. To listen to them and allow them the chance to get something off of their chest that might be bothering them. When I was mad, I’d do things like write rage-filled letters that I never sent, or talk to friends.

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