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After installing a major Windows 10 update, a lot of times your default apps are reset to Windows 10 defaults. I’ve heard from several readers that this type thing is happening to them even after installing minor cumulative updates. For additional information on how to change your default programs, read our article: How to Set Default Programs in Windows 10.
To make things easier, the next time Windows 10 gets a major update, your best bet is to back up your current file associations.
When it launches click on Create or restore a backup of registry settingsĀ link at the bottom.
When you want to restore your settings, just launch the app again, select the backup, and then Restore selected backup. Microsoft really wants you to use its new universal apps built into Windows 10, and I like most of them, but I have programs set to make my workflow as efficient as possible. If this does, or doesn’t work for your, leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. In July, I also I have the ISO copy of the Media Creation tool which helps me reinstall after every upgrade!

I think it’s time that Redwood realises that all this PC’s belong to their customers and are not owned by MS corporation! For example, if you change the default web browser from Microsoft Edge to Chrome of Firefox, after an update, it might be set back to Edge.
You’ll probably want to do this anytime you make a lot of file association changes or create different backups for different PCs. I should mention that I used this on the current stable version of Windows 10 as well as Preview Build 11082 (Redstone), and needed to hit the Restore action twice for it to take.
I am sure this is the case with most usersĀ and having to reset everything after an update is annoying (to say the least). I have received the major updates and VLC is still in the default position I set it when I accepted the Windows 10 download from my original Windows 8.1. The day I signed up for your subscription and after my registration and confirmation, the moment i get a mail from groovypost, in fact always waiting for your mail only! Since I deal with a lot of screenshots every day, I set my default to Windows Photo Viewer, and after the November Update, it was switched back to the built-in Photos app.
For the Photo Viewer I have always used Fastone Image Viewer as default and Firefox remains default to, so I guess I must be one of the lucky ones.

My last Edition .36, after sign in again with my mail it remembers my earlier sorry state system and slowly reverts everything back!!! Recently I lost five months of Outlook .pst files, and I had the Pro back to see if he could help me retrieve same from my external back-up. If only I had met you intelligent people then I wouldn’t have KILLDISKED both my laptops 3 times already, thinking that there is a virus in my system.
Long story short, he discovered 16 sectors were corrupted, and he could save anything from the drive. Anyways, kudos and thanks to you and your contributers and I hope to be a paid subscriber of your Publcations.

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