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This excerpt from Clinton Anderson's book Downunder Horsemanship gives you the tools for teaching your horse to flex to the halter--which will help make him light and supple. In the December 2004 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, I gave you tips for gaining your horse's respect.
Flexing to the halter increases a horse's suppleness and builds a foundation for flexibility and direction control under saddle. If the horse doesn't seem to understand the concept, make sure your lead rope isn't too short. If he understands the concept early in the lesson, but gets less and less responsive, you're probably releasing the pressure too slowly. Get your horse ready to do Clinton Anderson's signature "longeing for respect" exercise with these three prerequisite lessons. Test Your Maintenance MettleAre you doing right by your horse to ensure longevity in his showing career? Fly-Mask Face-OffBe prepared when the flies invade your barn by choosing the perfect fly mask for your horse. Good thing I got to mess with him yesterday because there is 90% chance of rain here today.

In this special online excerpt from my new book, I'm going to explain how to help your horse flex to the halter. If the horse flexes well from the ground, you'll have few problems flexing him under saddle.
As soon as the horse gives to the pressure, creating slack in the lead rope, and his feet don't move, quickly drop the rope to reward him. The horse may be more interested in smelling you than in flexing and giving to the pressure. You can eventually ask for more and more flex until the horse touches his side with his nose. For an easy way to work this exercise into your daily routine, flex the horse at least five times on each side every time you catch him. Standing close to the shoulder doesn't allow enough space for the horse to turn his head and yield to the pressure you create.
This will give you stability and you'll be able to recognize the slightest try on his part. At first, however, release as soon as the horse willingly yields to the pressure, creating slack in the lead rope.

Since shows are starting to pick back up and the weather is warming up, I realized it’s time to get Jet back in shape.
So yesterday, we did 10 minutes of trotting in each direction and then a couple circles of loping each way.
When you release, make sure there's enough slack in the rope to ensure no tension on the horse's head. If the horse actually falls asleep, however, bump his belly with your knee and wake him up a bit. Now I figured after so much time off he would be rusty and not moving forward when I ask but I was wrong.

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