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Today Grand Theft Auto V players will get access to Grand Theft Auto Online, the game's multiplayer mode.
When you load up GTA V today, there should be a small title update waiting for you on PSN or Xbox Live. GTA Online allows you to roam Los Santos and Blaine County with up to 15 other players and undertake various activities. If you have a (free) Rockstar Social Club membership, you can unlock exclusive benefits in GTA Online. It is really stupid that my car just disappears all the time when I get out, even the characters own vehicle! You do know how unreliable it is and how buggy Rockstars disappearing car system has been around right? It's more proof of how much they wanted to push for their micro-transaction haven called GTA Online. Real shame to see them go down this road, but given they have such long development times for every GTA game in the past 10 years, it seems Take-Two Interactive is getting money hungry and forced them to come up with a way to constantly generate revenue even after a product launch. Just shut up, Red XIII, unless you have something constructive and half the time you don't. I've looked at your previous posts and pretty much every comment on the first page is you insulting someone.
Good thing with the PC version, a trainer will allow the car to stay in the game's memory, so you can go across the map and back and your car will still be there just like GTA IV.
Future owners of the PlayStation 4 got very excited today when Sony mentioned that GTA V was coming to the next-gen console. The new GTA 5 multiplayer video shows off a completely new Grand Theft Auto 5 experience that is so big, and so full of features that it needs its own name. Packed into GTA 5 this fall is a new GTA 5 multiplayer experience called Grand Theft Auto Online. We spent the morning watching the GTA 5 multiplayer trailer over and over, to pick out the best looking features and fun inside the new GTA Online experience. One of the most exciting things about Grand Theft Auto Online, is that the experience will bring the improved driving, shooting, weapon selection, multitude of vehicles, and other fun GTA 5 features to a massive multiplayer experience where you can join friends for fun and mayhem. Watch the three-minute Grand Theft Auto Online in-game demo video below to see what GTA 5 multiplayer will look like on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Grand Theft Auto Online is a huge massive multiplayer GTA 5 experience that Rockstar will continue to add to with a growing map and features over time.
This isn’t just another online game where you have to play with your friends and random players. The Los Santos city is huge, and when you are playing online you can team up with friends to recreate amazing stunts and explore all over the world. Just like playing missions and pulling off heists in the GTA 5 singe player mode will help users level up the three main characters and earn cash they can invest or spend, completing missions online will let users earn respect from in-game characters and earn money to buy items for the GTA 5 multiplayer experience.
While in Grand Theft Auto Online, if you see a beautiful spots car, you can break in and take if for your own, but watch out because other players may get jealous of your ride and ream up to take you out, and take your ride. Just because you want to play GTA 5 multiplayer, doesn’t mean you need to play well with others.
The craziest fun appears to come in when you team up with friends to rob banks, liquor stores and even steal the loot from an armored car with a band of thieves using bikes, cars and helicopters.

If all that freedom leads to endless driving and a thirst for some structure, there are also online modes including death matches and racing games that users can play for a more traditional online experience, putting the GTA 5 vehicles and weapons to the test.
Just like the GTA 5 singe player mode lets users create a customized look for their character, Grand Theft Auto Online does too, but it goes even farther. No matter what kind of vehicle you like to drive, it looks like there will be plenty of places to race the GTA 5 vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online.
In Grand Theft Auto Online, gamers can combine the best GTA 5 vehicles, guns and gaming into a custom designed race or death match that they can play with friends or share with others.
Just like GTA 5 offers a multitude of activities and diversions in single player, it looks like Gamers can join up to play a round of golf or some Tennis without buying a separate game. The GTA 5 release date is set for September 17th on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a standard and special editions.
GTA Online will allow players to run amuck in Los Santos a few months before the events of the single-player campaign. The exact timing of the update's release is unclear, though Rockstar estimated that it would go live at 7AM ET this morning.
Lock tons of must-have features away in their online mode where you're constantly being reminded how you can buy cash cards for in-game money.
Disappointed with Rockstar in that aspect, especially with a non enterable casino, and no mall or proper airport interior, they would have made it that much more better.
Casino should have been enterable since the game is based around money, and the airport interior and mall interior would have made it much more exciting and realistic at the same time. We all know how important cheats have been for past games in the GTA series and we fully expect GTA 5 will be no different. Hopes that Sony had secured a next-gen exclusive - or that there was a next-gen version of GTA V in development, period - ran high for a couple hours.
Although the game was announced for PS3 and Xbox 360, there was some speculation that it would be a launch title for the new consoles as well.
Some might argue that this expectation will lead gamers to hold off on buying GTA V next month. We're probably not going to hear about it until well after GTA V's release on Xbox 360 and PS3, though. This new GTA online game mode is a free addition to GTA 5, though it won’t come until October 1st.
The multiplayer GTA 5 experience shown here is taken from in-game footage, so it’s what users can expect to see when they login to Grand Theft Auto Online on October 1st. The experience brings the freedom of exploring Los Santos to an online community where gamers can connect with friends and deal with other gamers in friendly or fearsome ways.
In the video we see a group of friends dive dirt bikes over a cliff and parachute to the ground. Gamers can explore, play missions and get into trouble all on their own, in a large world full of GTA 5 players who can fight back. Create a player that looks like you including gender, haircut, style and clothing to get started. Or, if you have enough cash, buy a garage to put all your favorite cars so you can keep them safe and then take them out to tear up the town, or just cruise through Los Santos to show your new ride. In the trailer we see cars, boats, jet skis and ATVs racing through checkpoints to earn cash.

If you have enough money you can book a flight to take you around, and presumably to take it over. Rockstar plans on releasing new content, missions and experiences that should help deliver a continually changing experience.
After download and installing the patch, you'll be able to jump into GTA Online by selecting the bottom slot in your GTA V character wheel. Later this fall, Rockstar will also release a Content Creator tool to allow players to build custom Race and Deathmatch Jobs. You'll even have the option to select Red Dead Redemption John Marston as your character's father.
But when you add in the limited garage space, the inability to sell a car at LS Customs(this pisses me off becase it goes hand-in-hand with limited garage space, you just piss money away when you want to add a new car and have to get rid of an old one), no inventory system for health or masks it's apparent how lacking this game is. I lost my fully modded phoenix because all that was in the lot was a truck I jacked for like a minute until I found something better. After all, other big fall launches like Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 are cross-generational so why not GTA V? They're throwing a lot of money into marketing next month's launch and they're not going to undermine it by telling gamers that there's a better version waiting in the wings. Gamers will meet new characters as the game goes on, getting missions and other details from these AI controlled characters, similar to the offline universe.
Gamers should expect similar side-missions and events throughout the Grand Theft Auto Online experience. There are also military jets up for grabs and helicopters that can rain down destruction with heavy firepower. The special edition of GTA 5 includes faster power ups, more guns and other exclusives for a $20 premium. This equipment can also be purchased by spending real-world money, but Rockstar is careful to point out that wealthy players can't just buy all the best equipment right away.
Like online where you can have multiple cars and the one you are using at the time is marked on the map and won't despawn. Next, you'll choose your character's lifestyle habits which also contribute to their appearance and starting stats.
Two players can also own the same property - they just own different instances of that property.
After you've entered the game world, you can tweak your character's appearance with haircuts and clothing.
From then it’s an all-on-all battle with former pedestrians attacking both you and each other. Michael has bullet-time (ala Max Payne), Trevor has rage mode and Franklin has awesome driving skills. There are a few tweaks and refinements that would need to be made, but we think the general idea of an Anarchy Mode cheat for GTA 5 is pretty straightforward – all out chaos!Cell Phone vs Button ComboOn a final note, the cell phone system for cheats should be ditched. Would be a new dimension to GTA 5 IMO Batman SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD zombie mode worked out great!

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