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The young but talented Salini has already made a name for herself in the local Indonesian Surfing world.
Favorite surf break in Bali: 66 Beach and Echo Beach, Canggu, because the waves arevery powerful! The delightful and ridiculously talented young Cinta really does her name, which means 'Love' in Bahasa Indonesian, proud as she shows the world how her genuine love for surfing, combined with an unwavering passion to follow her dream of becoming a world surfing champ and pro skater have seen Cinta develop into one of the top young surfers in SEA.
Just like fellow team rider and best friend Taina, Cinta loves the beach and if she's not in the surf, she can often be found down at the beach having fun with friends. The beautiful Kai is another Surfer Girl Team Rider that comes from a family with a rich surfing heritage. Naturally talented it is a real treat to watch this exceptionally skilled young surfer as she follows her dream of becoming a professional surfer.

With a captivating smile and down to earth attitude Dhea is emerging as one of the most relevant young female surfers in Indonesia. A Kuta-Bali local Dhea bravely started surfing at the young age of 6 and can be found before and after school ripping at her locak break at Halfway with her father and little brother. Hailing from Pacitan in Java, Salini has been a real pioneer in showing other young female surfers in Indonesia that nothing can hold you back if you work hard to follow your dreams.
With her half Balinese, half Hawaiian background Kai grew up surfing in two of the worlds most iconic surf destinations with her sister, Pua and ex professional surf coach and trainer Dad. When she's not 'dancing' with the waves or hanging out down the beach with family and friends Kai can often be found acting or dancing and has even been spotted in a few national advertising campaigns in Indonesia. Dhea joins fellow team rider Salini in pioneering the way for young Indonesian female surfers in showcasing to the world the natural talent and skills that they possess.

Although humble by nature Dhea has the heart, determination and spirit of a true champion-she will undoubtedly be a highlight of Indonesia's young surfing scene for many years to come and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for this brilliant young girl. Her true love and never ending dedication to the ocean and the surf have taken Salini on some great adventures and won her recognition and awards in several major Indonesian surfing competitions so far.

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