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Have you ever seen in the movies when someone has a heart attack and they get those electronic devices and they put them on their chests and they give them a shock and they come back to life. What’s really important is to change right now how your priorities, your values and what you’re focusing on. I’d say that right now the most important thing to you is to get your ex-husband back, your priorities focus and your values are probably out of whack. And getting them in line, getting them back to where they need to be is actually going to help you get your ex-husband fast, more than anything else. Do you feel like you’ve lost track of your values a little bit over the last period of time? Maybe there are some things that are very important and you’re living in conflict with them. Well I’ve got to say your priority right now is being happy and feeling good about yourself. Time for a little bit of a wake-up call as to what your dedicating your time and energy into.
The third thing is your focus, I reckon right ow the main focus you have is getting your ex-husband back then you’re probably not focusing on the right things. To get a bi of a shake if you can visualize me holding you by the shoulders and giving you a little bit of a shake. About the Author Latest PostsAbout maryanngarsonI am Mary, originally from the Philippines, now living in the UK, a full time blogger, a wife and a mother to my 7 year old son.
OR it could be you have done it already and you are one of those few who regretted from causing your marriage to end, a possible reason might be the LOVE is no longer present, or it could be YOU or HIM fall out of what you so called LOVE.

To start with, I have been married for eight years, my husband who happens to have an ex-wife from his previous marriage.
Listed down below are common reasons as why your physical body decides to end up the marriage, although your soul knows what kind of marriage you want to experience in your life reality, the reason the mind and heart contradict each other which ended you to regret in the end. A divorce happens when your body and soul are not in an alignment of each other, your soul wants something that your physical body is not agreeing with, the reason so many marriages fail because something is not right at that very moment and for you divorce is what your soul is asking for.
So literally a divorce is not a bad thing because it is only a manifestation of your current vibration which it means you can shift your thoughts and it is up to you if you want to get your ex-husband back or not. You may be in a relationship where you think of yourself as a victim, but sad to say that you are actually the caused of a divorce or separation, regardless who made the moves, you get what you think most of the time because thoughts become things. I am trying to explain this in a broad detail before we get to the bottom of the topic for you to understand that you are the creator of your own reality and God is there to support you all the way, regardless if it is right or wrong.
Making peace from where you are– Making peace from where you are at right now is very important because it open doors you never dreamed of possible. If you love him, Let him go – Letting go is a total must, fighting over your rights as an ex-wife won’t give you peace NOR satisfaction at all, it only make matter worst. Be grateful to your ex-husband – gratitude plays an important role in your day to day lives, with an attitude of gratitude, you give God no choice, but to work fast on your behalf which it includes getting back your ex-husband. Focus on your happy memories – NO to memories that make you feel down and erased it all from your subconscious mind, you need to create a new fresh one or write down the memories you’ve once created in the past that make you happy. Forgiveness – You must forgive yourself and so as your ex-husband, forget about who did this or that, things that happened a minute or second ago is irrelevant to where you want to be.
Prepare physically, emotionally and mentally- Prepare anything that involves his homecoming such as acting as if that he is already home with you, instead of having a single bed, why not start having a double bed with extra pillow(s) on the side, or give an ample space to where to put his wardrobe, or create a vision board where you put photos together, just be creative until you feel the sensation that you no longer need him to be home because he is already home, if you can only do that, it is only a matter of time that you and him will get back together.

Panatang Makabayan Naalala mo pa ba noong isinasambit mo sa harap ng maraming tao ang panunumpa mo bilang isang Pilipino? It’s time for you to have a bit of a wakeup call, a bit of a reality check and a bit of a new start.
This will help you to get your ex-husband back fast – and it really does need to be your most urgent focus.
You might want to get your ex-husband back fast and are focusing on short-term stuff to make that happen.
You may be in the middle of a divorce proceeding because either one of you decide to end your 5-10 years of marriage. So this blog post is literally not taking any sides between the ex and the present wives, but it is more like passing the information I have learned and gathered along the way for 36 years of my existence.
I’ve been an active member of a certain group in Facebook where the majority of them shared their marital problems or even some of them cried out for help. Let the natural force of the Universe bring you back together in a most easiest and happiest way. All views, content, images are the responsibility of their respective writers and not of Definitely Filipino. Inip…Ang Patok na Gamot sa Mabahong Putok Rush hour noon, kaya kahit alam kong standing…Kasalanan ni Manong Driver kaya ako nalate!

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