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No honestly there kids still, they have so much ahead of them, I don't think either of them are looking for marriage now!
They should keep dating cause if they marry they will be Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner XD. If you’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow, you know that Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your sweetheart, but it can be hard to come up with ideas from the heart for that Valentine’s Day Date.
If you and your honey are homebodies, hunker down and watch movies and eat popcorn or play a game - some of the most fun games are just for two, and the winner can get their rewards in kisses! Whether it’s baking some heart-shaped treats yourself, buying chocolate-covered cupids, or taking your dream date out for dessert, the old expression “sweets for my sweet” is all about showering that special someone with sugar. Watch a romantic comedy like Sixteen Candles to see the funny side of love this Valentine's!

Skating with your snowbunny (or sailing if it’s nice) can be a lively way to show that you enjoy doing just about everything with them. Planning a picnic for two in the park can reignite the romantic spark between two lovebirds. Going for dinner means you and your sweetie can get dolled up and hit the town.  A no muss, no fuss way to spend an evening – but remember, restaurants book up fast for Valentine’s, so pick up the phone today! Re enact your very first date - for Kate and Leopold, they literally had to travel back in time! If you and your Valentine have been together a long time then recreating your first date can be ultra romantic - showing you remember exactly how you felt when you first met.
Take a look at the Top 10 Valentine’s Date Ideas to make your crush’s heart melt this February 14th!

Go for a walk off the beaten path or find that abandoned bit of beach so you can conspire with your cutie. If you can spoil your sweetheart by spending the day (and some cash) on them, shopping can be a great way to bond over how beautiful you find them – no matter what they’re wearing. It’s a drag for me, but I guess the neighbors are glad that their kids have stopped disappearing.

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