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Collarbone length is just below the shoulder line and gives the hair an extra couple of inches of movement. Bra Strap length sits right where it says in the name, a few inches below the armpit, at about the height of your shoulder blades. Hair that grows to waist length often turns heads and this is when the length really begins to get attention. Between hip and calf length, there is the tailbone length and then the classic length, which is not named after a body part.
Keep in mind that these measurement are average based on a woman of 5 feet 7 inches height and the growth rate of 0.5 inches per month. To summarize it all, here at Hairfinder we call hair short, when it is shorter than chin length. Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Books, Parenting, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Restaurant Reviews, Health. As the world’s greatest athletes are winning gold to compete in the biggest sports spectacle on the planet, it’s easy to think that getting the body of an elite Olympian requires being blessed with great genes and dedicating every waking hour to exhausting training and sticking to super-strict diets.

In the September issue, on shelves now, the magazine’s deputy editor Joe Warner proves smart training and sensible eating it all it takes to completely change the way you look in as little as 12 weeks.
Training for just one hour four times per week, Joe lost 8kg of fat – the equivalent to 16 large packets of butter – while building 10kg of lean muscle mass to build a body worthy of gracing the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. While there definitely seems to be a niche market for these bizarre nose-straighteners and lifters, we can honestly say we were a little shocked to see the reality of some of these non-surgical, nose-shaping products. Nose jobs rank second on the list of America's most popular plastic surgeries, so it's no wonder that products exist to circumvent the expensive procedure.
The HDE Nose Up Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip is billed as the "bestselling item in Japan" and requires users to wear the device for 10 to 15 minutes a day. The first nose up I bought the rubber was very soft (that one is very comfortable to use) HOWEVER; there is the same nose up but with a hard plastic (quite uncomfortable)that I ended up getting the second time BUT it gives very very quick results. Add some layers and perhaps waves for more volume and drama and you'll have a very sexy and alluring look. Men’s Fitness magazine, the UK’s best-selling fitness title, has proved that it practices what it preaches by putting one of its writers on the cover of the magazine following a 12-week body transformation challenge that saw him change his physique from an out-of-shape journalist into one that wouldn’t be out of place in the Olympic Village.

After noticing the four-pronged Hana Tsun Nose Straightener (and subsequently scratching our heads in confusion), we decided to see what other similar items were on the market. These devices come at a particularly apt time, as people are opting to go under the knife less and are more willing to try out cheaper, unconventional solutions to cosmetic problems. But there are some unexpected side benefits of nose-shapers -- someone using the HDE Nose Up Lifting Shaping Beauty Clip reported that it can "relieve a tension headache." But even though these bizarre products are funny to look at, we can't help but wonder why people feel the need to endure daily pain for the chance to alter the shape of their nose. Check out some of the strangest ones we found in the slideshow below and tell us what you think.

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