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To emphasize that huge $1 billion amount which isn’t being claimed, they are running a number of different commercials to show how much money that $1 billion is. Another point is that if you go to HR block, what you are likely to get is an average Joe who got a course on how to use their software. Our taxes are a bit complex and multi-state, so we simply don’t trust the level of expertise of an average worker in those places. Learn who is at HRB doing taxes and what they actually teach in their tax school prior to commenting about something that is not correct.
H&R Block will look at any tax return filed the last three years for FREE to see if you made a mistake. They do charge a bit much in my opinion, because they charge for anything input entry they made. The first year I was married, my husband at the time insisted we hire a tax guy he used every year to do the taxes (this was in the late 70’s before computers and home tax software). Your entire comment is based on your interaction with ONE tax guy, which appears to be lacking a bit of knowledge, either from lack of training, failure to learn in the first place, and probably not a qualified tax professional since you noted it was guy your husband knew. H&R claims they will check your taxes for FREE and only if you can get more refund I assume they will pitch the amendment. Where you ever able to get a lottery ticket for FREE and see if it was the winner and if not just walk out the door, no harm done.
I still don’t like H&R because their service is dreadful, but income tax preparers are not all to blame. I think they are really trying to capitalize on this country’s current vitriol towards the government. It looks like the days of trading half of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich for half of your best friend’s ham sandwich may soon be over if the federal government has anything to do with it. A Richmond, Virginia mother received the following note, telling her not to pack a lunch for her pre-school age child. As a family, we have made the decision to avoid a host of ingredients that are all found in abundance in school lunches. Why should the parents be required to bear the expense of a doctor’s visit to get the required note to be allowed to send healthful, homemade lunches for their children? Because, you see, the federal government must have all the little children on board in order to subsidize the farmers, make the rich richer, and make the poor sicker.
Agricultural surplus is used to provide a base of food which is provided to the schools free of charge. The Agriculture Department pays about $1 billion a year for commodities like fresh apples and sweet potatoes, chickens and turkeys. The Agriculture Department doesn’t track spending to process the food, but school authorities do. In addition, the management companies have a cozy relationship with food processers, which routinely pay the companies rebates (typically around 14 percent) in return for contracts. Public schools serve more than 4 billion meals every year — a number that would make many fast-food chains envious — and officials say all those lunches are contributing to the growing health crisis among kids. As with anything the federal government touches, school lunches are cloaked in do-gooder benevolence, but they are a poisoned gift that benefits those who already have money at the expense of our society’s most vulnerable people: poor children. So, now, at least one school wants children to have a doctor’s note to say no to the school lunch offerings of hormones, GMOs, preservatives, and grease. If it was only one toxic assault, or maybe even two or three, you might be able to write this off as accidental, something that just happened due to carelessness. All of the alphabet agencies that are supposedly there for our protection are merely arms of the giant propaganda machine. A sick, fat, malnourished populace isn’t too likely to gear up for a resistance against the powers that be when it feels like effort just to go from the couch to the refrigerator. Get Our Exclusive 21-page Report 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive During Economic Collapse for FREE!
Bad life experiences aside, the larger point here is that I came out of my time as a waiter as a really good tipper, like all people who have ever worked in a job that involves tipping.
I put on my Weird But Earnest Guy Doing a Survey About Something hat and hit the streets, interviewing 123 people working in New York jobs that involve tipping. I supplemented my findings with the help of a bunch of readers who wrote to us with detailed information about their own experiences, and with a large amount of research, especially from the website of Wm. The most critical step in avoiding Ambiguous Tipping Situations is just knowing what you’re supposed to do. Since tipping is such a large part of life, it seems like we should stop to actually understand what being a low, average, or high tipper means for our budget. Looking at it simply, you can do some quick math and figure out one portion of your budget. I got a little more comprehensive, and came up with three rough profiles: Low Spender, Mid Spender, and High Spender.
Apparently no one tips flight attendants, and if you do, you’ll probably receive free drinks thereafter. Golf caddies say that golfers tip better when they play better, but they always tip the best when it’s happening in front of clients. Tattoo artists expect $10-20 on a $100 job and $40-60 on a $400 job, but they get nothing from 30% of people. A massage therapist expects a $15-20 tip and receives one 95% of the time—about half of a massage therapist’s income is tips.

A whitewater rafting guide said he always got the best tips after a raft flipped over or something happened where people felt in danger.
11) Celebrities should tip well, because the person they tip will tell everyone they know about it forever, and everyone they tell will tell everyone they know about it forever. For example: A friend of mine served Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family at a fancy lunch place in Santa Monica called Cafe Montana.
Exactly you’re taking about the service you get from someone who is making less than the cost of living. Conversely, Japan pretty much has a no-tip culture (I’d love to know what the 4 occupations that get tips there), yet the service there is amazing. People who think waitstaff should be underpaid and live on customer handouts are true misers.
Last time I went to the doc (pediatrician for my 2 year old), I waited nearly 45 minutes past my appointment, he had to check the record to remember our names, and forgot to check his blood pressure. I’m pretty sure you felt ignored or rushed because the place you were in was very busy, and you assume the staff was assuming. I think the true reason is psychological: you purchase depending of the price you see in the menu. Now, lets say you want to increase prices to account for that lost profitability and pass on the price to the consumer. Do I think the model could work if a restaurant was absolutely up front about the fact that food costs more because they don’t accept tips? Ok, if prices go up 10-12% because these hospitality companies decide to actually PAY their employees a fair wage like every other business does, I will take that 10-12% increase over the 18-20% tip ANY DAY – meaning that all consumers get to save 8% of their hard-earned cash. Doesn’t anybody find it disturbing that we live in a culture where people are somewhat deceived about what they’re spending? I will even go so far as to say that even when we spend more per week than normal on our grocery bill, If I save 40% as opposed to 20-30, I’m elated.
They are using your fears of losing money doing your own taxes to try and convince you to let them do your taxes. That means that if all the families that are doing their own returns aren’t claiming $1 billion worth of deductions that they could claim, each family is failing to claim a little less than $20 each on their returns. If you read the fine print in the commercials, it says that a study shows that H&R Block is able to find savings for about 1 in 5 people who do their own taxes. The commercials make it seem like those who do their own taxes are losing a lot more than that. If they find anything, they will tell you the amount you are losing, and if you want them to do your taxes, you pay for the full amount of a return, i.e. I scored very high on my class results although I never used it to do other’s taxes for pay other than my sons. Well this tax guy gave us our taxes back and I immediately noted a math error that would have lost us $100.
I stay up to date and read everything I can that has anything to do with our tax situation and I use the same brand tax software every year.
I try each year to improve my record keeping since I’m not in the best of health and the better the record keeping, the easier it is to do the taxes.
Add a side of rBGH-filled milk and a corn-syrup laden “fruit cup” and you have a complete nutritional disaster. Schools get the food free; some cook it on site, but more and more pay processors to turn these healthy ingredients into fried chicken nuggets, fruit pastries, pizza and the like.
The rebates have generally been kept secret from schools, which are charged the full price. People who don’t know how to cook are warming up processed junk to feed to kids who cannot afford anything better. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents since 1980, spurring an epidemic of type II diabetes, once considered an adult-onset condition.
The school system is trying to change the rules to force us to feed our children these food-like substances and to disallow us the right to nourish them as we see fit.
But other times, I find myself in the dreaded Ambiguous Tipping Situation.[1]This whole post might sound somewhat psychotic to someone not from the US. I took all the stats that seem to have a broad consensus on them[3]My specific interviews came from Manhattan, but my research showed that the below info is pretty accurate in most places across the US. Most customers have their standard tip amount in mind and don’t really think about it much beyond that.
Sometimes a bartender cracks open eight bottles of beer, which takes 12 seconds, and sometimes she makes eight multi-ingredient cocktails with olives and a whole umbrella scene on each, which takes four minutes, and those two orders should not be tipped equally, even though they might cost the same amount.
And as such, you have some real responsibility when being served by a tipped professional that you don’t have when being served by someone else.
That number is 27 in Canada, 27 in India, 15 in the Netherlands, 5-10 throughout Scandinavia, 4 in Japan, and 0 in Iceland.
The theory is that the same norms that encourage tipping end up leaking over into other forms of exchange. If ur server made 7$ an hour like the staff at mcdonalds, where is the incentive to be pleasant or clean up after ur kids, or hurry for you or fill ur soda BeFORE u ask or bring u a soup spoon before ur soup arrives or ketchup WITH ur fries before u ask for it? If they can get the customer to pay part of their labor costs, of course they will do this.
I have the same problem with all of the assorted charges and fees for airline tickets, rental cars, and so forth.

In 2013, H&R Block charged the average person just under $200 ($198) to do their taxes. But taking the class did give me more confidence in doing my taxes as they got more and more complicated. From that point on I charged my husband $100 to do the taxes since I figured if he was willing to pay someone to do them I would do them right and be happy to take the first $100 of the refund as fun money for me. This is with two different businesses, a rental property, a home mortgage and huge medical bills, etc. Glad you found the problems, (it is rather easy), and didnt have to pay the additional $$, but again caution on your stereotypes.
At some point, the US decided that customers, not employers, should pay the salaries of service employees, and it’s been this bizarre mess of a system ever since. I covered a bunch of different areas in New York, including SoHo, the Lower East Side, Harlem, the Upper East Side, and the Financial District, and tried to capture a wide range, from the fanciest places to the diviest. High Spender goes to fancy restaurants and does so often, and Low Spender goes out to eat less often and goes to cheaper places.[4]More details here. Determinants and consequences of female attractiveness and sexiness: Realistic tests with restaurant waitresses. The US doesn’t contribute to this general correlation, with relatively low corruption levels.
Now, if you paid servers to work for a non-tip wage… you would have to pay them about 3x more than you do today.
He wanted to stop deceiving the customers and let them know exactly what they were getting. If you do the math, you might save $20 from the IRS, but you end up losing $178 out of your own pocket to H&R block. I did this to cover the extremes and the middle—you’re probably somewhere in between. When the tip is unknown the server will put up w grouchy rude guests and over demanding ppl.
Let’s say that paying your tipped employees full wage bumped up your labor costs to $1400 a day, your labor cost is now 42% of your sales. Not that I begrudge leaving a few extra dollars for the hardworking waiter, but why can’t the prices just be transparent in the first place? On the other hand, if they are only finding 1 in 5 people that can get a greater refund, that means the refund for those that they can find it for increases from $20 to $100. While there are some new employees (1-3 yrs experience), each HRB office usually has at least Enrolled Agent.
Several years later, he got a letter from the IRS saying we owed something on the order of $4000!
For these reasons, it’s never acceptable to tip under 15%, even if you hate the service. It’s a psychological phenomenon that has been studied on the topic of pricing strategy. Instead of something being perpetually on sale, sales would only come into play when prices were actually being reduced. Because they know perfectly well if they did, nobody would go to H&R Block to get their taxes done.
Of course, since you are paying nearly $200 for them to do your taxes, you are still coming out $100 behind by letting them do your taxes. It you do not know what that is, it is the highest qualification extended by the IRS and even allows that individual to professional represent someone in from on any US Court on tax issues. The way to handle terrible service is to complain to the manager like you would in a non-tipping situation—you’re not allowed to stiff on the tip and make them work for free.
People, stupidly, would be more likely to buy a $20 steak then tip $5 at the end than they would to buy a $23 steak with no tip, because they always forget about the tip. HRB also would not assign a new preparer to someone with a complex return, because if you take the Peace of Mind gurantee, HRB is held liable for any mistakes on the return, up to $5000. You only need to ask for the seasoned tax expert when you enter an office and you will receive. The largest reason for this failure is that these new changes didn’t feel good for the customer. Our bank had neglected to send in a copy of our mortgage interest to the IRS and the IRS also said we hadn’t paid the early withdrawal fee for cashing in my IRA (for the needed temporary finances to live on post divorce)which was very obviously on the tax return! However, when you buy a 75 dollar polo shirt for 40 dollars, you think that you got a nice shirt for a sweet price.
While people could get paid a reasonable hourly wage, that doesn’t feel as good as making 20 dollars an hour because you are a good waiter or waitress. Although it is strictly better to get paid an hourly wage since there is a lot more stability, there would no longer be an incentive to work hard, since as long as you are doing well enough to not get fired, you will be getting the same amount of money as if you went above and beyond.

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