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Don’t start from the cuticle base but just a little above it (like in the diagram), so that the nail polish doesn’t pool at the base but is evenly spread out. Practice makes perfect, so if at first you don’t get you’ll get better, neater nails as long as you keep trying. OMG!!!Tank you for puting up the guide of how to paint your nails PERFECTLY.My nails came out like if i had just got them done. Here at Every College Girl, one of our most popular posts of all time is our tutorial on how to get cheetah print nails.
To finish, dip the Q-tip in the nail polish remover and clean up the edges of your fingertips to remove any smeared polish. Yeah I have this plate in the Konad kit, you should use an actual picture of you doing your nails instead of using someone’s photo.
If you’re going to give instructions for a way of doing this, please have correct photos.
OMG this is awesome, I have no artistic ability though, I want my mom to do it for me though, she is an artist. Welcome to Every College Girl: your one-stop-shop for everything that a college girl needs to know. The first manicure features China Glaze Purple Panic which is one of my favorite neon colors because this baby packs a colorful punch! Image courtesy of This is nail pornIn the kick-ass words of Missy Elliot: if you're a fly girl, get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did.
Simply spend $100 or more at either enex100 or Forrest Chase for your chance to win the coveted Summer Collection!
Nails definitely aren’t the first thing you notice about a person; in fact, unless they’re extremely flashy or pointed out, most people don’t notice them at all. This nail shape is similar to stiletto nails, but it’s rounded out at the tip instead of pointy. People have this type of nails tend to be extremely low-maintenance and put very little effort into their style. While nails aren’t the perfect indicator of who a person is or what type of style they have, it can be a good clue.

When I first started painting my nails I absolutely HATED it because I was so rubbish at it.
If you look at how manicurists paint nails, you’ll find that they have a certain technique that ensures a neat coat of polish covering the whole nail every time. What I do is brush the nail polish brush on the side of the bottle neck a few times to get excess nail polish off. That’s where it’s harder to control your strokes and this means polish pools and smudges more easily. If you still get the errant bits of nail polish on the skin around your nails, some nail polish remover and cotton buds will do the trick. This can be kind of tedious, as you wait for each coat to dry, but it’s the best way to get a crisp white base for your nails.
The photo above (credit) uses hot pink as the base (which wouldn’t require the first step, and less coats in step 2). Here, you'll read posts on college beauty, college fashion, college style, college lifestyle and college health, as well as useful tips, tricks, and how-to guides. I shared these cute nail designs on my Instagram, but wanted to post them here for those of you who don't have a Instagram.
Then I accented it with my favorite pink glitter polish by OPI called Teenage Dream which came from their Katy Perry collection.
Such a gorgeous neon tangerine color, makes you want to put your bathing suit on and lay out in the summer sun!
What most people don’t know is that the shape of your nails can actually say a lot about you and your style. People who sport this style aren’t afraid to try new things, and they tend to go with experimental or statement styles as well. Those who sport this style are modern, care about quality, and avoid anything out dated or vintage. People who have this nail shape generally don’t like to try new things with their nails, although they’re very trendy with their clothing. Those have this shape aren’t into experimenting, and have likely had this nail shape for a long time.

So the next time you’re struggling to figure someone out, take a lot at their nails and see what they can tell you! I would get nail polish all over my fingers, outside of my nails and cleaning it up would take even longer than painting my nails.
The amount of nail polish in your brush should be just enough for you to paint one or two straight drags on your nail. For a tiger look, simply switch to an orange or gold base. It also looks good with a silver base, or with a white base and cream stripes, so the pattern is barely noticeable. I did this design with the color Skinny Vanilla Latte (nude) by Superstar Nail Lacquer as the base, and black for the stripes. Written by a team of real college girls from across the globe with tonnes of collective college experience, you can look no further for the answers to any and all of your burning questions about college girl life.
Bright nails get me in the mood for crisp spring days, and I like to start out that trend on my nails. The stripe accent is done with a Sally Hansen white, on the other hand I did polkadots!
People who sport this style of nail are conscious of all the trends and don’t mind being in the spotlight. Whether it's college beauty, fashion & style, health & safety, romance & relationships, even cooking & (of course) drinking, every topic is covered.
Our goal is to provide advice on college beauty, fashion, fun, style, & everything else college girls love. Take a look around, we're sure you'll find all the information you're looking for to make your college years stylish, successful, and super-fun.

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