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I like to clip my nails, because I’m addicted to the rewarding little tink of the clippers.
Each week, we'll explain the science behind a strange phenomenon that you may be wondering about, or may be hearing about for the first time right here.
We owe a lot of our knowledge about nail growth to scientists doing controlled experiments on themselves. Inspired by Bean, an Oxford dermatologist named Rodney Dawber did his own experiment after his left ring finger was jammed in a rugby match.
For the three months it was splinted, Dawber’s left ring fingernail grew 25 percent slower than the three months after he took the splint off. Neither Dawber’s nor any subsequent study exposed the biological mechanism for the different growth rates. Another popular theory is that fingernails grow faster because they are closer to your heart, and therefore receive more blood. There are ton of other interesting things I could tell you about your nails (did you know that they store information about your diet?), but I’ve got to get back to work. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Doctors can tell whether you have a serious illness simply by looking at your nails, according to scientists. 2) Pitting or small dents on the surface of your nail could be a sign of eczema, arthritis or psoriasis.
BUT if sometimes you're an idiot like me and break them by doing something stupid, OR you just can't seem to grow your nails past the nub point to save your life, then I have an equation for you!! Time is a common concept to most people, as in yes, it's going to take TIME to grow your nails from nub to long enough to scratch someone's eyeball out. So, this means that you need time to let your nails grow out naturally, but you also need to STOP BREAKING THEM!
Day 15: After I was done grieving the loss of my middle nail, I evened the nubbin' out and reluctantly filed down the the rest of my nails. At my shortest I failed to take pics of all my nubbins, but you can see my ultra-shorties in some past posts here, here and here. Much of my insight on this is derived from My Bliss Kiss' website, which is full of tips, tricks and the science behind our nails. Make sure your nails are getting the care they need while in this time of turmoil and frustration.
Yes, please still shower and wash your hands when they are dirty, but dry them off immediately, restore the good kind of hydrating moisture by applying nail oil, and avoid water when you can by using gloves to wash the dishes or whatever other water-related chores you dread doing. Image credits to I have no idea who invented the yelling guy, emojis, or this random calendar.
If you're a normal person and don't like re-doing your nails more than once a week (we can't be friends tho), make sure you use the Fab Five polish wrap technique for long-lasting nail polish that ISN'T GEL!
Most nail strengtheners (OPI Nail Envy, Duri Rejuvacote, Nailtiques, etc.) advertise that they also help promote 'nail growth'.
Nail strengtheners can actually be counter-productive to growing your nails because they make your nails harder.
It doesn't even make sense that you could start taking some 'nail growth' vitamins or supplements and start seeing nail growth soon after. For most people who don't have any underlying diseases or immunodeficiencies (again, I'm not a doctor), nail vitamins are largely just targeted marketing.

For the odd person who's going to get really mad at me for this, again I remind you that this is my opinion based on nothing except reading information off the internet and personal experience (isn't your opinion based on the same?), and probably a general skepticism towards any magic-anything.
Obviously you can't just quit living, but if you care that much about growing your nails and have had trouble doing so, then you need to stop breaking them, be patient, and let them grow. Fish oil is chock-full of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been linked to longer, stronger nails and shinier hair (not to mention clearer skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits) -- though there is no definitive scientific research. For much of the 20th century, a physician named William Bean at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
Dawber acknowledged that the injury itself might have affected the growth, but he noted that the damage was limited to his tendon, not the blood vessels or bone.
But, Dawber’s conclusion—that our fingernails grow in response to how much their corresponding fingertip is used—is the generally accepted explanation.
This idea is buttressed by studies like Bean’s (because your circulation slows as you age) and others that show fingernails and toenails grow fastest during the summer, when our circulation is best. Up to 50 per cent of patients with psoriasis have pitted nails according to the NHS Pitted nails (ALAMY) 3) Horizontal parallel white lines extending across a nail are known as Muehrcke's lines, and can be a sign of liver disease or malnutrition. There is no miracle pill or treatment that will make your nail grow a centimetre in a week, sorry but nope, it just ain't gonna happen, no matter what crappy advertisements for gimmicky products tell you. Could be a little bit longer, but after all the positive feedback I got from you guys on my shorter nails, I decided to file them down a bit by CHOICE! I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones whose nails do not grow at lightning speed (some girls tell me they get this growth in half the time), but let's hate them for a second and remember that this is probably not the speed at which the average girl's nails grow. A good quality nail oil like this one (aka cuticle oil) contains 'jojoba oil', which is most similar in composition to natural oils made by our bodies. If you're an average healthy person and you claim that since taking whatever vitamin your nails have never been better, then I'd probably slip you a placebo vitamin and then laugh at you while you keep on bragging.
There's so many things you can do and change in a matter of weeks that will drastically change the condition of your nails that doesn't involve any kind of ingestion of random magic pills.
Apply nail oil regularly, avoid water, always wear nail polish, and be careful and watch what you're doing with your hands - or make someone else do whatever it is for you! Scientists don’t know what biological mechanism is behind the different growth rates.
This is the pale, half-moon shaped section peeking out from under your cuticle (though it’s usually hidden on smaller nails). However, as primates evolved long fingers for grasping branches, claws flattened into nails. A splinted finger, he reasoned, would get a lot less fingertip use. Accordingly, he hypothesized that the nail on his splinted finger would lag behind the rest of his fingernails. He also noted (as had many others) that the fingernails on his dominant right hand grew faster than his left, while his toenails on both feet grew at the same speed. The video below seems like a promising start, and I’ve always wanted to learn to play piano. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. I was a complete idiot and was snapping some polish bottle shots with naked nails (no polish on) and went to catch my tripod as it was about to fall (I am NOT buying another DSL-R) and *SMACK* there died my beloved middle nail as I slammed it into the tripod. Obviously I'm no doctor, nail scientist, or otherwise 'qualified professional', so everything that follows are just my opinions.
See more on why I swear by nail oil as my number one source of nail care on my Nail Care page.

In order to maintain strength while our nails are growing out, we need to make sure that they are both strong AND flexible. This causes the nail layers to start separating and peeling, and then your nails get weaker, and then they BREAK!!
Keep doing whatever you gotta do obviously, but you need to be AWARE of what you're doing with your hands when you do stuff with them! I use my right hand as my 'working hand' (aka 'Cinderella hand') and use it to do risky things if I have to.
But I'm sure there's some people in your life who truly appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your amazing nail artistry, right?! Cause your body will take 6 months of absorbing the supplement to even show a change, if there is one. But, they do have theories based on more than 100 years of finger and toenail observations.
This specialized tissue churns out skin cells at a manic pace and promptly cannibalizes them for their keratin—a tough, fibrous protein that gives skin its leathery texture. Nails are still pretty good at scratching and digging, though I would not recommend using them to scramble up a tree trunk. Starting at age 32, Bean scratched a line on his nail from where it emerged at the cuticle on the first day of every month. According to Dawber and other proponents of the trauma theory, frequent fingertip use indicates to the nail matrix that the nail is probably being worn down faster, so it calibrates by increasing the rate of growth. I keep the stupid fake tip they put on me for 2 weeks until the painful part of the break has grown out.
If your nails are too hard they are actually more likely to crack and snap the next time you smack (or even just tap) them into something. As the dead, keratin-rich cells pile up in the matrix, they push the nail along towards the tip.
Nail oil restores moisture in the nail bed and allows for your nail to bend without cracking. The nail is attached to the skin below, called the nail bed, which grows along with it (occasionally you can see excess growth from the nail bed—called solehorn—coming out from under the nail). But if you're a normal person who wants both hands to have flawless long nails then just ignore me on this point. Instead of the nails curving down and covering the finger, they will begin to rise up on the sides and at the front.
Sometimes one part of the nail is coloured white and the other part is dark, known as 'half and half nails'.
The NHS says the link is not fully understood, but one theory is that kidney failure causes chemical changes in the blood that encourages a skin pigment to be released into the nail bed. Half-and-half nails have also been seen in some people with Aids 7) Deep lines or grooves that go from left to right across the nail are known as Beau's lines. They could signal an illness or injury and they are also associated with serious physical stress.

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