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That’s me on the left and the hubby on the right as we completed our marriage application, thus beginning the lengthy process of changing my last name.
I’m mentioning this now because I honestly had no idea that I was going to need to physically visit both the DMV and Social Security office in order to legally change my name. You’ll need to visit some places (like banks) in person, others will make the change over the phone, and many will want you to fax or mail copies of your marriage certificate and sometimes your new identification. Having to tell dozens of strangers that you recently got married is an awkward introvert’s worst nightmare.
I had to make multiple trips to the bank because they used the wrong forms, my credit card company sent me multiple copies of the same card, and even agents at government agencies weren’t always helpful.
When someone asked why I changed my name, I couldn’t help but think, Well fuck, how awkward would this be if I ever did need to change my name back to Guiver? My husband and I are grown adults, though, and we do have a prenuptial agreement, so the topic has been broached before. I had to delete and re-create my Snapchat account, which does sound trivial, but I was bummed that I lost the few followers I actually had on Snapchat as a result of changing my name. You need an ID that matches your name to do a lot of things, like flying on an airplane or boarding a cruise ship. Also, I basically had to carry around two forms of identification for a month and a half (as well as a copy of my marriage license) in case I needed to use a credit card or access an account that hadn’t been updated. On multiple occasions, when I would say that I changed my name, people would ask David how he convinced me to do it.
Whenever I feel like I’m done, another place where I need to change my name comes up. The 33-year-old man, who was one of 85,000 people to change their name in 2015, told the Evening Standard that he applied for the name change via the UK Deed Poll after drinking with his friends at a pub.
When he received the paperwork later, Cheeseburger willingly signed the document to confirm his new identity; at the time, he was again drinking with the friends who encouraged him to make the change.
While Bacon Double Cheeseburger is hardly a professional name, Cheeseburger told the Standard that he indeed ends his work emails with a€?B D Cheeseburger,a€? and that his co-workers have been supportive. Get This: Jermaine Jackson Legally Changed His Name To Jacksun + Snoop & Suge Knight Were Hanging In The Club! Jermaine Jackson, who is infamously known for naming one of his children Jermajesty, has finally, after promising for months, changed his name legally to Jacksun, allegedly for artistic reasons. And in other news, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight appear to have patched things up after years of strife. Enter your email address to subscribe to CGN and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Learning how to get a passport name change is important if you want your passport to reflect the change in your name since your most recent passport. You have two ways about getting your passport name changed if your name was changed legally (due to marriage or court order).

Meanwhile, there’s another slightly different set of requirements if your passport is less than a year old. In the case of passports that were issued less than a year ago, applicants are not required to pay any fee.
There are instances where applicants who apply for a name change do not have the required documents needed, such as the marriage contract and the court order. Filling in the Form DS-11 requires you to submit your application plus the supporting documents in person. So, if you want to know how to use a passport courier service, then we’ve covered that in this article. US Passport Now has years of experience in passport expedition and ensures a simple, fast and easy solution in receiving your passport back in time you require.
It’s a lengthy process, and, in hindsight, I realize that I should have probably done a little more research before walking down the aisle. First and foremost, changing your name on your marriage application won’t automatically update it in the eyes of the government. I had this vision that everything would magically just get updated, which was 100% incorrect.
Then you have to change your name on every bank account, credit card, utility bill, email, etc. Almost every person you contact about changing your name will congratulate you on getting married, which is killer if receiving compliments makes you feel uncomfortable. A few times, I tried to lead without the marriage part, but I’d always get asked why I made the change? I mean, I’m a proud member of the LGBT community, but having to announce my gayness to strangers did cause extra anxiety.
On numerous occasions, the process made me think of the D word…you know, the one that rhymes with schmivorce. But having these thoughts scared me, and reminded me that I really do want my marriage to last a long time. Then I had to email or text my friends, asking them to accept my friend request so that we could get back to snapping. Fortunately, I had the option to hold off on updating my passport, which functioned as my Guiver identification. Although it can be complicated and stressful, getting a new name can feel like you’ve been given a fresh start.
Not only as a married person, but like, I’ve been able to leave behind parts of Mathew Guiver that I no longer need, and I get to be selective about who I am as Mathew Jedeikin. Unless you were a child of the 60′s and 70s, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick any of the other brothers out of a lineup if your life depended on it!
The two were spotted in the same club and now people are wondering if this means a collaboration is on the way or was this just a peace offering of sorts to clear the air?
A name change applies when you get married (and have taken on a different surname), or your name has changed through a court order.
What option is available to you is determined by the time when your latest passport was issued.

In case your passport was issued over a year ago, you are required to apply for a new one by mail. What you need to submit are: your latest passport, two copies of your recent ID picture, the supporting legal documents mentioned in the last paragraph, and the filled out DS-5504. If, however, you choose to have your application expedited, then you will have to pay an additional fee. If this situation applies to you, you shouldn’t worry because you still have an alternative option. Because of this, it’s very important that you check whether you have fulfilled every requirement even before you leave for the passport office. Just make sure you find out what your situation is before you proceed with your Passport application. Which wasn’t terrible, but boy, how I wished I could have gone on my honeymoon as a Jedeikin. I have a family middle name that I wanted to pass on to our future child, and I also wanted our household to share a last name. I did, however, remind myself that this was totally my decision and that I shouldn’t expect special treatment because of my new last name. From small things like how I sign my new name (or a new passport photo that I actually like!), to larger things like how I present myself to the world as a Jedeikin. In both instances, you will have to go through the passport office for US passport renewal.
Once you’ve determined that, you will need to submit the necessary documents that each option requires.
The US Department of State recommends expedited passports for anyone who intends to leave within the next 10 weeks. This third option requires you to submit a DS-11 form for an expidited passport application, two ID pictures, and your latest passport, as well as pay the applicable fee. Aside from that, be thorough in ensuring that you have all the necessary documents filled in or attached before mailing or submitting them. Imagine every single account and profile you’ve accumulated in your life needing to be changed. Luckily, I was sitting close to the front door, but a new name is definitely something that takes people who know you a little time to get used to. The following requirements are: your current passport, two recent color photographs of yourself, the DS-82 form that you have filled in, plus the original or at least a certified copy of the legal document that proves your name change.
Aside from these requirements, you will also need to present three public records with the date and place of birth that indicate the use of your current name for the last five years.
In fact, David encouraged me to think carefully about my decision and didn’t pressure me one way or the other. Depending on your case, it will either be your marriage contract or the court order on your change of name.

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