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It only took $5 million and accusations of being the son of a monkey for Donald Trump to release his birth certificate. On Monday, Bill Maher stopped by "The Tonight Show," and ripped the New York real estate mogul for his demand that President Obama release his college records in exchange for a $5 million donation to charity, courtesy of Trump. Now, the universe knows definitively that Donald Trump is not the result of human-simian breeding, because Trump promptly released his birth certificate to Bill Maher, and publicly posted it to Yahoo! In a letter addressed to Maher, Trump's very professional lawyer said: "Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. So if Trump is willing to take comedians' dares at face value, when will he be a man and accept Stephen Colbert's million-dollar ball-dipping offer? What would be one of the clearest possible signs of a truly subverted nation?  What would it take to make people realize that America, is no longer America? Our economy is failing, falling flat on it’s face, and this vital part of our society is not even in our control any more. Do you realize what it means for America, as many think they know it, if those questioning his birth place are correct? Even at this website here we have an article talking about yet another person who wants to simply declare Obama legitimate, RNC chairmen Michael Steele. This is the forgery of Obama's birth certificate that you are supposed to believe is real, as presented by the Associated Press. This is what is purported to be his real birth certificate, but many questions surround its origin. It turns out, somebody stumbled onto the original from which Obama's birth certificate was forged. See, it turns out, somebody stumbled onto the original from which Obama’s fake birth certificate was forged, and this is good news.
You will surely see by reading the articles I’ve linked to that this is causing serious trouble for Obama, but the majority of my readers understand this is just one symptom of the disease, which is known as the jew. Here is just one video on youtube, which shreds the credibility of the faked birth certificate, and it alone has had over 204,000 views, as of this posting.
Did anyone see the article on the FEMA website where the US is training with more than five other foreign armies on US soil in order to practice fighting terrorism? I heard Bill O’Riely say that he believes Obama is a citizen because two Hawaii newspapers reported his birth in 1961! For me personally it was the conflicting reports surrounding the Pentagon attack that got me into it. Its the MASSIVE criminal network called the Sayanim, and the close bond between fellow Jews that exploit non-jews thats killing the world.
2) They know people like you are ignorant enough to believe anything they feed you, and they honestly do not care what you think. The real question is, do you really think these united states are anything like they taught you during your indoctrination? Soon easy and immediate DNA tests will be as readily available to us as the breathalizers police use for drunk drivers. Anyone who is not a blood jew but who has sold us out will be put on trial for treason and the punishment for that is clear—EXECUTION. You have a 16 ounce glass of pure bubonic plague but pour off one ounce at a time and refill the glass each time with clean fresh water.
I would smash that glass and get another because even if you poured out all the plague and refilled the glass completely with water you still have deadly residue to deal with. Obama will not be able to keep his ruse up much longer and is already free falling in public polls, it’s only going to get worse for him.
The Jews want those of us with a few neurons left to rub together to realize the Obama b.c. Thank you, sn; I never trusted Obama from the first moment five years ago, when I heard him on tv, when he spoke to the National Democrat Convention.
No goddammit, I am not antisemitic(jews are not semites), I am fucking anti goddamn lousy stinking khazar piece of shit jew.

Nowadays, the masses of non jew Americans couldn’t be bothered with this new development. Btw, you always mention the founding fathers… didn’t you realize that they were jews? For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. SN Book BannedDownload your own copy of Subverted Nation's Basic Training for Revolutionaries.
Powered by disdain for jewish subversion, terrorism, nation wrecking, and genocide against humanity. But Maher upped the ante and said that he would give Trump $5 million in exchange for Trump's birth certificate -- to prove that he isn't actually the spawn of an orangutan. 31, but was prompted to speak out again because of the renewed attention on Obama’s beginnings.
We all got into this one way or another, some through JFK assasination, some through words passed down through their parents, 911 etc.
Obama completely TOWS the Jewish line, and his whole career he had the helping hand of the Jew guiding him. Do you REALLY, and I mean REALLY, believe that if they were going to forge a document that would nullify his presidency, they’d be sloppy enough to leave a this alleged proof of forgery?
The games will end and behind the police cruisers of tomorrow they will be towing small portable wood chippers that can be used to quickly remove anyone with the plague DNA. As this goes on I want to know at what point you would feel safe and drink from that glass? His handlers may have some vague idea, and have scripted a somewhat sketchy biography for him, but God only knows who he really is and where he came from.
Our educational system is hardly that, it is nothing but an indoctrination factory and its product is the moronic consumer. The jewish criminal network better take note that they might have destroyed the better part of our minds by purposely keeping us ignorant but they have not been able to destroy our instinct for self preservation. Oh it pisses me off and I have said for a long time that America is not my America anymore and it disgusts me how OUR constitution can be and has been treated like some piece of toilet paper by these fuckwits. How long will the masses go walking asleep before they awaken to DO something about this nightmare that has become the norm in this country?
I’m 63 damn years old, and that fuckin god damned bolshevick cock sucker fuckin pervert subversive has got to be the closrst thing to the fuckin antichrist that I can think of. I know it will, and once it starts there won’t be a single god damned jew left alive on earth. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Hawaii’s Health Department has been flooded in recent weeks with questions from individuals and several national TV news networks asking for proof that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii. Yes, it is true that when they are all finally removed we still have to deal with the traitors among us but after that the jews will no longer be able to recruit and corrupt the yellow among us the way they did.
From what I can gather, his existence seems to originate with the time he first was picked by Kissinger to be groomed for the position he now holds. Unless you HOME SCHOOL your child, what they will be upon high school graduation is probably an overweight lout that is gender undefined, M tv addicted, and can only speak Eubonics. It disgusts me that OUR rights don’t matter and how our so called president actually apologized FOR us as a country~~when he needs to apologize TO it. CLICK HERE to get your copy of this historically accurate book that exposes mankind's one true enemy with boot camp precision. By way of comparrison, an average high school grad in eastern Europe is fluent in three languages, and has a Science knowledge that is out of this world. No more rhetorical head games, just KILL JEWS like a hive instinct reaction across the planet. He bags Israelis and Zionists and bankers, but thats as far as he will go for obvious reasons.

Jew is neither religion nor race, it is a criminal network, the only requirement is you act as jew and respect the effort as jewish. The same cabal that are writing his present, wrote his past, including all the dramatic controversies. I can feel it comin in the air, like angels of vengance moving among the living souls of men. This is not the America our forfathers had in mind when they set to paper the words of the constitution. The Bridgeview farm is 80 acres.A  Right down the path from this house is a newer home Jack had built in the 1970's. Not to mention other witnesses who claim to have documents or first hand experience which would prove otherwise. Obama’s birth certificate is fake as fuck, and there is much more evidence pointing to a birth in Kenya, than there ever will be in the US. I think that if you could find 10 people out of a 100 who have ever read the declaration of independence, you would be lucky. Lil Woulfe did me a HUGE favor by gathering family information for me which made it possible to complete the name list below.A Dunganville? The present-day address of the Woulfe farm at Dunganville is - Bridgeview, Dunganville, Ardagh, Co. If you can possibly conceive of this, if their is one bastard who by way of his lengthy involvement in setting U.S. Townlands vary from fairly large to sometimes containing only one or 2 farms.A Sometimes their boundaries are known only to the locals and the Postman. A  Ardagh is the Post Office address, arrived at because the town of Ardagh is only about 2 miles away. If you everA examine a parish map, the farm is in the Parish of Newcastle West.A Up until the 19th century, the area was also known as Glenquin, the old Baronial name. I also learned from Lill that the property was once leased from the Massey family before my family acquired it. I learned more about the farm's history from Paul MacCotter's research.A  He discovered that there were 3 Woulfe farms adjacent to one another in the early 19th century (plotted as 2a, 3a, and 4b) A In land records from about 1820 to 1850, we find that John, James, and Edmond Woulfe lived there. Edmond was their nephew - his father (name unknown) may have been a brother of John or James. The 3 WoulfesA came to the Dunganville farms from Athea.A  In the early 1800's, just about every farm in the Athea area was owned by a Woulfe, and there just weren't any left for the next generation. Given the popularity of the name Bridget at the time, I'm assuming that's most likely what it was.A  From graveyard inscriptions, I find that James married Johanna MacKessey From Knocknaderry.
From Graveyard and Newcastle West baptism records, I know that John Woulfe had several sons.
So, the first John Woulfe on the Dunganville farm was likely born around 1800.A A  My cousin Jack at the same Dunganville farm, asked other family members, and they confirm this stone is that of our ancestors. 1878 age 76 years (he would have been born in 1802) - his mother Johanna Woulfe March 10 1866 age 46 years.
Doocateen is only about 3 or 4 miles south of Dunganville, and is about 3 miles north of Newscastle west. This Doocateen James born in 1802 would be of the same generation as John and James of Dunganville.
Working from Gravestone information, 2a John was born around 1800, 3a James was born around 1778. But - is his son Edmond James of Doocateen the same 4a Edmond mentioned on the Dunganville farms in 1852?

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