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But inciting fear over the consequence of restricting an evil behavior hardly justifies that behavior. The fact that restricting access to abortion has tragic side effects does not, in itself, show that restrictions are unjustified, since murder is wrong regardless of the consequences of prohibiting it. Reblog if you remember not believing something like that could happen, even though you were watching it happen. Reblog if you remember fearing for the safety of loved ones, even if they were nowhere near New York. Reblog if you remember it becoming less and less likely anyone under the rubble would be found breathing with each day. Straw Man Money Credit - Explaining what a Strawman is Straw Man Money Credit – Explaining what a Strawman is and how to deal with mortgage arrears, how government and taxation work, dealing sensibly with debt and understanding the issues with attending a court hearing. The United States CONSCRIPTED — that is, borrowed — an interest in everything that we would ever do and create — a “usufruct” relationship where our interest and the ownership of every thing within our estate transferred over to them; and they never gave their control of our property back to us. These thieves are pretending that we consented to this circumstance and “volunteered” to subject ourselves to the United States jurisdiction “for the War Effort” in a war that has been over almost a hundred years. The expenses that they are responsible for are the expenses of all the shill legal fiction entities that they have created and run “in your name” by abusing the right of usufruct.
What they create, they control — and they are obligated to pay for what they create and control. USUFRUCT: A right to use another’s property for a time without damage or diminishing it, although the property might naturally deteriorate over time.
Because of this “usufruct” relationship the United States has the hidden obligation and lawful responsibility to maintain everything we think we own. Our signature turns a piece of paper into a negotiable instrument because we are financial institutions considered to be estates patented under land patent because we come from the earth. You are considered in law — the international law of the Hague Treaty — as Liebercode Entities “outside of” and “foreign” to the United States.
We’re our own estate on our debtor side, and considered to be a financial institution, so when you put your signature on any piece of paper you are considered to be a bank.
Then they place a lien against that signed piece of paper and sell it as a security on the stock exchange.
House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR-192), 73 Congress in session, June 5, 1933 — A joint Resolution to suspend the gold clause standard and abrogate the gold clause — dissolved the United States and the official capacities of all U.S. With the constitutional Republic form of Government now dissolved, the Receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government FOR the United States.
We’re operating under a fictional basis now, because we are under Martial Rule thanks to what happened with Abraham Lincoln, which was intended to protect us.
This Act was instituted and established by transferring the Office of the Secretary of State to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. When the colonies broke apart, when the North and South broke apart, when they went bankrupt way back then, the U.S.
Since gold and silver coinage was heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check or promissory note was issued as a money substitute.
Federal Reserve Notes aka “dollars” make no such promise and are not “money” because they have no monetary value. A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States Government, not “money”. It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitutes. When this happened, and the Federal Reserve came in, and booted the United States Treasury out, and brought in the IMF, the United States Treasury ended up in Puerto Rico.
Now you know why most Americans have not been paid any “money” for a very long time, perhaps not even in their entire lifetime. This means that the International Banking Cartel came up with an Economic Security Offer aka SSN — the “Socialistic Security Act. If you are part of a corporation, you’re part Stockholder, so you should be getting dividends from that stock, yearly or monthly.
So this was definitely done behind our backs, with the Birth Certificate bond, without full disclosure of the contract or anything explained. Banks are acting in your behalf when making a so-called loan, but instead of you receiving the actual money to pay for a house, you are actually being scammed of you own money every time you put your signature on their so-called “Promissory Note”. A Run on the Bank is created when borrowers demand real gold or silver instead of paper representations; so instead of being outlawed, the federal Government legalized it, and regulates the fictional money scam. The Bankers demanded even more Monies, so they created House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR-192), based in effect on the the private central bank, the non-federal FEDERAL RESERVE, INC.
After a bond is collateralized for a million dollars, a million dollars gets created out of thin air and the Federal Reserve orders the Treasury to print up 1-million Federal Reserve Notes. When you accept a charge, for the honor of the name, and deposit it as credit into the United States Treasury, you are released from the obligation of the debt, by reverting all the interest to the State. The US Treasury via the IRS is going to contact all these agents and make them get their act together.
The Uniform Commercial Code is 1.) a code of statutes, of contracts, a product of private “Bankers” that have hijacked the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
For example, goods may be manufactured in State A, warehoused in State B, sold from State C, and delivered in State D. Under the UCC you can be liened — in total conflict with Declaration of Independence “unalienable rights”. Under the UCC by contracting — such as applying for a license — your inherent (original) rights are turned into privileges that can be liened.
By filing a UCC Finance Statement, Liening your Legal Status Name, you become the Secured Party Creditor of your ens legis Strawman.
With it being that the CAFR is “the accounting document for every local government, and with it being “BLACKED OUT” for open mention over the last 60 or more years, the Fact of unintentional Omission of coverage is one of the biggest Conspiracies that has ever taken effect in the United States of America. A Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is the government’s complete accounting of “NET WORTH”. From more than 84,000 CAFR reports produced by local governments each year in combination with Federal Government owned investment holdings, shows a conservative value of some Sixty Trillion Dollars held by local and federal governments, as of 1999. Instead of us receiving these tremendous amounts via dividends every month to the populace, we are being cheated out of all rightful benefits ourselves, and benefitting them instead.
By using this private process, you have the power to put them under Notice of Default and use the process to lien them as well and receive monies from their bond — when they break “UCC CREDITOR LAWS”. The bank system is a well organized corrupt criminal Cartel that came to a head around 1933 when President Roosevelt declared the bankruptcy of the United States. David Robinson served as a Grand Juror seated under Summons on the Cumberland County Maine Grand Jury for the first four months of 2014.
He publishes this newsletter, The Maine Republic E-mail Alert, and is a member and supporter of the National Liberty Alliance. He publishes a series of handbooks on the subject of the Common Law Grand Jury and is the Chief Administrator of the Unified Maine Common Law Grand Jury for the Maine Republic Free State. There is a way that not many people know about that will pay off your student loan FAST and forever!
Tax payers should be outraged as the Obamacare Website cost has exceeded 2.1 BILLION US DOLLARS and it still doesn’t work!
Obamacare Website Costs Exceed $2 Billion, Study Finds says bloomberg’s Alex Wayne in Washington!

The federal government’s Obamacare enrollment system has cost about $2.1 billion so far, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis of contracts related to the project. Spending for and related programs, including at the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies, exceeds cost estimates provided by the Obama administration, the analysis found. and its associated programs are the main portal for millions of Americans to sign up for coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. The construction of involved 60 companies, supervised by employees of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services instead of a lead contractor, according to the inspector general at the Health and Human Services Department. Aaron Albright, a spokesman for CMS, disputed BGov’s calculation, which included parts of the federal health insurance system other than its computer elements.
Albright added that the Affordable Care Act had saved consumers about $9 billion in health-care costs so far. The Medicare agency and independent auditors have had trouble tracking the costs of Affordable Care Act programs. Albright said CMS has created a task force to track costs of the insurance exchange and “strategically manage” its future acquisitions. About 7.3 million people were enrolled in private coverage obtained under the Affordable Care Act as of Aug.
The BGov analysis is based on contract data compiled by the Washington-based organization, which is a division of Bloomberg LP separate from Bloomberg News. Senator Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican who has scrutinized the Obama administration’s construction of as the senior Republican on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said the cost of the site exceeded the combined value of his state’s three professional sports teams. Despite the spending, the site “still isn’t secure, doesn’t let people easily compare doctors and medications covered by each plan, and has not processed all of the applications from last year’s open enrollment,” he said in an e-mail from a spokeswoman. The BGov analysis estimates the government will spend $14.9 billion through the end of September to reduce premiums for people purchasing Obamacare plans.
The discrepancy may be an indication of problems has experienced communicating with computer systems at health insurance companies, Gosselin said. Let us file an IPN (International Promissory Note) to Pay Off Credit Card Debt, Student Loans even child support or any kind of other debt using the governments money! After paying off your credit card debt, your next goal will depend on your individual situation.
If all your education debt is federal student loans rather than private loans, then you you can pay it off u=ing an IPN from the government. The value of the dollar, because inflation is about 0.23 cents since there is no backing except the labor of the collateral which is you and me. Another issue of concern to many is the role that foreign investors play in financing the debt. In addition, an inflow of foreign savings tends to affect the strength and value of the dollar. Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank, about her experience blowing the whistle on the high level corruption within the international financial system and how her story was censored. There is a nationwide epidemic of foreclosure abuses and unacceptable mortgage servicing practices. Despite billions of dollars in fines and settlements involving mortgage servicers and lenders, the industry continues to mislead and abuse homeowners, according to the federal government. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report this month that found nearly 50% of the more than 187,800 complaints filed with the agency had to do with mortgage problems. A recent report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focused on the risks to consumers in their dealings with their mortgage company. In the report, the CFPB found that common problems still exist even after the financial crisis and recession in 2008, including improper processing of payments, improper servicing transfers, and numerous problems with various aspects of loss mitigation. A landmark $25 billion settlement with the nation’s top mortgage lenders was hailed by government officials as long-overdue relief for victims of foreclosure abuses.
Take away your food, comfort, and safety long enough and you will never care or question the illusion provided, as long as your stomach is full, you have shelter, a comfortable bed, and the means (real or imagined) to keep or continue your comfort. March 9, 1933, a bank emergency [bankruptcy] was declared by President Roosevelt because of the insolvency of the United States.
June, 5, 1933, President Roosevelt, unconstitutionally, collected America’s gold by Executive Order, HJR 192, among others, and sold it to the Vatican by way of China and England to conceal its true ownership. The mortgage company committed the ultimate fraud against you, because they loaned you nothing to pay off the imaginary balance. To cite a recent example, racists once argued that equal treatment for blacks would result in terrible riots and cause untold suffering among law abiding citizens. Herbert Rather, a Public Health expert, noted in 1968 that 25,000 women die each year from cancer, lung and heart complications while 7,000 die from auto accidents. Thomas Hilgers and Dennis Horan compiled a highly reliable study in 1981 using data from the U.S.
As Stephan Schwarz points out in The Moral Question of Abortion, the true response to back-alley abortions is to be outraged at all abortions, to condemn all abortions–not to propose one kind (legal) in place of another (illegal). A Grand Juror seated under Summons on the Cumberland County Maine Grand Jury for the first four months of 2014.
They have no lawful right to any of it, and no valid claim to us, our land, our businesses, our children, or any other asset of ours. Those expenses include the expenses and debts of the federal “State” foreign situs trust doing business as “David Everett Robinson” and the Puerto Rican ESTATE trust doing business as “DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON” and the United Nations transmitting utility doing business as “DAVID E. They just take a piece of paper and overlay it on your signature, and write on that piece of paper, on top of your signature, your signature that authorizes a transaction that you never see. You could take it and sign it over to the United States Treasury which now has the obligation under “usufruct” to settle the claim. It’s an established fact that the United States Federal Government was dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. Government Offices, Officers, and Departments, as further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. Bankruptcy are the International Bankers via the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. This new form of government is known as the Democracy, being an established Socialist Communist order under a NEW WORLD ORDER governorship for America. The federal United States and the Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the United States of America to issue currency of any kind, but only lawful money — gold and silver coins. You create the money every time you sign a fraudulent contract with the international bankers. When you sign your signature you create “credit” (credibility) that they can actually take from you and pocket, because you are Walking Real Estate. That around 1933, President Roosevelt declared the bankruptcy of the United States Corporation.
And, again, one of their resolutions was to Collateralize all citizens via their Birth Certificate Bonds. We we’re supposed to have all this, but the Bankers came in and took Everything to make it look like we have to pay for everything ourselves with our sweat and toil, when this is not true all. The Bond Certificate is then collateralized (converted into “money”) — for example a million dollars — and the bond is then sold in the privately held International Central Bank System. The bank acts as a 3rd party between you and the Federal Reserve to tap into your million dollar Birth Certificate bond. This is where you, the debt slave, can discharge alleged debt and where the UCC process comes on board.
It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars, not shown on government Budget Reports, are shown through government CAFR reports that are virtually never openly-discussed by the syndicated News Media, Democrat and Republican Party members, the House, the Senate, nor organized public education.
An example of the holdings shown from just one Government CAFR (NY State 2005 Retirement Fund CAFR) shows 133 Billion Dollars of investments held (Microsoft; 44 million shares thereof).
We are Share-holders of the United States Corporation and should be sharing in its profitable dividends.

This new form of government is known as a Democracy, now established as a Socialist, Communist NEW WORLD ORDER Government of America. The government’s most recent estimate, limited to spending on computer systems by the agency that runs the site, through February, is $834 million. Spending for the system has been a matter of dispute between the administration and Republican opponents in Congress, who have tried to block funding for the law. The project was marked by infighting among the contractors, CMS officials and top officials at HHS, the Cabinet-level department that oversees CMS, according to e-mails released Sept. 1 last year and promptly collapsed, preventing millions of Americans from enrolling in coverage until December, after a frantic repair effort. The subsidies are paid directly to insurers, and there may be a lag for the transfers because’s back-end connections to insurers aren’t complete.
Yes your labor, blood, sweat, and tears pays off the United States Corporation’s debt to the International Bankers that control us all, the Federal Reserve.
Federal budget deficits of the 1980s and 1990s and kept interest rates lower than they otherwise would have been.
When the rate of money growth is greater than the economy’s ability to produce additional goods and services through your labor, the result is inflation, too much money chasing too few goods.
The majority of these complaints concerned loan servicing, modifications, and foreclosure activity by mortgage servicers.
Misapplied payments: Even when payments are made on time, the company mistakenly rejects the check or applies it to the wrong account.
Illegal fees: It’s not legal to charge the homeowner when the loan company pays for property monitoring or price opinions from brokers, but it happens. Two-faced “help”: Many homeowners who are actively working with their mortgage servicer to work out their loan are surprised to learn that the company is also actively pursuing foreclosure. Blocked refinances: Loan servicers don’t like to lose the steady income flowing from their mortgages, so it’s in their best interests to stall attempts to refinance with a different company. Botched taxes and insurance: Many mortgages have an escrow account for taxes and insurance that the loan company manages—or not. Zipped lips (no communication): When loan servicers believe a homeowner is late on a mortgage, it’s important to send a notice. Whirlwind foreclosures: Each state has laws governing the foreclosure process and when a lender can initiate foreclosure.
Mortgage companies- or servicers- are the entities that are responsible for the processing of your mortgage payments, as opposed to those entities that own the loan. Commerce now essentially trades in “debts.” So if you borrowed money for a mortgage and there’s no gold or real value to support the paper called U.
Then you were told that you owe them the unpaid balance of your home and that you must pay them back, with interest, in monthly installments.
Your lender made your promise to pay into a negotiable debt instrument and cashed  your note in at the reserve window of the U S Treasury as an exchange, not a loan, and then gave you an alleged loan where you have to pay it back with interest. But this in no way proved that blacks did not have equal rights or that a policy of racial discrimination could be morally justified.
When the Hyde Amendment cut off federal funds for abortion in 1976, liberals worked themselves into near hysteria claiming that poor women would die by the thousands from back-alley abortions.
They have you sign something so they can slap a lien on it and then sell it as notes no longer with them, a counterfeit security anyway, as there is nothing backing it and they’ve obtained it through fraud, so they are anxious to put the obligation onto someone else so it relieves them of the obligation, because they don’t have the Note as it’s been already been sold off.
The Constitution is now void, because there’s no sovereign government — and we’re under Martial Law Rule. Being a sentient being, our signature is a commodity to the banker’s scam, due to the fact that they had an agreement (contract) after the gold was taken.
This is important because of the prevalence of commercial transactions extending from one state to another.
Ever since, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), aka “dollars”, are not money but money substitutes backed only, by false belief. 22 report that it was “difficult and time consuming” to obtain financial information for the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, the CMS office that manages many ACA programs, and that it “could not determine the reliability of most of the amounts” CMS provided.
By April, about 8 million people had initially signed up for private health plans using or state-run systems, according to the federal government.
However, servicing the dollar debt financed by foreign savings can have negative implications for our economy.
In the short term more rapid rates of money growth may reduce interest rates, but the net long-term effect would be to foster higher rather than lower rates. These interest payments have become a significant percentage of total government spending, which in turn becomes harder to reduce.
Some loan servicers have refused to provide loan payoff information, preventing refinances and even home sales. When the company fails to pay these expenses on time, the homeowner is stuck with the penalties. This is why your loan debts are pre-paid by the Government, if you only knew how to pay your debts using the Government’s Money. Rather told Child and Familymagazine (Winter, 1968) that given these statistics, the claim of 5-10,000 deaths a year from illegal abortion was nearly impossible. We need to stop claiming ownership of everything we think we own and revert our interest back to the United States so they can put it in a trust for us (which they may have already done) so they can settle our claims. When you buy a house you’re not buying a house, you are creating a loan against yourself, you become the collateral for the loan.
We are protected by international law and the statutes no longer apply to us as we are no longer at war once we move into non-adversarial status. Offices, Officials, and Departments are operating within a de facto status, in name only, under the Emergency War Powers. Everything is actually all prepaid because we are basically Shareholders in the United States Corporation because of our Birth Certificates bonds. They also removed Money notes that were backed by the real gold standard set by the Founding Fathers of the Republic. When we send principal and interest payments to foreign holders of our debt, the Federal Reserve, we are temporarily transferring wealth away from the United States Corporation. For homeowners, misapplied payments are a huge headache; for loan servicers, misapplied payments mean a chance for more income. And some companies require expensive hazard insurance (to cover damage from accidents, storms, etc.) even when insurance is already in place. Ask them to explain both of these for you in simple, truthful, English.  They cannot their own contract or note. Meaning that when the person applies for something, they sign their rights over to the state, so now the state has the right to move as power of attorney which makes the person signing the application incompetent like an infant who can’t handle his own affairs and they stick someone else with the obligation to complete his financial accounts. Kevin Counihan, the former chief executive officer of Connecticut’s successful state-run insurance exchange, was hired Aug. A valid contract, by contract law, states that value and consideration must be given by both parties.  You are the one that gave value and consideration and the lender gave you more debt, not a mortgage loan. Willard Cates of the Centers for Disease Control (who had done much to create the hysteria) conceded rather candidly, “The bloodbath many predicted simply is not happening. Secured Transaction, Transactions secured by security interests — and most importantly, Liens.

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