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Eric and I often get asked how we get our kids to eat paleo, or get comments on how lucky we are that our kids will eat “this stuff”. The transition doesn’t have to happen overnight but it will go a lot faster than you think. Do my kids still whine and beg for food, especially treats?  Yes, they do (relentless buggers). Going to birthday parties are another story altogether, and here is some advice on how to be paleo at a party. Want to learn more about how to transition your family to paleo?  Read my eBook Paleo Made Easy. Sylvie McCracken is a former celebrity assistant in Hollywood turned full time entrepreneur currently living in Abu Dhabi with her husband and 3 kids. Hi Silvie, I’ve just come across your blog from the Holistic Squid link, and it’s been a fantastic discovery!
My family sound very much like yours in that we eat very healthily by society’s standards, but there are certainly a lot of grains and legumes. Even though we already do eat quite a bit, I think it certainly can’t hurt to eat more.
If you have a toddler in your home, I’m sure you are aware that this is no easy task.
It can be very frustrating when bread is the only thing your toddler has any interest in consuming. So, in order to avoid over-feeding your dog, I came up with a list on How to get your Toddler to eat More Veggies. It can be very tempting to shout out and yell for joy when your stubborn toddler finally puts a green bean in his mouth.
When you react overjoyed and shocked when your toddler eats a vegetable, you are essentially telling them that veggies are different from other foods.
I add spinach to my meatballs and carrots and celery to my tomato sauce (I use Giada’s easy Tomato Sauce). You can try shredding zucchini into rice (Here’s a simple recipe from Divas Can Cook). Add mushrooms and arugula or tomatoes and basil to an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich (Here are some gourmet grilled cheese ideas from Greatist). If you stick to this motto, you are sure to increase the amount of vegetables your toddler eats.
Unless you’re a vegetarian, the protein often steals the show when it comes to planning meals.
Stumbled across this post at the right time because my son has morphed into picky eater mode. Does your kid enjoy chicken tenders, french fries, macaroni and cheese, and all the other "typical" kid foods?  Yeah, mine too (except, strangely enough, not so much interested in mac and cheese).
One final thought: We are consistent with sitting down at the dinner table as a family for our meals.

Did you try any of these, and did anything work (or not)?  Anything you would add to the list? While toddlers and vegetables aren’t always best buds, there are some easy ways to help your child become more chummy with carrot sticks and broccoli florets. Start the day off right by scrambling eggs with sautéed diced red or yellow peppers. Break out of the strictly fruit smoothie rut and add a vegetable to her creamy drink to sneak in nutrients. Leave a CommentSeptember 23, 2015 by Andrea 3 Comments The Mom Conference 2015 – Enroll for FREE! If you believe that motherhood is the toughest and most beautiful job in the world, we’ve got just the thing for you!
It seems like just yesterday that I would help my mother pack a lunch for a picnic to the park or a day trip in the beautiful Idaho mountains. 19 Cool Camping Tricks and Tips  Cool Camping Tricks:  With the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to think about those camping adventures! 15 Car Organization Hacks any Mom would Love We all know how easy it can be to go from a nice clean car to one that is a total disaster, especially with small kids.
4 CommentsNovember 20, 2014 by Katie 8 Comments 18 Recycled Pallet Ideas + Bonus: Is it Safe?
It contains practical advice for busy families, shopping tips, and answers to pretty much every paleo lifestyle question.  Learn more here. She writes about treating and preventing health conditions with real food and natural remedies, as well as anything else she feels like writing about because she's a rebel like that. Tomorrow (when I’m off my fb detox) I’m sharing this all over the flipping place! Yes, as fun as it is to have people think we’re superwoman for a minute I love to show people that it really is possible to feed kids real food! I am actually working on a post now for my blog along the same lines about all the Paleo snacks we consume (adult and kid friendly). Maybe there is another vegetable out there that your toddler will like besides the broccoli that you keep forcing on him.
I’m a wife to my lovingly laid-back husband and a first time mama to a fun-loving, sleep-hating one-year-old boy. I totally agree that it’s important to encourage your children to try everything at least once.
Toddlers often prefer more vibrant-colored peppers for their milder, sweeter taste, so hold off on green bell peppers for now since they have a stronger flavor.
Toss a few fresh spinach leaves into the blender with some vanilla yogurt and a ripe banana.
OR Would you like a little help minimizing the hard stuff and maximizing the wonderful stuff involved in motherhood? Sarah is here to share some fabulous money-saving solutions that you might not have considered before!

Hopefully if there’s any bouncing off walls they do when they eat crap its going on over there.
I love your honesty and truly agree with you that the success will come one meal at a time. Make a special trip to the farmer’s market and pick out a yummy, different vegetable to try together. After teaching in elementary school for several years, I have decided to stay-at-home with my son and very rambunctious puppy. Even if they throw them overboard, at least they are getting exposure and they might possibly pick them up and eat them later on down the road.
None of the children had food allergies and everything was pretty much grown from our own garden. No need to feel guilty about enjoying the game and all the yummy food that comes with it, try these great ideas.
The most I can relate to that is when I leave kids with grandparents and the best I can do is leave as much food as possible to make it easy and beg they not give them gluten. We slowly alternated 1 day cereal and 1 day eggs in the morning and that halfed our grain consumption immeidately. If your child is the type that will refuse to even look at their favorite food with visible veggies present, try sneaking them in. Lauren from Oh, Honestly and Kristen from Mommy in Sports have a great series on trying new foods with their children called, One New Food. Instead, try making a dish with the vegetable in mind first, then add in the protein and starch. I like to write about fitness, food, and all of the fun activities my family and I enjoy doing together. It’s difficult not to sometimes because we are so wired to think of vegetables not tasting as good as other foods.
More egg-cellent breakfast ideas for kids that will get a toddler to eat vegetables: Make a frittata or quiche and add in a variety of veggies like spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms.
I have noticed that Jane is a lot more likely to eat her veggies, even as a snack on their own, if I am eating them too. I also slather almond butter on all raw veggies (hey you have to start somewhere) and they have no problem, think celery, carrots, even cucumbers. We will often have green beans as a side to our eggs and cucumbers as a side to our oatmeal.
Maybe the older they get the more they’ll understand what foods do to their body and request certain things? But I know that I am most definitely going to try that butternut squash mac and cheese, he loves macaroni and cheese.

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