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I went to pick up a package today at FedEx today and the first thing they asked me was my valid photo Identification. When they ask for a picture ID, you can show any of these that have your photo and your date of birth along with signature. Any place where you use Credit card, you will be asked for your picture ID.  I can keep on writing still more, but you get the idea the importance of having an ID in US. As I have already mentioned in article why International Students or H1B holders should get State ID, it is a very risky proposition for us to carry passport to all the places listed above. Actually most credit cards do NOT require an ID, and it is even against the issuer’s ToS for a merchant to ask for an ID if the card is signed. As someone from the US who has traveled a lot in my own country and outside of it for work – I agree about not carrying your passport around.
One important thing you didn’t add is that a lot of places will NOT accept a passport as valid ID. So, I guess the obvious point in that is don’t go to a bar and expect to use your passport as ID.
This is topic all expats start looking up as soon as they get engaged – How to bring their future wife to Saudi Arabia immediately after marriage.
The first and the foremost thing is your profession – It should be either doctor, engineer or any other technical (fanni ) profession. Why did you exclude the requirement of Saudi Consulate Attested Professional Certificate from the required documents for Permanent Family Visa?? A particular profession is fixed for Saudi Nationals, then the labor ministry will not allow the visa with that profession to be issued. Marketing specialist profession is eligible for family permanent visa and can apply directly with accomplishment of the required formalities?
I want to apply permanent visa of my 23 years son who is a student of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan. I would like to know that he is illegible to get permanent visa or not as my profession is Engineer. May I ask if it is possible to bring my Family here on a Permanent Visa but the problem is I do not have a Degree? If Istaqdaam issue family visa (Yellow paper ) then how many months valid (yellow paper) for proceeding. My Profession on Iqama is (SAIQ SHAHINA),so can i get permanent visa to bring my wife and kids, if yes then what are the documents required to get permanent visa.
Please provide the list of professions through which we can get the Permanent visa to bring wife and kids. I just wan know if an Engineer comes with Driver Visa to the Kingdom, when and for how long he will change his sponsor as he is new for the Kingdom and as per the new rule and regulation of the government decision for Expat’s Iqam violation and also can he change within less than 3 months period ? I have completed all the docs and attestations as guided by you.and i heard that now family visa are not being issued to technicians mine us building technician and i have degree to back it up.
If you are working in Saudi Arabia long enough, in many procedure, the duration changes depending on the mood of the officer at the counter.
The validity of permanent visa after issued is 1 year and after stamp on passport is 90 days..

Dear Jahanzeb can u help me out in telling does your degree mention finance or accounts in written. How long it will take to get degree certificate attestation from Saudi embassy in India, please share some office name for attestation ..
Assala Alaikum…, My iqama profession is Electrician( Karabai) if there is any problem to get a permanent family visa for my wife?
On arriving to Vietnam airport, you come to the a€?Landing Visaa€? counter and show the Approved Letter to get your Vietnam visa attached on your passport, also known as stamp. The visa and Immigration procedures at Hanoi airport (Noi Bai Airport) and Ho Chi Minh airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport) are simple and straightforward. Thanks for giving us the map but we saw that the staff at the airport instructed us enthusiatically. The easiest and the cheapest way to get a long term visa for the Philippines, is the Balik Bayan Stamp in your Passport. Most importantly: You have to ask the Immigration officer for it, they won't give it to you automatically.
The immigration officer is not obliged to issue a Balik Bayan Visa even if you meet all the requirements. The Balik Bayan Stamp is available for direct relatives of Filipino citizens and former Filipinos who have changed their citizenship to another country. If your Filipino husband or wife still has a valid Filipino Passport, he or she doesn't need a Visa or stamp in their Passports of course. Germany Dependent Visa – Germany does have a seasonal climate that is dominated by the humid western winds.
All foreigners who do not belong to EU and seek Permanent Residence in Germany must obtain a residence permit.
Work: Your accompanying family members can immediately receive residence permit that will make them entitle for right fro employment in this nation. Incase travel to Germany with spouse and she wish to continue her studies that begin in her home nation, and then university diploma initial need to be obtained and then get it recognized in Germany.   Later she would be able to continue her studies in Germany to obtain a higher qualification. In Germany there are two types of a residence permit, one is for a limited stay, and the other one is unlimited stay.
For more information Germany Dependent Visa, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. Filed Under Immigration to Germany, study in Germany, work in Germany Tagged With Germany Dependent Visa, Migrate to Germany, Permanent Residency in Germany, Work and Study in Germany. Imagine you going to a Jet Ski place and they asked for picture ID, you give your passport: “ Do you expect the passport not to get wet ?  What if the passport slips and gets into water ? If it gets lost, stolen, or damaged – you will have a hard time getting a replacement.
And also those new expats who just arrived in Saudi Arabia without their wife and kids, this topic holds more importance. Translation of marriage certificate into Arabic if it is not already in Arabic by authorized translation centers in KSA. Translation of degree certificate into Arabic if it is not already in Arabic by authorized translation centers in KSA.

Also, it should be Translated from authorized Translation Office with Chamber Attestation on the Translation Cover Letter by Translation Office. I earlier applied for Permanent family but was rejected because my degree was not according to my profession i.e.
My educational certificate and marriage certificate is attested, should i attest my childs birth certificate also?, i havent done that should i attest that.
The East has more continental climate and winters can be very cold, and summers are very warm and longer dry period might occur. Moreover, individual’s family does have access to German technical as well as traditional universities.
We find travelling within the Schengen area is legally as same as travelling within Germany. The individuals can apply for unlimited stay only after several years of continuous residence or if special requirements are met. What if you go to bar and lose the passport in Bar after getting drunk ?”.  It is much harder to get a new passport. You may be engineer but if it is written on the visa or iqama that your profession (maheena) is labor, then you cannot get the visa until you get the profession changed on the iqama.
The visa will be issued immediately upon presentation of above documents at the family visa counter.
Somebody told me that one guy from their company with this profession yesterday went to ISTEQDAM to get family visa. Photo service is available, however, it is strongly recommended that you have your visa photos taken in advance. If you wish to enter Germany with a tourist visa, the individuals would be able to stay in Germany and any other nation in the Schengen area for up to 90 days during any 6-month period. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! Your above explanations are useful for an expatriate, so please revise your above clause with missing details.
I am told that after the change of profession it takes one year to bring your family on permanent visa. The individuals might be allowed to apply for an extension of that permit when the expiry date nears. There are so many complexities that can kick in.  You really do not want to get into any of these risks. If your written profession is considered professional, then the following documents need to be prepared for submission to the istaqdam office.

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