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The vocal cords are basically folds of mucous membrane in the larynx, that vibrate to make sounds and thereby, enable us to speak. If you have lost your voice due to cold, laryngitis, a sore throat, or simply because of excessive yelling or shouting, then give your vocal cords some rest. Humidifying the air with a vaporizer or humidifier can help keep your vocal cords well-hydrated. Gargling your throat with warm water will help soften your vocal cords, along with hydrating them. If all these measures fail to provide relief, then talk to your physician to find out and treat the underlying cause of voice loss. Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only, and should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice. The best British childrens’ TV programmes all featured either inflatable obstacle courses, gunge, or Dave Benson Phillips – who became a sort of jolly surrogate uncle figure. You’d get home from school and settle in for half an hour of DBP enthusiastically goading kids into the ultimate act of revenge – pulling the lever that propelled your long-suffering mum, dad, teacher or other responsible adult into a large tank of gunge. The kids competed against each other in games to win points while the adults attempted to thwart them.
In today’s post, we’ll be looking at the elements of brand voice, how to develop brand voice through content, and we’ll also examine several examples of brands that have leveraged content to strengthen their brand marketing and reinforce key messaging.
In today’s highly competitive business world, it’s simply no longer enough to publish blog posts and hope for the best. Before I explain how to do this, let’s break the term “brand voice” down into two of its constituent components, and what each of them means in a little more detail. Whether you’ve already been blogging for a while or you’re still in the planning stages, it’s worth thinking about the overall style you want your content to have. Now that we’ve established what style is, let’s take a look at an example of content with a distinct style. In you’re in marketing, you’ll almost undoubtedly know the work of Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik. Kaushik understands his audience very well – digital marketers – and his blog content reflects the wide breadth of skill and expertise that his audience possesses. Kaushik’s blog may not be what you might call casual reading, but the style of his content is both substantial and accessible, making it an excellent example of how style can advance the brand of an individual while remaining highly actionable and insightful. To really get a handle on the difference between style and tone, it may help to think of tone as the “attitude” of your content.
This can be another stumbling block for content marketing newbies – in their eagerness to focus on grammar, spelling and all that other “fun” stuff, some first-time content marketers completely forget to add some spice to their work or allow their voice to filter into their content. However, rather than trying to be “sexy” (or anything else) for the sake of it, you’ll need to go back to the profile(s) of your ideal reader and your company’s core values when considering the tone of your content.
Although it would have been all too easy to choose one of Rand’s blog posts or Whiteboard Fridays to focus on (especially this one, in which Rand extolls the virtues of the full Windsor knot and why underwear should never be seen), it was actually Javier Sanz’s post about adult website PornHub’s marketing efforts that caught my eye (ahem). Although this is a guest post, it demonstrates the unique tone of Moz’s content that has helped the company stand out from an incredibly competitive crowd. So, now we know what brand voice is, it’s time to delve into how to develop your brand voice through content.
Before you even think about developing guidelines for your brand voice, you need to know who you’re writing for (or trying to sell to). Marketers often create custom “personas” of their ideal customers in order to better tailor their messaging to these individuals. Once you’ve begun to understand what makes your ideal customer tick, you can begin to craft your brand voice to appeal to these individuals. So, now you’ve gotten inside your perfect customer’s head, and thought about how to create content that will appeal to them – excellent! Regardless of what your brand voice “sounds” like, it should serve the same goals and objectives as your content itself. Since new parents are often incredibly busy, they may not be looking to make a purchase or even commit to signing up for a newsletter right away.
Remember – new parents’ precious little bundle of joy is THE most important thing in their world, so your brand voice and content strategy should reflect this. Keep your ideal reader and your content strategy in mind when developing your brand voice – the two are practically inseparable. So far, we’ve only discussed how brand voice affects content marketing, but what about paid search?
Your landing pages are another place to let your brand voice shine through – an opportunity overlooked by many marketers. Not only did Megan give this Infusionsoft landing page a grade of “A+” in her round-up of landing page examples in a previous post, it also demonstrates how brand voice can – and should – carry through from your site collateral to your landing pages.
The language of this landing page mirrors that of Infusionsoft’s site, which emphasizes the ease, convenience and simplicity of its software.
Once you’ve nailed down your landing page copy, try our free Landing Page Grader – if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to optimize your landing pages and increase conversions.

Admittedly, I’ve never had to sell toilet paper, so I don’t know firsthand how difficult this must be.
As well as positioning itself (sorry) as a family friendly brand by including cute bios about its family of bears, Charmin doesn’t take itself too seriously.
With an active and surprisingly popular social presence, an entertaining website and consistent messaging, Charmin proves you don’t need to sell a sexy product to make an impact. Mountain Dew is just another soft drink, but somebody obviously forgot to tell the marketing department. Mountain Dew is also one of the very few brands that genuinely gets how to leverage the power of social media. Hey Jeremy,Agreed - a lot of small businesses struggle with building their brand, and understandably so.
When air passes over the vocal folds, it vibrates them and as a result, a sound is produced.
Several factors can irritate or strain the vocal cords, to cause voice loss and hoarseness. Acute laryngitis can be caused by viral infections and overuse of voice, while chronic laryngitis can be associated with acid reflux disease, post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, smoking, and exposure to dust, fumes, and chemicals. A humidifier helps maintain the moisture level in the air and hence, can prove very effective in keeping your vocal cords hydrated, especially if a dry environment is the cause of vocal cord irritation. If voice loss is caused by cold or a sore throat, then saline water gargling is an effective home remedy for it. Rarely, voice loss or hoarseness that does not go away, can be associated with a serious condition, like cancer of the voice box.
There was the one where they were strapped into a bungee harness and had to run from one inflatable wall to another, depositing yellow discs while the adult tried to steal as many as possible. Although it’s important to ensure that you’re creating great content, publishing on a regular basis, and keeping an eye on your overall content strategy, without a cohesive and consistent brand voice, you could end up confusing your most loyal fans or deterring would-be customers. Brand voice touches virtually all aspects of corporate communications, from advertising and slogans to blog posts and visual assets. Your content should be instantly recognizable, convey your brand’s core values, and be entertaining, useful and relevant – a tall order indeed.
This is especially important if, like WordStream, you have several people contributing to your blog. This is understandable – after all, tone is an element of style, but the two are distinctly different.
The style of a piece of content tells the reader a great deal about what they’re reading, long before the topic of the material is even clear. Let’s say your target audience is comprised of C-suite managers and high-powered executives. His blog, Occam’s Razor, is an excellent example of how style can advance the brand voice of an individual. Although he enjoys an enviable position in the marketing world thanks to his role at Google, Kaushik is a respected speaker, entrepreneur and marketing expert in his own right. Although he isn’t afraid to tackle complex topics, such as this example of multi-channel attribution modeling, the style of his blog posts balances the detailed scientific approach behind this marketing technique with language that remains accessible. Some marketers think that humor is off-limits, especially those working for B2B companies, but depending on the type of person you’re trying to reach, humor might be an excellent way to engage with your audience, especially if your industry isn’t known for being particularly exciting. Not only is Moz one of the single best marketing and SEO resources on the web, it also has a unique tone that keeps its readers coming back for more.
Moz posts are always full of highly actionable information, hard data and case studies, but they’re framed in a way that also makes for an entertaining read. However, before we look at how various content types can help you strengthen your brand voice, we need to examine how your target audience should inform the style, tone and language of your marketing collateral.
Depending on the personas you create based on this information, you should tailor your brand voice to meet the expectations of your audience.
The buyer persona should inform virtually everything about your brand voice, including the style, tone, diction, and even visual design. However, before you start publishing beautifully written, carefully crafted blog posts that will be irresistible to your ideal reader, you need to ensure that everything you create and publish aligns with your overall content strategy.
They have a moderate household income, both work full-time jobs, and have just had their first child. They likely want to find out something about parenting quickly, then get back to the task at hand.
Even with the character restrictions on PPC ads, it’s still possible for your brand voice to inform your ad copy. The diction of the copy reiterates these points by including words such as “automatically”, “fastest” and “quick,” as well as highlighting the software’s benefits (and leveraging the prospect’s desire for an emotional payoff) with words such as “grow”, “save” and “get.” This doesn’t just serve as persuasive messaging, it also strengthens Infusionsoft’s brand and results in a seamless experience for the user.
Its brand voice is funny without resorting to off-color toilet humor, and even a little goofy. Like some other beverage brands, such as Red Bull, Mountain Dew has become much more than a mere radioactive waste-colored soda.

Some of the brand’s tweets are funnier than others, but they all convey the unique brand voice that Mountain Dew’s marketing team has managed to cultivate.
Use the advice and suggestions above to develop a voice that not only appeals to your ideal customer, but also aligns with your business’ core values. However, it is possible to get your voice back with some simple measures, which are discussed in this article. Partial loss of voice is characterized by hoarseness, while in case of complete loss of voice, your voice may sound like a whisper. To produce a sound properly, the vocal folds need to be well-moisturized or lubricated, so that they can vibrate rapidly and close fully. Apart from these, factors like, excessive shouting or screaming can also strain the vocal cords and cause voice loss.
You can also add honey to sweeten your herbal tea and make it more effective for getting your voice back.
So, if you are suffering from persistent hoarseness of voice, then it is better to get the condition medically evaluated, to rule out the possibility of any serious underlying health problem.
Or maybe this was just my family.The adults were dragged out at the beginning of the programme to a booing studio audience, in the manner of a suspected paedophile being dragged into court in front of a baying media. There was the one where they had to run up and down a set of inflatable stairs with a large bucket, collecting watery gunge (the good stuff was saved for the finale – BBC budgets, yanno) and pouring it into a container; the adults meanwhile had to try and scoop it out with oversized ladles, dressed in what I can only described ‘dayglo Irish washerwoman-chic’. One way to accomplish these things is to think about, and focus on, developing your brand voice through your content.
The style of your content will dictate elements such as sentence length and structure, as well as word choice (also known as diction). You’ll likely want your content to align with the expectations of these individuals, which will probably be along the lines of the journalistic reporting seen in publications such as BusinessWeek.
With a few wry puns here and there, it’s hard to mistake Moz content for another publisher’s material. This means your content should be highly informational, get to the point quickly, and provide immediately actionable information about the topic in question. Even if you’ve discovered a foolproof way to soothe a screaming baby that works every time, it won’t matter if your how-to posts are as lengthy and verbose as a feature in the Sunday edition of The New York Times.
If you approach your ad copy with this in mind, you can use this desire to create compelling ads that carry a weighty emotional payoff for your prospective customers and allow your brand voice to seep through – a technique that Perry Marshall and WordStream’s Director of Marketing Amber Stevens discussed in a recent webinar. Here are just two companies that have mastered the art of building brand voice through their content marketing and social presence. Well, the marketing folks over at Charmin certainly know what they’re doing, as evidenced by the remarkably popular marketing campaigns the manufacturer has launched to generate “buzz” about its toilet paper. It’s obvious that the Charmin marketing team relishes their work, and this playfulness is evident in Charmin’s brand voice. It actively aligns itself with various extreme sports, music concerts and just about anything else that could be labeled extreme to appeal to its target demographic, and does so magnificently.
Over time, you’ll notice a distinctly individual voice begin to emerge from your content – a voice that can help you stand out from the competition and keep your loyal readers coming back for more.
Hopefully there are some takeaways here that these business owners will find useful.Thanks for taking the time to comment. Any sort of inflammation and irritation of the vocal cords can impair their ability to vibrate properly, which can manifest in complete or partial loss of voice. A sore throat, cold or flu, and laryngitis, are some of the common conditions that can cause aphonia. Another home remedy for voice loss and laryngitis is lemon juice, mixed with warm water and honey. We’d be informed of the heinous acts of cruelty these bastards had inflicted on the child contestants – wearing an embarrassing jumper, perhaps, or restricting Jammy Dodger consumption to some unreasonably low number. It was a bit like Gladiators, only Gladiators as imagined by Timmy Mallett after a lifetime of psychedelic drug abuse.Whoever got the most points would be given a one-question advantage in the final questions round, with the person who first answered five questions correctly getting to pull that magic lever and send their grown-up headlong into the gunge pool. On the other hand, if you’re trying to reach new parents, you’ll probably want to adopt a more friendly, informal style to make your content more accessible. Occam’s razor is a methodological principle used in problem solving that was first developed by William of Ockham, an English Franciscan friar, in the 14th century.
It was a beautiful moment: the unfortunate adult floundering about like a pissed manta ray, but with the shellshocked, gulping facial expression of someone whose auntie has had too many Bucks Fizz at a golden wedding anniversary and accidentally told them they’re adopted. Think about your product or service in the context of your customers’ problems, then use expressive language to appeal to their desire to solve it. With the tragic decline of gunge-use in children’s television programming over the course of the last decade, we will never see its like again.

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