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So you read our previous post on the new look YouTube design and want to get your mitts on it right now?
I’ll rather wait, it feels nice to just turn on your PC one day and see you just got Rolled-Out. Fixed the unexpected token illegal thanks to mark but when I refresh it just stays the same. 1) It might just take some time to start working (or it may only apply to new interactions to keep load down).
2) The setting is there, but the feature hasn’t actually been put into effect yet as this design is still being tested.
I gave up on YouTube’s homepage and just use channel RSS feed for new uploads inside Google Reader. Handuel choice in the google chrome option menu clear browsing data and clear browsing data and refresh page:). It works for me only in the main login page, once I sign in to my account it goes back to the grey UI… I need to have the LATEST!!!!!!! Doesn’t work for me, at least not when logged in like you obviously are in the pictures. THIS IS HORRIBLE I WANT OLD YOUTUBE BACK, THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST NEW YOUTUBE EVER !!!!!!!!! You will notice that most videos now have a part at the very end asking their viewers to subscribe. Becoming well known in the community will give you a better chance of having your own content viewed by people who have gotten to know you.
Occasionally, you might have a video that matches with a topic already being discussed on YouTube. Let search engines know that new content has been uploaded, and give them a trail of breadcrumbs to find it. If you have been watching YouTube videos and seen little bubbles pop up with text or links, you already know what it means to annotate a video.
Getting links to your channel and optimizing it for popular search commands will bring you additional traffic and exposure! The absolute best thing you can do to ensure that your content gets seen is by making it high quality, engaging and interesting. Follow these ten guidelines, and you will be sure to see a major surge in your video views.
I occasionally get it sometimes in Chrome, just randomly, and it completely ruins the way I browse subscriptions. The whitespace isn’t ideal, but works fantastic when I have more than one window open and need to resize the window. I want a list of what all of my subscriptions are uploading (uploads only), like it used to be.
Simply check the box at the top and hit the dropdown arrow – there is an option to apply the change to them all. I won’t be very upset with this change as long as I am still seeing everything that is being upload and ordered by newest first, which I believe I am.

When I’m not logged in the new UI is shown, but when I log into my account i switch back to the old interface which is messed up on some places. With so many videos uploaded to YouTube a day, even popular accounts can struggle to gain a good view count on new clips.
But did you know you can sync YouTube with Google Reader, Buzz, blogs and various other social media accounts?
There might be an arrow pointing to the subscription button above the clip, or else an embedded link in the video window itself.
Comment on videos, add favorites, give constructive criticism and positive feedback, and just engage with the users on YouTube. Have you seen those featured videos that come up both at the beginning of search results, and at the top of the sidebar?
I like interface changes and I like everything else they did, but what I hate is when redesigns make things more difficult. I just switched to another copy of Chrome I have installed to refresh my memory on how the old system worked and it is *exactly* the same. There’s an option to select all your subscriptions at once as well (to make changing the setting super easy with thousands of channels). I will need to go through 954 subscriptions to make it like it used to be and then constantly come back to this page to modify each new subscription. Thanks, I need to settle down and take some more time figuring things out with the new interface. The last time they randomly updated me a few months ago for like a week and it was not ordered by newest first. Here at the top click on the check box to select all your subscriptions and then click on the arrow. I tried deleting my history, cache and cookies and I still can’t get it to fully work.
I tried the js code to switch to the new look, I even wrote my own code to try to update the UI, but nothing worked. The average users has so many subscriptions that it is a simple matter to lose what might be a well received video in a swam of other content. You can even link it to a social media dashboard to update followers all at once, across the web.
You can hitch your own video to this regular view count by adding it as a response to the original.
There are lots of app reviews aggregators, how-to videos and user-generated videos out there. The only difference is that the new layout actually allows you to scroll through your list inline, the old layout did not. Videos are some of the most likely to go viral, and a single hit can launch visibility to fame status on the web within twenty four hours. According to Hunter Walk, an employee at YouTube working with product management, up to 50% of views can come from subscribers in the first few hours. This offers it as a thumbnail under the original, and can bring people (including the creator of the original) to your reply.

Then, write the video’s description with plenty of keywords to help draw attention from search engines. If you’ve been following us, you know last week we covered 3 tips for making money on YouTube.
Now, we’re excited to bring you this concise list of 9 simple tactics you can employ to get your YouTube channel noticed. While this may be obviously beneficial to the one that’s posting their comment, it definitely can help the person who made the video to begin with. Google and other search engines drive the most web traffic on the Internet- search engine optimization, or SEO, deals with that.Creating tags for your videos works out just like tags in web pages- tags given in videos are used for search results.
This means you want to have as much information as possible in your tags, but you also don’t want to flood it with irrelevant or false information (which can be punished).
Your description should start off with one to two sentences that simply describe the contents of the video.
You want to get the point of the video across while also sneaking in your keyword.After the first line is where you get a little more room to manuever.
Here you can add a longer synopsis to the contents of the video, or even create a table of contents for longer pieces.In addition, this is where you start adding links. You want to link to your other social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as other relevant pages.
In order to get your YouTube channel noticed, you should be creating your own thumbnails for your videos. But what do you put in those thumbnails?A good place to start would be taking screenshots of key frames of your video. Add a filter that makes it look nice, crop or zoom as you please (and use the source video file for this, not the one YouTube compressed). There’s nothing wrong with telling people to subscribe, but to a seasoned viewer this all sounds like white noise after a time.
If they haven’t subscibed yet, this is where you greet them with a video made just for people who haven’t subscribed!
Don’t be antagonistic to other people working in your genre- instead, socialize with them. You can both learn something from each other, or even become partners and friends.A good way to go about this is to use an app!
Once you’ve socialized with other YouTubers and done a fine job creating your own content, it’s time to start making great collaborations! Having content you helped create hosted on other channels helps your popularity, and hosting content on your channel can help theirs, as well. This is a street of two-way benefits that all the big YouTubers have used at one point or another.Are you a YouTuber?

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