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FYI: Wikihow has a great article on how to become Zumba certified that helped me map out my plan including the proper steps and tips. In the interim, I will be taking all the Zumba classes I can possibly can to up my game and also, because I truly LOVE it.
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If you are looking for a great way to get in shape or just have fun and meet new people come be a part of our Costa Mesa Dance Center family! However, from a business perspective, I was wondering how they could pay the rent on such prime retail space (especially in a coastal town!) by only offering group exercise classes. Zumba is a wonderful counterpoint to all that seriousness — not to mention the fact that from a practical standpoint, the hip-shaking we do in class has limbered me up a lot, and allowed me to get deeper into my deadlifts and squats (take that, elite fitness snobs!).

Wendy Watkins is a Brewer-based personal trainer and author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Losing 20 Pounds in 2 Months. Be motivated by tracking your results, including measurements, body fat & hydration level analysis. Chances are I’ve already heard them, and maybe more than once since this news first broke a few months ago.
Every time I finish teaching a class, I am so sweaty I look as if I have just stepped out of the shower.
My sistafriend Nellie of Brooklyn Active Mama had her epiphany moment during that Zumba class and shortly thereafter became certified.
We offer no excuses camp, which means we have session deals for EVERY budget and outdoor and indoor camp available. And no, even though I was less-than-impressed with the certification process (you can read about my feelings here, when I wrote about it for the BDN more than a year ago), there was no sign of any funny business.

Heck, I’ve even made a few jokes about the situation myself, especially during my classes. During my classes I sneak in agility moves, high-intensity interval training, core training and more, as do most well-trained Zumba teachers. I am documenting my Zumba journey here on my blog but also on Instagram (aliahdiva) and on my Facebook page.

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