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It seemed that the deck was constantly reinventing itself and reminding everyone that it was good. It’s not that Zekrom or Zekrom EX are bad cards, it’s just that there are better options for competitive players.
Having a 90 HP bench sitter weak to Fighting was almost like going into a heated war zone in a clown suit and an air horn stuck on the on position.
At Virginia States Johnny Rabus and his friend Stephan Robinson piloted a new version of ZekEels to a Top 16 and a 2nd place finish respectfully. I had the pleasure of playing against Johnny in the 4th round of Swiss at Maryland States and again at Top 8 in the top cut. Me: What was your favorite part of this deck and do you think it would be a good deck to play for Regionals?
While the fear of being donked is a real and present danger, it shouldn’t be the sole factor why you do not play a deck.
RayEels is a powerhouse in our format, considered by almost everyone to be in the top three or four decks and it has more donkable Pokémon than ZekEels with the average list running 4 Tynamo, V-create Victini, and Emolga. You still have the one-shot ability with Zekrom EX, but are not confined to it like you would be with Rayquaza EX. Some players may choose to go a more Zekrom EX heavy approach with more resources devoted to healing and getting Eels into play. Three Colress are usually one too many for most decks, but this deck runs a large amount of Basic Pokémon and is able to get them out fairly rapidly with Emolga. Whereas most decks run 4 N, this one only runs 3 as you hope to gain an early Prize lead and don’t want smaller hand sizes. Three Catchers may seem low, but the Pokémon that you want to KO is often the one that is Active. Another thing to think about including would be Eviolite to make it harder to OHKO your big EX attackers with Dragon Burst (this is not foolproof as every RayEels deck will run at least one Tool Scrapper to beat Garbodor).
Computer Search is the only card that can search for Double Colorless Energy and Dowsing Machine really helps with the consistency of your deck, allowing it to adapt and change its Trainer count for different matchups. It seems that we forget how good Zekrom, Mewtwo, and Eels work off each other until someone is able to remind us of the reason why Mewtwo EX was a $60 card and Quad Terrakion was able to win Virginia States last year. I hope I was able to add some variety to the decks that you might consider for this weekend’s Regionals.
I would love to hear your opinions and ideas as well as any constructive criticism you may have for me. I have personally always been a fan of Zekeels, I would like to see how yours did in Regionals!
I would actually play this deck if your article came out about a week earlier so I had time to adjust to it. My games all felt tense as getting a Magnezone out would make or break watch game, however my deck prevailed for me (double Candying into two Magnezone the turn before my opponent can set up Trainer lock is priceless). All of the EX (bar Shaymin EX) have high energy costs (or in the case of Mewtwo EX require high amounts of energy to deal massive damage). Eelektrik is currently being used with Magnezone, Zekrom, Zekrom EX, Mewtwo EX, and Thundurus. EX based decks will have a lot of power, but each EX needs to do the work of two Pokémon to be worth it.
This is the simplest of the three decks, but is easy to set up and can become dangerous quickly. Smeargle can be risky or whiff a Supporter, but he can also speed up the deck by allowing you to use two Supporters a turn, and he also has a free retreat when SAB is in play so you can bring it out when a Zekrom goes down, charge a new one, use a Supporter from their hand, and then retreat and attack. The Supporters are all fairly aggressive, and attempt to go through your deck quickly to get everything you need.
The Items and Stadiums are keep at high counts to allow you to get them quickly and over and over again. Overall I like the deck, but it could benefit from a stronger game plan against Durant (you can never have a good enough game plan against Durant short of 4 Heatmor form Dark Rush + 56 energy) and Pokémon EX. This is my favourite of the three decks; the deck has answers to most decks between the three main attackers.
I used to use 4-2-3 Magnezone, but he takes up a lot of space this way (yes two extra cards is a lot of space in this deck), so I cut the line down and it’s been fine for me. I have one of each Zekrom here; Zekrom BLW is used against Durant and the times when 120 is enough to take a prize letting my save energy from Magnezone or keep Zekrom EX out of harms way.
Against a deck like Six Corners you will run out of energy trying to Lost Burn though everything and repeatedly getting 3 energy a turn can be exhausting on your resources. Energy lines are similar to the last list, but I included more and increased the focus on Lightning as they are recyclable with Eelektrik. In the future I will add a second Zekrom EX (once I get one that is) and maybe trade a Lightning for a DCE. Absol Prime: Used to kill Chandelure, he can also be a good starter for softening up opponents. Shaymin EX: The little EX that could can be a last resort when your opponent only has one prize left. So there you have it, with all these mighty Pokémon you should be able to beat any foe right? I hope I’ve provided plenty of inspiration for you to make your own Eel based decks, be it a Zekrom focus, Magnezone focus or a techie lack of focus.
That Electrik is the only time I’ve heard of a Stage One that evolves not having the Stage Two in the deck. Pokemon Tournament (1st Place gets a Mewtwo EX and a few booster packs, 2nd Place gets the card voted most on the poll on the web site & booster packs) shaymin ex , zekrom ex, or reshiram ex. I enjoyed reading this artical, I also never played during the last EX and I find eletric still frightening to vs offline & online. Eelektrik is a beast and always a solid deck choice these lists are pretty nice in your club zekrom deck i would only run two zek ex and throw in a mewtwo ex.. Overall, I think you’re a good writer and it barely makes up for the fact that the decklists are sub-par IMO.

Front page articles are not the place for you to be putting out your real life list (unless you are doing a tounry report).
You still need to talk about Mewtwo and it needs to be in the list, if you really feel that is the best way to play the deck. Also, in regards to Smeargle as a starter, he is really not superior to cleffa because of the fact that like Balasar said, there are supporters which might hinder you or force you to discard resources. Finally, the ONE retreat cost of Smeargle is still an issue considering that in this format being one energy attachment behind can cost you.
I like the article, though I disagree with having Smeargle in EelZone, and have yet to make up my mind on Twins.
Unown Q was donked by Uxie (all decks played Uxie), Azelf (all decks played Azelf), and, yes, Unown Q (all decks played Unown Q!).
Trust me, at the beginning I thought it would be hard to consistently do 150 every turn but I can pull it off almost every time so long as I have Skyarrow in play. Dynamotor 3 times to benched Zekrom EX and attach an energy from hand, or Dynamotor 2 to it and attach a DCE from hand. Zekroms everywhere are left to sit in binders, remembered by their once proud owners fondly but with a twinge of pain every time that they go to make a trade. Able to hit for theoretically unlimited damage (60x the number of basic Fire or Lightning Energy discarded), this powerful EX made a big impact when it came out and, even though it has not gained much since Dragons Exalted, it still has enough raw power to win tournaments. I’ve been playtesting some and have my own ideas, but would like to hear your own as you did well with it at MD States. You go with Tornadus EX and Mewtwo EX to soften their board, and then sweep with Zekrom EX.
Also Eelektross lets them die coming into my turn (60 from Slurp Shakedown, 40 next turn from Suction Heal, 30 from Laser = 130, 160 coming into my turn.
Johnny did a great job explaining some of the strategy behind this deck, but I wanted to give a list of how I’ve been playtesting this deck and give some explanation behind my card choices. Why would anybody play ZekEels in this format when 1) there is a really high chance of getting donked and 2) RayEels in format? The likelihood of getting donked is a serious threat, but in the build that I’m working with I only run 3 Tynamo and a lot of Big Basics (Zekrom BLW, Zekrom EX, Mewtwo EX, Tornadus EX, and I even am contemplating Raikou EX).
Emolga is harder to donk, but it can still be done with the likes of Mewtwo EX and Tornadus EX. Also, this is built to suit my play style and may not work the same way for you as it does for me. Fourteen Supporters may seem like a good deal too many to some, but the necessity of playing a Supporter every turn trumps many other needs.
I would run less than three N, but this card is the only hand disruption and shuffle and draw Supporter in our current format making it vital for a late game comeback. I would focus more on starting with a big EX attacker instead of your Emolga and just go from there Catchering up the Eels. That being said, I also tested Computer Search and Dowsing Machine and both of these ACE SPECs are powerful in this deck. If you have seen a Landorous EX wipe off 150 damage like it was nothing then you know the power of Max Potion.
I know Johnny chose Slurp Shakedown Eelektross, but I like how Zekrom does against Tornadus EX and Empoleon. May this spark up some conversation amongst you and your friends and get the creative juices flowing. Like I said, this is more theorymon (throwing out ideas) than providing you with a refined deck list that is ready to go. I though that this was a better play due to the large number of big basic and darkrai decks that were there (ended up 6-2 and lost in first round of cut to RayEels). I first started using Eelektrik with Zekrom BLW, Thundurus EPO, and Tornadus EPO after reading an article on The Deck Out. The entire day the deck gave me good, consistent hands (except in top cut where I got a couple dead starts, but it was best of three so I could come back from those losses).
The deck wasn’t quite as consistent as Club Zekrom, but the power Magnezone brought was well worth it. I ended up coming second again and I took another break from Ragnorok, however this time I knew I’d return.
I never played during the first EX era so I don’t have much experience with the concept, however I know if they give up two prizes they must either be good cards or binder fodder. Non-EX decks will rely on getting two prizes for each EX, and mixed decks will balance the two strategies.
If you know your opponents will be playing cards like Tyrogue HS, Kyurem NVI, Chandelure NVI, or either player uses Skyarrow Bridge, you will want the 40 HP Tynamo.
This deck aims to get 4+ Lightning Energy in the discard and 2-3 Eels set up so Zekroms can be dropped and charged in a turn. I maxed out the Eel line as you want three up ASAP and you also want the ability to replace them. The single Zekrom BLW is here for Durant and times when an opposing EX is left with half its health left. This can be bad against Durant, but against that deck you should just try to manually attach to a Zekrom and hope they don’t get good flips on Crushing Hammer.
The problem with this deck is that there is so much to cram into a Magnezone deck that I never feel I have enough of some things. The forth Magnemite is only vital when two are prized and I see a decline in Item locking making the second Magneton less desirable.
In these times Zekrom EX can take prizes without permanently losing energy (except for DCE, but losing one energy for 150 is much better than what Magnezone can do).
Sage’s returns because there is no better way to fish out the one card you are missing to go into Magnezone.
The meta has similar decks, but I’ve seen no hype or even acknowledgement for this one. As long as you open with one of any energy you can pull 2-3 Lighting out of the deck and that should be enough.

He can’t kill Reshiram EX in a single hit, but Reshiram EX can help out with his recoil.
Well maybe, but space will be tight if you use to many techs, I’d try to find the 2-3 that help with your worst matches and run 1-3 of each, and make sure to include one Shaymin EX, late game his energy-damage ratio is unmatched.
The 4-4 Eelektrik is crucial, and I would say play 4 Zekrom EX, no Zekrom, and Eviolite turns 2HKOs into 2HKOs with more math. Zekrom is crucial for Durant and reducing the amount of prizes your opponent gets on a revenge kill. I know my lists aren’t perfect but Next Destinies has only been out for a week so my testing has been limited. Yes, Cleffa gets donked by Mewtwo, but following that logic, he also donks Tynamo, and his evolution might be arguably the most played energy accelerator at this point in the format.
Not only that, but there are also times when hand refreshing would be much better, especially when your opponent is not holding any supporters, which has happened to me way more often that I would like. Sure Skyarrow Bridge can help you but there is no way to search for the stadium card like say Unown Q was searchable during last format. I am talking about straight Zekrom EX with Eels, you are talking about more of an Eelbox deck.
If you have tested with a more Zekrom EX focused deck you would see that to consistently power up a Zekrom EX in one turn requires having 3 Eels out.
Last year this deck, commonly known as ZekEels, dominated our format from the release of Noble Victories all the way up until Darkrai EX’s release in Dark Explorers.
These cards have been passed over countless times and seem destined to sit there until they inevitably rotate out of format. That with the release of Plasma Storm and the insane combo of Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym, Zekrom EX could come back to the top and win again. It takes a RayEels player 2-3 turns to set up, but with ZekEels you can attack turn one with the likes of Mewtwo EX and Tornadus EX. I like to load up a large Mewtwo EX and go to work, KO’ing anything that is brave enough to come into the Active position. This deck will soon fizzle out if you are not able to access your resources at a rapid pace.
They are far more dependent of Eels than you are and if you are able to disrupt their set up then you can try to eke out a win. Zekrom is still good and if your opponent doesn’t know how to take it out without putting massive amounts of damage on it first, Outrage becomes the best attack in the game.
Zekeels is one of my favorite decks of all time and you made me want to play it again, so that gets a +1 from me! I have actually been working on a version of this for a little while now and it’s nice to see other people taking interest in reviving Zekeels. I made the deck on Redshark and played a couple rounds and was convinced I found the deck I’d play at Cities.
Despite this I never played the deck after the tournament and experimented with other stuff for the rest of 2011. In the next format we will have EX based decks, non-EX based decks, and decks that use EX and non-EX attackers. Eelektrik can fit the needs of all three play-styles, and now I’ll present three different Eel decks that will be strong contenders in the new format.
I use 4-3 Eelektrik because Eels are much harder to pick off then Magnezone and you need two out most of the time. N is here to disrupt the opponent and potentially screw them out of a hand late game, and because of Magnezone you always get six cards. In fact, it is arguable whether you need Zekrom EX in the list at all with the right techs. Not only that, but not many decks will run more th an two Mewtwo, and I dare say that all of the decks that do and rely on it way too much will probably be unsuccessful in the long run. Also, it is debatable whether a card like Skyarrow Bridge even deserves 2 or 3 spots in an Eelektrik deck, seeing as Eelektrik has 2 retreat cost anyway. It is easier to get 3 Eels out if you run 4, it increases consistancy and it isn’t a big deal if you prize one. Zekrom can just do 120 and keep on going without anymore support, while you can set up your own Zekrom EX. They have harder matchups across the board than ZekEels does (in my opinion) so I thought ZekEels would be a better play.
Twins is here because you will fall behind at the start, and Twins into Magnezone and a new hand is just great when you’re down a prize or two. Please just don’t dismiss this comment as un-necessary criticism because I am trying to help you and I took a lot of time writing this. In the last format, virtually any basic had a chance of being donked, unown Q maybe a little easier, but people still ran at least one of him. I have put in 1 Zekrom to try it and not be stubborn, and it works quite well, but I built the deck with 3-3 Eelektrik and it SUCKED. But you’ll eventually see that having the deck be so EX-centric is not a good idea, and if you tried a more Zekrom (BW) concentrated approach you would not be disappointed, even with a 3-3 line of Eelektrik.
If you are not able to KO their Eels within the first few turns and keep them off the field they can easily dismember you. On your next turn you will either attach a DCE to allow for another attack or Dynamotor energy to a benched Zekrom and retreat to attack again. SKyarrow Bridge has it’s uses and it will be used as a 2 of or 3 of in things like celebi, but not every deck can accomodate it in that high a count to warrant running Smeargle.

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