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One of the most common problem we experience when you own a car, aside from a flat tire, battery discharge is the next most common disaster we experience, the most common cause for this problem is by accidentally living the car lights on for a period of time while the engine is turned off, another cause might be that the battery isn't maintained properly other things like damaged alternator or bad starter could also cost this problem, but if the problem is because your battery is discharged then we can always perform a jump start to start your car, here are the correct steps in performing a jump start.First make sure both cars are turned off and so are their equipments like radios, etc.
This is my Forex Trading practice journal, please feel free to read and comment about my trading techniques, we can exchange ideas and experience to become a much better trader. Spotify vs Beats Music vs Slacker vs Rdio vs Google Play Music: On-demand streaming music service showdown! The iPhone can be used to store all kinds of personal information, even the most personal kinds. Period Tracker uses a standard type of navigation with a main splash screen that gives you an overview of your current or next expected cycle.
The calendar view will give you a complete month or list view of any symptoms or events for that month. The charts and logs section will show you either a list log of periods or you can tap charts and view charts for menstrual cycle lenths, numbers of days your period lasts, symptoms, weight, temperature, and moods. Just like Period Tracker you'll have a list of tabs along the bottom in iPeriod that serves as your main navigation. Period Diary takes a different approach when it comes to user interface than both Period Tracker and iPeriod. The charts section will show you information and trends on moods, symptoms, periods, cycle, and weight in either one, three, or six month increments. If you're looking for an app with a great interface that's easy to use, Period Diary presents information in the most pleasant and user friendly way. To log a period in Period Tracker you can either start your period from the main screen on the day you start or you can jump into the calendar and add it. When it comes to predicting periods, Period Tracker normally was within five to six days of the actual start date which isn't too bad. Instead, to add just a start date you'll have to jump into calendar view and double tap your start date.
The summary view in iPeriod will show you a quick overview of all the cycles you've already entered. Period Diary works in a similar way to Period Tracker when it comes to tracking actual periods and predicting future ones. You can go into the Calendar pedal in order to view expected period start and end dates as well as to add information or notes. The Charts section in Period Diary can also give you period and cycle information in a bar graph view.
When it comes to tracking periods and cycles, Period Tracker and Period Diary give the most complete information.
Period Tracker allows you to easily add any notes, symptoms, moods, or other information on any day.
Period Tracker will automatically try and predict ovulation and fertile days but you can go in and add actual ovulation days as well which will override the estimates.
To add information about your cycle, period, or fertility just double tap any day on the calendar in order to add information. Period Diary allows you to add moods, symptoms, and other information right from the main menu by tapping on the add note pedal. Period Diary will automatically estimate what days it believes you'll be fertile as well as what day you're expected to ovulate.
When it comes to tracking symptom, mood, fertility, and ovulation data, Period Tracker does it best and provides the best options. Period Tracker, iPeriod, and Period Diary all have a pregnancy mode that will allow you to track the time until the baby's birth.
You can enable pregnancy mode by tapping into the Settings section of either Period Tracker, iPeriod, or Period Diary. When it comes to syncing and accessing your data across multiple devices, iPeriod has the best options due to cloud syncing and app counterparts on both iPad and Mac. When it comes to price, if you only plan on picking up the iPhone version the pricing will be the exact same.
Where syncing and cross-platform support is concerned, iPeriod is the only option that offers a well-rounded suite with iPad and Mac counterparts. Period Diary's lack of custom ovulation may be a dealbreaker for some, especially if you're trying to conceive. Some leaked documents from WhatsApp seem to show that the popular messaging service could be working on native Windows and Mac desktop apps.
Gianna Rose is a registered nurse certified in hospice and palliative care, as well as a certified wellness coach.
Menopause, the stage in a woman's life when her monthly periods stop, usually around age 50, is a time of change. This simply means that a good marathon performance is based almost entirely on your endurance, or aerobic capacity.
In fact, if you divided marathon into 1% segments, the length of the race that’s anaerobic is only about 400 meters.
These workouts made up the majority of my marathon training and helped me PR by over 5 minutes. My goal was straight-forward: develop specific marathon endurance by getting comfortable at six-minute pace when tired and grow my aerobic capacity as much as possible. In addition to these main workouts, a small amount of neuromuscular work helps keep your leg turnover high and improves your stride and efficiency.
There are three primary workouts and training strategies that you should focus on as you prepare for a marathon. Aerobic Boost: Run a progressively faster MP workout where you start at your marathon pace and progress to tempo pace. Compounded over 12 – 14 weeks of marathon training can elevate your fitness and help you get to Boston.
Just want to say thank you for this article I just read now believe it would help improving my marathon and ultramaraton time this year 2015 its first a marathon qualifyer for comarades 2015 and end of may the comardes marathon I I wanted to know is there a possibilty I can improve on 4hrs 15 to under 3hr40 marathon time my half marathon time is 1h 47?
The App Store has tons of apps to help women not only track current periods, but predict future ones as well.

You can add notes, view a full calendar, view logs and charts, change settings, or jump into the social section. There are also icons that represent different things such as your period dates, fertile days, ovulation, intimate encounters, spotting, and more. You'll be presented with a splash screen that shows a countdown to your next period or information on your current period. The calendar will show a month view and icons on certain days that you are most fertile as well as the days you are expected to ovulate. Period Tracker and iPeriod are by no means hard to use and navigate but Period Diary just has a much more pleasant and intuitive interface. The main screen has a "+" symbol in the upper right hand corner that you can tap in order to add a period.
These predictions seemed to be just about as accurate as Period Tracker in my experience as they always fell within 4-5 days of actual start and end dates.
The first column will show the first day of that particular cycle and the next two columns will show your period duration and the entire cycle length. On the main screen you'll see a countdown to when you're expected to start your next period. Jumping into the Period Log section will also allow you to view past periods and predictions about future ones.
Just tap either cycle or period off to the left, choose your time frame, and time range and you'll see bar graphs that are labeled to show cycle length and period duration for each individual month.
Once in the Calendar view tap on the day you want to add data for and click the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner. The symptoms tab lets you add things like backaches, bloating, acne, cramps, cravings, and more. You can override fertility data by double tapping on a day and choosing that as an ovulation day. It will default to the current day and you can toggle between notes, symptoms, moods, weight, and temperature. As far as syncing goes, Period Diary can sync all your data to Google Calendar so you can access it from there as well.
If you'd like iPad versions, only Period Tracker and iPeriod offer them and those are the same prices as well. If that's important to you, iPeriod is the app for you as long as you're willing to forego some functionality. If you're not concerned with having a period tracking app on your Mac, Period Tracker will give you the most options and flexibility on both iPhone and iPad.
She completed Duke Integrative Medicine's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course in 2009. For many women, one of those changes is hormonal- and age-related weight gain, especially in the abdomen, which increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and some types of cancer. Resting metabolic rate, or the rate at which you burn calories, declines each year with the normal loss of muscle tissue that occurs as you get older.
Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or using a rowing or elliptical machine, burns calories and can help you manage your weight. Foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, are relatively low in calories and high in volume, and take longer to eat. It requires virtually no anaerobic workouts (those hard interval repeats on the track) during your training period – your heart rate and respiration are going to stay well below your maximum for the entire race.
For the majority of runners, there is no need to run VO2 or similar workouts for the marathon. I ran the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon in 2:39 and did virtually no anaerobic (or fast intervals) workouts prior to the race.
Every time I laced up my running shoes, I never approached my red-line speed or heart rate. On the other hand, fast interval-based workouts are like quick paydays that you have to spend soon. You can get all of these benefits by running post-run strides, weekly hill sprints, or short surges at the end of moderate distance runs.
The principle of aerobic development applies to any runner who hopes to run a fast marathon or qualify for Boston – build that engine as powerful as you can.
If you have several months before your race and you’re already in good shape, run more 20 mile runs (a 20 miler every week for a month is better than just one!). Not only are you recruiting more muscle fibers in a fatigued state, but you’re mentally preparing your body to run fast when it’s tired. The enhanced aerobic stimulus of an extra 10-20% increase in weekly mileage will make you a much better runner. Increasing a 5 mile easy run every week to 7 miles isn’t going to give you as much fitness as adding those same 2 miles to a mid-week 10 miler. Marathon pace (MP) workouts – either repetitions or a single run – get you comfortable running at your marathon pace while boosting your fitness level. Especially when it comes to marathon workouts and their potential to dramatically increase your endurance and turn you into an aerobic powerhouse. If you're trying to conceive, a lot of period tracking apps can also give you information on fertility, ovulation cycles, and more. You can add moods and symptoms to the calendar at any time by just clicking the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner of the calendar.
Along the bottom there is also a slider showing a cycle counter that'll always show what day you are at in your current cycle. The Next 12 tab will give you a list of expected future periods based on the data you've already entered into iPeriod.
The middle portion will show a countdown to your next period or information on your current one. At the bottom of the calendar you will also see any detailed information you've input such as moods, notes, symptoms, weight, and temperature. So if you're used to just tracking them in a calendar or other app, this is a good place to start with entering past data.

You can also jump into the Next 12 tab in order to see your estimated start dates as well as predicted fertile days. Above the log section for periods you'll see your average cycle length too which is based on past cycles. Along the top you'll see tabs that let you toggle between notes, symptoms, moods, and others. Under the general tab you can track things such as flow, spotting, intimate contact, and more. You can, however, use their cloud syncing service or e-mail backup in order to import and export your data as needed.
If you're looking for native cloud sync, you won't find it since there aren't any other app counterparts to sync with. There is no Mac app to add to the mix so you're looking at a total of around $4.00 for the entire set of apps. If you'd like to pick up the Mac version to complete the collection it'll run you an additional $3.99 which puts you at around $8 for everything. Jump-start your metabolism in menopause with targeted changes to your diet and exercise routine.
Counteract this trend by participating in regular strength training to preserve or build your muscle mass and burn more calories. Dress in layers and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration from hot flashes that may occur during exercise.
A high-fiber meal fills you up and curbs your appetite, which may help you maintain or lose weight.
Aim to get 16 to 20 percent of your calories from lean protein each day from foods such as skinless chicken and turkey, fish, low-fat dairy products and legumes.
This goes contrary to popular belief as many runners want to improve their speed over the distance. That’s where key marathon workouts and training program adjustments can help you crush your BQ goal. You can also run slightly longer and hit 21-22 miles for your long run, but any longer and you may sacrifice your other workouts. Alternatively, run long hill climbs of 10-15 minutes or hilly terrain at the end of your long run. Progressive tempo runs helped develop my specific fitness before my 2:39 marathon at Philadelphia and were a staple of my training plan. Period Tracker, iPeriod, and Period Diary will all handle the basic tracking, as well as provide additional information about your cycle, but is one better than the other, and which is best for you?
Here you can take notes, add symptoms for a specific day, log your moods, and enter your temperature, weight, and more. When you start you can tap the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner of the main screen and enter your start date. The calendar tab will allow you to view a month at a glance of when your period is expected to arrive as well as things like what days you'll be most fertile.
The next tab over is the Forums tab where you can converse with others on many topics from nutrition to fitness to weight management. It would make more sense to have a quick add for a start date in this position instead of a tool to track an entire period. If you want to use your average duration but end up having a longer or shorter period than normal, you can always jump back into the calendar and edit accordingly. Under the notes tab you'll see a slider that allows you to turn it to on if you were intimate that day.
Under the symptoms tab you can log things like appetite, backaches, bloating, cramps, and more. If you choose the cloud option, Period Tracker will sync your data automatically once a month for you. Choose nutrient-dense foods, which are rich in nutrients relative to calories, so you still get adequate nutrition.
If your cycles are typically longer than that, Period Tracker will eventually adjust to suit your schedule once enough historical data has been entered into the app.
The moods tab will give you a list of icons to choose from so you can easily track what kind of mood you're in on any given day. Along the bottom you'll see any symptom, mood, temperature, or other notes you've entered for any given day. E-mail will allow you to export the data for import at a later date or to a different device.
Eat an apple instead of pretzels, a potato instead of chips, extra veggies instead of a dinner roll and whole wheat bread instead of white. If you don't remember to go in and change it when you actually end your period, it'll just keep timing until you do. You can also toggle between period info, fertility info, and ovulation info along the top to view past records on all three sets of data. The last tab also allows you to add things such as weight, temperature, and fertility information.
The fertility tab allows you to customize ovulation, track your temperature, the outcome of pregnancy tests, and other personal information.
Unforunately Period Diary does not let you enter actual ovulation days the way Period Tracker and iPeriod do.
Don't reduce your calories below 1200, because extreme calorie-cutting can slow down your metabolism considerably.
Alternately you can use the calendar view to mark the first day of period and go day by day.
From there you can toggle between chart data for period duration, cycle length, weight, body temperature.

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