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How to make baby room decor?  That’s the question that often arises for a mother to give birth to her first child.
The comfort of your baby’s room is determined from the design and decoration of the bedroom.
In addition to musical box, you can also add a few dolls to add warmth in your baby’s room.
Making decorations for the nursery is not difficult, but there are some things that should be of particular interest to you. If the adults in the room can be kept wide range of objects to beautify the room, this can not be done at the nursery.

Do not put too many dolls in the nursery because it would potentially lead to dust because of fur doll.
The blue color is usually always synonymous with a baby boy while pink is always synonymous with a baby girl.
Decoration in nursery toys usually hung, like a musical box, dolls, and some other supplies. Comfort, cleanliness and tidiness baby’s room should be well considered, both in terms of design and decoration is used.
If you still feel confused, you can find a variety of decorating a bedroom for the baby in a variety of interior design magazines or on the internet.

Beds for baby are usually referred to as box shaped like a box with a safety in each of its sides to protect the baby. Replacing the box musical box on the baby is going to make the baby be turned on to use the five senses. Mosquito nets, other than to protect the baby from mosquitoes, mosquito nets can also be your baby’s room decor.

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