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We show you the famous people who had to make an incredibly difficult decision in this eye-opening Smosh article! Everyone in the western world has seen clips and segments from Japanese game shows that are literally inexplicable.
There was a period of time where it seemed as if reality TV would a) take over the airwaves, and b) continue to sink lower and lower. Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online. If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. A bun, also known as a bobtail is a hairstyle type that is very appreciated by women in the entire world.
Directions: For the first step you should separate your hair into two sections, and make a ponytail with the lower section while the upper section you should tie with a clip. Celebrities like Jared Leto may have chopped of their man buns, but The New York Times claims the style has now gone "mainstream." We talked to one man about his man bun and had him show us how he styles his mane. The Man Bun is the hairstyle of the moment and studs the world over just can't get enough of this true fashion forward trend. A Man Bun is a great conversation starter and it's sure to make you the centerpiece of most parties, but if the man I've tied to my radiator is any indication, you still need to eat and drink every couple of days or you'll get sick.
Critics agree that when it comes to men's hairstyles that are effectively both masculine and feminine, the man bun is the way to go.

It turns out that having a fresh new hairstyle doesn't make you want to have a manifesto screamed at you for 12 hours a day while you're tied to a radiator and it certainly doesn't help you understand all the cool stuff I've got to say about crop rotation! Man Buns are really cool, especially when you relocate the Radiator Guy to your basement walk in freezer!
2.1The Licensed Material may not be used in any final materials distributed inside of your company or any materials distributed outside of your company or to the public, including, but not limited to, advertising and marketing materials or in any online or other electronic distribution system (except that you may transmit comps digitally or electronically to your clients for their review) and may not be distributed, sublicensed or made available for use or distribution separately or individually and no rights may be granted to the Licensed Material. 2.2One copy of the Licensed Material may be made for backup purposes only but may only be used if the original Licensed Material becomes defective, destroyed or otherwise irretrievably lost. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.
It can be made by pulling back your hair from the face, twisting or plating, and wrapping it in a circular coil around itself on the back side of your head. Do some backcombing on the upper side of the ponytail so that you can make a bun by rolling it around itself. Unfortunately, this hot new style still makes it pretty lame to be stabbed with a knife until your blood circles a basement drain, according to the Man Bun stud I tied to my radiator. Critics also agree that it won't at all help heal the broken and mangled legs of radiator guy (that's what I call him.
Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Licensed Material may not be shared or copied for example by including it in a disc library, image storage jukebox, network configuration or other similar arrangement. A bobtail can be slightly messier and informal or refined and formal, depending on what event you wish to attend wearing it, the most important is it can be worn at any time of day you need to.

Upon download of any film Licensed Material, you will be invoiced a non-refundable access service fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) USD or such other local currency amount as Getty Images may apply from time to time. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Once you license a royalty-free product, you may use it multiple times for multiple projects without paying additional fees.
The Licensed Material may only be used in materials for personal, noncommercial use and test or sample use, including comps and layouts.
If Licensed Material featuring a person is used (i) in a manner that implies endorsement, use of or a connection to a product or service by that model; or (ii) in connection with a potentially unflattering or controversial subject, you must print a statement that indicates that the person is a model and is used for illustrative purposes only. Make a long braid from the middle lower part of it and put it aside while you do some backcombing in the middle hair of the section, and you bring this down towards the bun and you twist it on one side.
Take the braid you made earlier and wrap your head with it, now take the rest of the fair from the front, and twist it around the bun and secure with a bobby pin.

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