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When I first read it I was totally amazed at how quickly it changed my whole outlook on relationships and life in general. I discovered exactly what I was doing wrong, taking responsibility for it instead of blaming the men I dated and put a stop to trying to control the man or the relationship. Anyway, I am in a new relationship, relaxed, not putting any undue pressure on him or myself. So if it wasn’t for reading your book, and becoming aware of how I was operating in my life and relationships with men, I am sure I would have killed this relationship by now. Changes I have noticed in myself are that I am much more relaxed, living in the moment, meeting life as it shows up for me and allowing everything to be as it is without resisting it. Until recently, I saw myself as a complete failure: irreversibly out of shape and struggling against an old eating disorder, teetering between careers, seemingly ignored by men (and mistreated by the few who actually have dated me), incapable of accomplishing anything I really wanted for my life, etc.
It wasn’t until I read Make Every Man Want You that I realized HOW I THINK is even more important than what I do.
I had an argument with my mother over finances, and instead of once again letting myself spiral into feeling helpless or overwhelmed by the fact I have been relying too much on my family for financial help lately, I sat down and made a list of all the ways I can realistically take action to make more money and curb unnecessary spending. BEFORE reading the book, I was frightened and dreaded the future as a repetition of negative things in my past. People around me now ask me to take part in social functions, want to have me near them, call me, email me, and seek me out. I now am more concerned with my happiness as a part of society and am positive & excited about the future. I have had so much fun with it though I will by no means claim to have mastered the whole art of being irresistible…yet!
I shared with my cousin that if we approached the door needing, wanting and desperate to get in it would trigger a much different response than if we approached the door being irresistible!
The 2nd story is that I had a first date this weekend with a guy who had flown in from NYC to Miami. I brought my friend to a quiet place in the party and shared that I was going to let go of feeling crappy and that I was going to create the rest of the night as “being irresistible.” Again we took a few deep breaths and walked back into the party. Committed or no (Marie assures me that the title of her book is a bit of a Trojan Horse that belies the deeper, more universal substance of its pages) how can you not be the least bit curious about the contents of this book?
I am thrilled to have encountered Marie (thank you, Kate!) and am eagerly anticipating next Wednesday when Marie will grace a wild pack of curious and conscious women with her wisdom and words. Do you think we can study precepts on how to improve ourselves and truly improve ourselves? Do you think that happiness, presence, and irresistibility can be taught – and learned – or do you think these ever-elusive qualities are innate or acquired through life experience? I would also like to know if Marie has seen remarkable changes in the people who have followed her programs. While my work is not for everyone (what is??) for the women who are a good match for my style, we create magic together. AND I will say that I have received TREMENDOUS benefit from teachers (all kinds of teachers) where there is a really solid philosophy match.
I just joined Marie’s Rich, Happy and Hot Virtual Mastery program a little over a month ago and can definitely comment on the remarkable changes I’ve seen in my own life just in that short period of time! Not only that, but I’ve seen how these women are also changing and developing and really rocking it in their businesses – again, just in one short month! Finally, I have to believe that happiness, presence, and irresistibility can be taught or else there would be no reason for me to continue trying!
There must be some practical knowledge in some of these books and I am sure that the majority of those involved do so with good intentions. I couldn’t resist jumping over here and letting you know you put a huge smile on my face. Life experience is part of what helps you figure out what makes you happy and what fulfills you. I often had ideas of what I THOUGHT would make me happy and had a hard time bridging the gap between what I wanted and what I had.
It was really useful to learn not only how to bridge that gap, but also how to have a damn good time along the way. I am a highly sensitive person and have been turned off time and again by the hidden agendas and hidden junk behind a lot of business building programs. I am still amazed at the dedication she has to herself and others to be in the present moment and work with what’s there. And, amazing, AMAZING things have come into my life since starting her program: relationships, clients, ideas, programs, letting go of old junk that I had been holding onto for a while, and seeing all that I want right in front of me. I now look forward to going to work and have changed how I relate to my coworkers, my vision for how I want to make a difference in this world is super clear and I see my world in such a whole new way that I love ever second of my life. Marie helped bring awareness to how I was showing up in my own life and how I was supressing my own truth. Yeah there are things that I want to change but intstead of hatin’ on them and blaming outside circumstances (like i used to) I accept and embrace them which has made things so much more easier and less stressful.
I do love self-help books but I’ve now realized that happiness cannot be taught but it must be practiced! I could write a whole blog post on this topic… and think that I probably will thanks to this inspiration. Yeah, I gotta echo what others are saying here… Marie is totally, 100% the real deal. If you’re anywhere near NYC when she talks, or anywhere near being near to NYC when she talks :), get yourself there!! Like so many of the other posters here, I have found tremendous value in Marie’s teachings. I was never a follower and only clicked onto her site when someone else that I follow sent out a recommendation for her Rich Happy Hot Virtual Mastery Program.
I joined only this past Monday and am already getting things done faster, experiencing far greater clarity, and laughing more (the best benefit of all, if you ask me). Marie’s Live In The Moment attitude coupled with her sense of fun and adventure is absolutely infectious.

I was lucky enough to attend her live event in New York City last October, and it truly did change my life.
One of the things I love most about Marie is that she tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. I feel fully supported by Marie-I admire her drive to provide the best to her clients- and I fully support her and her work.
If you apply all the principles they can make you helathier, happier and more attractive.
NOTE: yes, this book is for women, but also man who would like to start being irresistable.
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I am an Emergency Medical Technician and I live in beautiful Northern Idaho about 300 miles from the Canadian border. I am just being my irresistible self and allowing him to be the one taking the relationship to each new level.
He is Canadian and every year he and his golfing buddies come to the US to golf for a week.
The book showed me that I can set goals from now till kingdom come, but if I don’t change my attitude and my way of thinking about myself and the people around me, nothing else will change either. Working with the principles presented in her book I have turned around my work situation and my perception and expectations of my interactions with men: past, present and future.
My life and interaction with people was painted as a victim, and I inevitably suffered, felt lost and frustrated in all my relationships with men.
Finally, I have men coming out of the woodwork to ask for my phone number, seek to spend time with me, be kindly, offer me flowers just for being me – no strings attached! Most of all, I have read & re-read the book to refresh my memory and not take any kernel of wisdom for granted. I’m taking baby steps but have had some really great results and am looking forward to growing my irresistible muscle! There was one private party that my cousin and I really wanted to attend and no one seemed to be able to get us on the guest list.
We had a great day but reflecting back I can see where at times I was irresistible and times where I failed to be irresistible. I really walked away from your book with the “possibility of being irresistible” and knowing that can only manifest when we are present in the moment! Marie will speak on the topic of Presence, on how we can all do a better job of residing in the present moment, and as I am terrible at doing this, I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.
Some questions I know I want to ask: Ultimately, how effective are self-help books and programs? I attribute it to the chiseled jaw, green eyes, fabulous sense of humor and tremendous humility.
She has a very holistic view about what you are doing in one place affecting everything else. This is the amazing thing about social networking, blogging and these incredible platforms that can be created if we are open, supportive and authentic.
Personally, I would rather spend that time being out in the world, making my own mistakes and learning from them… an approach which has worked for me so far.
In my experience, in the past few years, I am definitely a much calmer and happier person than before.
I have known her since 2007 through the pages of her book, and have been a friend of hers since 2008 when I first joined one of her programs.
And I am now one of the happy women in her virtual mastery program because I know she will help me get to the next level with where I’m going in my life. Since the live event in Oct., I have enjoyed each day of my life in ways I never did before. If you do the things she suggests, you will see INSTANT change in interactions with people during your day.
She is all for doing hard work and working smart to achieve your goals in a shorter amount of time. Meanwhile, you may want to ask why should you even take your time to walk through the review of the how to make him desire you sexually here. We decided to present you the result of that outcome in this make him desire you review, who know it might influence your decision whether to buy the product or desist from buying it… However, if you desire to go watch the video presentation of what Alex has for you in the make every man want you download pdf, then I urge you click through the link below.
I want bored you with unnecessary stories of how some women got their relationship back on track using the system I am about to share. Alex Carter impulse desire method guide also reveals uncommon and unique system to trigger the impulsive part of any man`s mind that he will lose sleep without you around him.

You’ll learn one ridiculously simple techniques shared by Alex Carter on tips to make him desire you guide with texts to make him want you examples to show you exactly how to do it using technique in the guide. You’ll be amazed as your body will be filled to the core with crazily pure love for you and you only. The step by step blueprint of the Alex Carter make him want you more and commit must be followed through just as expected. Over 90 percent of the users opinions on the make every man want you download pdf by Alex  Carter are positive. Therefore, if you are really serious about how to make him want you even though he has a girlfriend, then go get the Alex Carter make him desire you again program to learn how to make him desire you more now. I have never had any problem getting a man, and during the course of dating, we would have incredible fun. I am just along for the ride so to speak, or at least that is the way it may seem to the outside world but I know that my actions and the way I think about him and the relationship is really what is causing him to grow deeper in love with me. I wanted to know how to create that same kind of energy in my own life (and, of course, to make every man want me–haha)! I have slowly read, re-read and applied all the principles in the book each time going back and revising.
I feel more capable about my life and my future, and, instead of the leaden dread in my belly, I finally have a light bubbling sensation of hope and excitement about what will unfold. My relationships with women as well have improved to one of sharing rather than competition & it feels lighter. I realized while reading your book that “being irresistible” would serve me in many areas of my life.
We skipped the line and proceeded to the velvet rope…within two minutes the doorman went from “it’s a guest list only party” to “come right in!” He didn’t know what hit him ?? Not only that but we ran directly into the one DJ, Bob Sinclar that I wanted to hand my music to. For the last 8 years I have been saying “I’m not ready for a relationship yet, I am focused on my business…I know that when I am about 40 he is just going to show up and we will know we are meant to be together.” Well…I am certain that your book was divinely guided to me because I will be 40 in just a few months and I believe “being irresistible” is one of the keys to attracting the man, relationship and life of my dreams. Many of you know that a month ago I kicked off my quasi-salon-series Happier Hours and that I hosted the incomparable Gretchen Rubin who spoke and sparked conversations on the topic of Happiness. I have been scrolling through all of Marie’s video messages and seminars and am really impressed and inspired! I’ve accomplished more than I ever have, and my life is truly transforming in ways I never dreamed possible.
It's not the type of book that gives you cheesy pointers on how to find a man, but it's more about being fabulous and learning to love everything about yourself and your life.
Anyway, after in-depth findings on the most make him desire you review, our team of independent reviewers brought it our notification that most review on the program does seems to be great enough compare to what Alex Carter has as information resources on how to make him want you even though he has a girlfriend worth testing out. However, let me first present you with the following question just as we found people like asking in various question and answers directory and also most relationship community online.
With how to make men desire you constantly by Alex Carter, you’ll feel almost silly for not having discovered the method shared in the program earlier. You can be rest assured if you want a guy jumping up and down with utter curiosity once sight you as Alex Carter Make him desire you like never before shared  tips to make him desire you with hot curiosity.
There is a positioning techniques that makes a man unconsciously see you as the most important person in his life, putting him under pressure and unrest state of mind until you he stay committed to you in relationship. Alex Carter offers 100% unconditional 60 days money back guaranteed, making the make him want you as his girlfriend absolutely risk free.
Moreover, it is also essential that I let you know that the information shared in the make him desire you again should not be abuse as it is capable of arresting any man’s mind, manipulating him and getting him committed to you in relationship forever. Also, the marketplace statistics on the make him want you more than ever shows that it is raking huge sales with 4 star rating. It always seemed that either when I got too serious or when he got too serious, the relationship would drizzle away to nothing, the fun stuff would end and a break up would occur. After reading the book I feel like I finally have power over my own life again, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. More women friends are inviting me to come along going out, introducing me to other people and including me. Your book goes way beyond relationships and I have shared with many friends the power of being irresistible in every area of our lives!
We all know that I suffered a sublime Happiness Hangover after that exquisite evening and found myself debating the Dollhouse Hypothesis of well-being. Can things like happiness, irresistibility, and presence truly be taught – and learned? The Alex Carter Make him want you more than ever is a complete attraction and seduction package design as to help you learn what men really want to see in their dream women. Awareness, the effects of resistance and attention to details have been the main aspects that have helped me get out of a slump and get myself in gear to expect the best and start receiving it. I’m working on building better habits and choosing happiness actively in every moment. If you need to get your butt in gear, Marie won’t pull any punches, she’ll tell you straight up!
She’s able to see the potential in people and guide them in the right direction to achieve it. We travel back and forth to see each other, he is actually only 8 hours away from me, and he is almost at the point of asking me for a more committed relationship. Most of all, her very positive philosophy has enabled me to unknot and drop the rucksack of anger that I’ve been hauling about. This book really changed my life in a good way and this is something every woman needs to know.

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