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Ok, so I know I haven't been on here in a hot minute, Just school and other things Kickin my ass! Incase You haven't seen the Rangers New Video which I'm about to post Over there to your right In a minute They're having their Own Milkshake! Tomorrow The Rangers will be announcing Who's the Winner of their Weekly Give away on Ustream! So Langston Just Announced On twitter today That Rangers have a reality show coming very soon!
I know I've been slacking like CRAZY and I apologize school, as always has been getting in the way but, don't worry I'm back and I'll get this site back up and in shape. I know you guys Love Langston especially rest of Rangers and Well, They have a New contest.The city that has the most downloads of Their single "Make Ya Girl" will win a free concert from Them (: Get to it NOW !!!!
I know yesterday On twitter everyone was Freaking out About The Rumor of Langstunnaa Having a Girlfriend Named Vishanti ?
I'm truly proud and not afraid of saying "Yes, i rep Ranger gang!" They'll be on 106&Park Monday!!
You have to give them props they're doing it big and After that they Might be going to Bollywood,India .
That is all it is for No Hatred No nothing if you come On This website with that Crap  well, I'll find out sooner or Later . I already told Langston about the Idea and He said It sounds Cool I am also Going to Be Posting Dates and Places the Ranger$ will be on tour Once I get info from Mama J !

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