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If your unemployed or still in school, you might think making your own business card is cheesy or unprofessional.
Believe it or not most jobs are still filled by word of mouth and real, live, personal connections. Having a card made will show you take initiative, know what you want, and can summarize what’s important. If I meet ten students and two have taken the time and effort to design a card and get it printed, which ones stand out with more initiative? Make it look professional. Remember that this is a reflection of you, so you take the time to make it look professional. Print on the front and back. Utilizing the back will help you keep the front clean while allowing you to clearly state what you want to communicate.
Here is an example card that I made that is along the lines of what I would use if I were unemployed.
Moisturize every day by spraying a glyercin and water mix to by braids and to the hair that’s left out.
When the bulb is at the root of the strand it could be as a result of natural shedding or tension being put on the area. I’ve notice the patting makes your weave look like a wig, its a epidemic in Miami, these girls pat their life depends on it lol. Why is product build up an issue in a small amount of time like 2 months if you’re clarifying once a month? What do you suggest I use to mosturize my hair (scalp) before my sew in that is not too heavy? Hi Deja, I would suggest selecting a product that you already have in rotation that works well for your hair and seal with one thing like castor oil. I’m wondering if it makes sense to get box braids during that 1-2 weeks before i reinstall?
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30 Short Haircuts That’ll Make You Grab Your ScissorsIt’s time to book an appointment and get chopping, because we’ve got an amazing collection of short haircuts that every gal must try! Miley also revealed that she’s not worried about the backlash or the possible harm her performance may inflict on her career. Watch Miley explain her actions in the video below, which is part of a documentary recorded by the MTV and set to air this Fall. Instead of running a planned rerun show this past weekend, Saturday Night Live aired an hour-long episode dedicated to the late music icon Prince. Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons. Lenda Asberry, 62, and her four grandchildren were killed this week as they tried to escape a flash flood in the rural town of Palestine, TX. When a video that featured Nick Young talking about cheating on his fiancee Iggy Azalea surfaced last month courtesy of Young’s own teammate D’Angelo Russell, Iggy was not happy about it. Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015! You don’t have to feel like you have to cram in all the details of your life or dominate the conversation trying to sell yourself to someone. Make sure you include in your name any professional designations or certifications you have.
You can see here the tag line in blue-ish gray italics helps them get a feel for how I am trying to brand myself.
This isn’t a resume, just a couple bullet points on what makes your background relevant and desirable.
After you take out your sew-in, DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR before you properly detangle and get out ALL shed hair.

If you are planning to leave your install in for three months, you might want to rethink frequent washing and co-washing. If you are getting a full sew-in with no hair left out, ask your stylist not to braid the baby hairs or the really short strands around your hairline. It’s also recommended that you at least wait 1-2 weeks before you reinstall another sew-in. When hair is constantly being pulled out because of tension you are at risk for balding in that area. I got a sew in the end of September and was trying to break my record of keeping a sew in longer cus the last one I had it only lasted a month I missed my hair.
Miley’s performance definitely made history, but do you think it was for all of the wrong reasons? Some of the details and contact info might be different, but the experience bullet points are real. You can see in my example I have my cell phone number, email, and LinkedIn URL (notice how my LinkedIn URL is short and clean? My goal is to provide practical career advice based on my own personal experience, interaction with other professionals, and emerging trends in the industry. I wore an install for four months this year, and thankfully I took it out when it first started to matt up, so I didn’t lose any hair. Remember, you did have your hair braided for x time, and what you’re seeing is most likely shed hair. Remember there are so many different styles that you can achieve with a weave without damaging your real hair.
Careful of how often you wear tight weaves and what is going on with you scalp as you wear them.
The trick with protein treatments is you also should follow up with a moisturizing DC immediately after.
Check out these short haircuts and see if there’s one that you can make work for your hair!#1 The Textured PixieWritten by Carly BowersThis cute pixie has so much movement and texture. The longer it sits there, the more times I glance at it, the more I remember the name and the story and feel obligated to follow through. So many personal business cards having heavy color background images that render most of their message difficult to read. I think at some point having too many designations that the reader doesn’t understand can dilute their memory of you. You can change your public URL from the default to something better if it’s not taken). In my example I’ve stated that I am available (looking for a job) managing a finance or accounting department. The longer your leave the install coupled with the frequent washing + airdrying, shed hair, etc. Do you want some blonde highlights, a curly or wet n’ wavy look, or perhaps a pixie cut?
Devo) If you’re not interested in getting a sew-in weave, please try out the clip in extensions before getting a bonded weave. My braids were put in very tight (I didn’t see any white bulbs) edges braided and all into a full sew-in and I have enough new growth to pull up the braids nearly an inch. You can’t go wrong with this look!Style by Sheer Professionals, Wooster, OHHow To Style:Begin with damp hair.
They don’t have one, but they kindly write down their name and phone number on a napkin.
If you still go ahead and get bonded weave, please take all necessary steps in taking it out so you don’t lose hair in the process.

I then took it one step further and put an availability date a couple months into the future.
Well let me tell you…as soon as water hit my hair, it formed locs and got really matted.
Also, I’m much more patient, and can afford to take the extra 2+ hours to carefully take it down. I think after you reach a certain level people should assume you have at least a Master’s degree and there no need to list it in your name.
Many of you might be wondering why you would possibly exclude yourself from immediate opportunities by putting an availability date in the future. Medium textured hair with a bit of wave is ideal.#2 The Modern MohawkWritten by Carly BowersThis edgy, trendy look is an absolute favorite of mine. It’s light and you can start with a little bit and add more as needed.Best Face Shape and Hair Type: If you have medium to thick hair with a bit of natural wave, this look is for you!
Implying your available in the future or even the current month shows you are not desperate. A square face shape will be complemented by this style.#3 Absolutely AsymmetricalWritten by Carly BowersThis heavy bang, blunt cut asymmetrical style is the perfect way to show off a fun color.
Plus it has a heat protectant in it!Best Face Shape and Hair Type: If you have straight, fine to medium hair, this is a great option for you to try!
Spray it at your roots before you blow dry!Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Those with fine hair wanting their hair to look fuller and thicker should give this look a try. When you “stack” the hair in the back of this short haircut, you create layers and extra body in the crown of your head. This look is also great when you add a heavy side fringe in front and some layers to frame your face. This style is so fantastic because you can style it quickly and it frames the face just perfectly.I love this classic pixie with a bright, blonde color or a rich chocolate brown.
Use this sparingly!Recommended Products:A good texturizing product is key to transforming your ordinary pixie into something spectacular. I love a good chin-length bob because it draws attention right to the main attraction — your face! Don’t be afraid to add in a chunky highlight or a bold block of color right around your face.
It’s important to keep your short hair feminine, and adding a little body and volume is a great way to do that.
I especially love these photos because not only is there an edgy funk going on, but there is fun color as well! This look is very versatile and can be ideal for those with very fine hair who want little to no styling time. It’s also ideal for any face shape.#21 The Short ‘n StackedWritten by Carly BowersHere’s another variation on a stacked haircut.
Be sure to keep in mind that haircuts like these lose their shape quicker than a longer, more basic cut, so they need more frequent maintenance!Style by The Brown Aveda Institute, Rocky River, OHStyle by The Brown Aveda Institute, Rocky River, OHHow To Style:Using a round brush for the long section in front, dry your hair. It’s a great short look because it has hair framing your face, but it’s short and layered in the back which makes it easy to style and also very fashionable!Style by Dee Dee Hightower, Elon Salon, Marietta, GAStyle by Dee Dee Hightower, Elon Salon, Marietta, GAHow To Style:Using a medium-sized round brush, blow dry your hair. All those layers and a long, swoopy fringe are a great way to complement a beautiful color or a great highlight.

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