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The primary muscles used when hill running are as follows.  They may contract concentrically (tense or shorten) or eccentrically (relax or lengthen) depending on whether running uphill or downhill. Builds leg muscle strength, power and elasticity – Compared to running on a flat surface, when running uphill, the runner uses their body weight as resistance against gravity. Improves running economy – Studies have shown that a longer stride length and frequency of foot strike can increase speed when running. Develops Lactate Threshold – Regular hill training can improve the point at which lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and slows you down, also known as the lactate threshold. Psychological benefits – By incorporating hill work into a training plan, it will lead to increased confidence when encountering hills when racing or on training runs.
Don’t attack the hill – Try to maintain the same level of effort that you would use when running on the flat and that will get you to the top of the hill without slowing. Keep going once you’ve reached the top – It is far too tempting to stop once you have ascended the hill. Use gravity to your advantage – Downhill running is essentially about balance in allowing gravity to do the work in carrying you down. Stay in control – Downhill running should feel natural and relaxed in allowing gravity to carry you down. This workout helps to build strength endurance in the legs, whilst working your cardiovascular system within your anaerobic threshold and your muscles within their lactate threshold.
Hill Type: Find a fairly steep hill which would take 40-50 seconds to run to the top at effort.
Effort – Run up the hill at a pace which is around 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.
This workout helps to really improve endurance and to train the body for the undulations of some races.
Hill Type – Find a fairly gradual hill which would take around 1 minute to reach the top at effort. Effort – Run up the hill at a pace that you would normally do a tempo run, for around (75% -85% of your maximum heart rate) for one minute, followed immediately by one minute downhill at the same pace.
Recovery – Recovery can be resting at the base of the hill after each rep for anything between 10 and 40 seconds (depending on fitness level) before commencing the next rep. Hill Type – Find a hill which would take anything from 40 to 90 seconds to climb to the top, but also has at least 30 seconds of flat running once you have reached the peak. Hill training can be incorporated within one of your regular training runs or you may want to spend a session or two a week concentrating on hill training. Looking at the map, you see that big hill that you hate running up, so you deliberately prepare a route that will avoid it and only take you on flat ground. Uphill running forces the leg muscles to contract more quickly and work harder in order to propel the runner forwards. The higher intensity of uphill running means that you are training close to your lactate threshold. But keeping going along the flat after reaching the top can really help expel the lactic acid out of the muscles and maintain your running rhythm. Lean forward and use your arms in a ‘windmilling’ action to allow yourself to maintain balance. Build up your speed slowly and don’t be afraid to shorten your stride length to slow down momentarily in order to regain control. Practise using gravity to carry you downhill on a slope with a gradual decline, before progressing on to steeper hills. It should be a constant pace throughout each rep, but you should be approaching lactate threshold when you reach the top.
Either way, getting stronger on the hills will make you stronger on the flat so get out and run some hills! Hill training is difficult, exhausting and a psychological battle but incorporating hill training into your running schedule will make you a better, stronger runner. As you build momentum, gradually lengthen your stride and try to keep the hips over the feet.  As speed increases, raise the knees and widen the length of the stride.

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