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Getting babysitters would require you as a parent to make sure they get along with your kids.
You can use this Child Care Log for your babysitter to ensure that all the tasks are done and that they do not forget anything.
This Child Care Log is a convenient Excel Template that works best for Excel 2013 and yet remains compatible with older versions. The template contains basic child care tasks such as making sure that the child has eaten, taken a bath, brushed teeth and enjoyed or participated in educational and fun activities. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. In times like this, parents need to have a trusted babysitter to look after their precious young ones and make sure that they are getting the best care. It is also important to brief your babysitter about what you expect from them in terms of tasks and behavior to ensure that nothing untoward will happen as you leave the house.
This way, you can also be at ease that your child or children are getting the best care as if you are there with them yourself.

This free Office template contains a simple table that any babysitter can fill out as a form of checklist for themselves and, once complete, they can submit to you as part of their report when you get back home. There are also tasks such as Diaper Change, Nap, Snack, Bottle, Videos Watched, Discipline Problem, and many others.
This also helps babysitters as the checklist acts as a guide for them so that they do not forget anything. As a driver it is bizarre to look behind you and see your children reclining in monstrous-looking padded thrones, getting in the way of your rear-window visibility (yes, I’m quite short). Protecting our children is of paramount importance, which is why car seats, and buggies, now look as if they are being prepared to withstand a tornado, rather than a trip to the supermarket. Parents can easily customize this according to the age, routine, and activities of their own children. This way, babysitters can just put a checkmark on the task and what time of day they happened or were accomplished. Most of the advice we are being given about car seats is wrong, and many of us have a product in our car which we think is protecting our children, but which isn’t at all.

No-one in the UK would now travel as we did back in the 1980s – when occasionally we would fight to see who could get their heads out of the sunroof of a Citroen 2CV. Every single one of the seats that these parents had bought online was wrong for the car, wrong for the child or wrongly fitted. We buy online (to get the cheapest deal), and most of us do not go to a store to get our car seats fixed.
Let’s make sure our children are really safe on the roads, rather than just looking like they are.

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