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So… you want to get to the point where your ex is missing you so badly that he or she simply can’t handle the pain, and feels compelled to come running back to you? You want to make your ex realize what a dumb idea it was to break up with you in the first place? Watch this video to learn some tips and strategies that will make your ex miss you like mad!
Everyone’s had a tough break up and been faced with the feelings of sadness and desperation that go along with feeling like you let the right person get away.  It is a truly miserable feeling.
If they don’t come running back at least you are doing things to better yourself so you hopefully meet someone else and don’t make the same mistakes with your new boyfriend or girlfriend.  The real goal needs to be making yourself a better person so that you can have a healthy and happy relationship.  If that person does not end up being your ex, so be it!
No matter the reason for your break up you and your ex because one, or both of you, was not happy. All love quotes that end up making you cry, actually help you come out of that emotional depressing state of mind.

What better way to end this write-up, but a famous quote by Richard Bach, a celebrated American writer; which speaks volumes about the divine feeling called 'love' - If you love someone, set them free.
He is the author of The Ex Factor, a comprehensive best-selling guide to winning back an ex.
You feel like you have lost something very special and you aren’t sure if you will ever get them back.
Coming across sad love quotes sometimes makes you feel as if the deep quotes were written for you. Though they bring tears to your eyes, love quotes comfort your grieving heart, and help you to release the pent up emotions.
The following are a compilation of some famous love quotes, which are bound to make you cry your heart out.
He is a retired Language Arts and Special Education teacher, having taught in Milan, MN, Faribault Public Schools.

But the fact is that, the tears which roll down on reading such love quotes and poems actually help you vent the pain that you have been trying to suppress all this while; thus making you strong from within. We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes. Everyone love good meaningful quotes so share famous picture quotes with your friends and loved one.Our mission is to motivate, boost self confiedence and inspire people to Love life, live life and surf life with words.

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