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En nous indiquant votre appareil, Coque-unique vous proposera alors des produits disponible pour celui-ci. Coque-Unique a federe autour de lui les artistes les plus talentueux de la planete dans le but de vous proposer chaque jour des produits originaux. Mostly the problem can be dealt easily, yet we dont consider the cleaning an important factor, Most of the times there is a lot of dirt, sand, lint, and other debris gets jammed in the lightning port of your iPhone or iPad, and it prevents the connections of charging cable with the marked circuit points. So If you have an iPhone whose charging port is not working, first of all you have to try this cleaning method, Just clean all of the debris out of the port using a small tool. Make sure you use light hands, When you’re using anything pointy make sure you dont damage the circuit points inside present inside the port, If you accidentally damage the port, you will permanently disconnect the cable end from the circuit points.
Using the SIM card remover tool, I slowly stuck the pin side of the Lightning port, all the way to the bottom, and slowly went around the oval shape of the port a couple of times. I used the Sim card remover pin to clean the port of my iPhone and when i removed the pin from the port it had sand and lint from my pocket I guess, After you move the pin inside and loosen the dirt you can also blow to get rid of the remaining dirt. Now that the port is clean from the dirt, Connect the charging wire and check if its working, If the problem persists, check out the below method it might workout for you.
Now if the charging port is still not working, Make sure that your power adopter or USB port of your Computer are working fine.
There have been a growing number of reports that Apple is working on a larger form factor iPhone, presumably to better compete with the wide variety of Android devices currently available. The predominant theory suggests that Apple will simply scale up the existing 4-inch iPhone 5 screen to nearly 5 inches. While lowering the pixel density of the iPhone has led some to question whether Apple could continue using "Retina" display marketing, it does seem like a reasonable strategy that would allow Apple to increase display size without introducing yet another screen resolution to complicate app developers' work.

Another objection centers around the fact that increasing the screen size while maintaining the same resolution does not provide any more viewable area. Our new mockup can be printed out at 100% scale (example), trimmed, and folded to provide a three-dimensional paper version of the 5-inch iPhone. So far, the 5-inch iPhone is believed to be in prototype form, and the latest reports have suggested we are unlikely to see it in 2013. Without a major iOS overhaul, I don't think they are going to capture any new marketshare. Former Grey Group chief creative officer and New York president Tor Myhren has officially joined Apple and has been added to the company's Executive Profiles webpage. The concept here is, If your iOS device is busted, make sure you save your logic board if possible. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Avec la coque Ipad Air 2 make your dreams come true, vous associerez l'équilibre entre technologie et design. If those are not causing problem, the cable might be damaged and you will need to replace it, Make sure to use the original assessors of Apple, if your stock accessory gets damaged or no longer works. Based on those rumors, there have been also been a number of speculative articles on exactly how Apple might adapt iOS to handle the increase in screen size. This would result in a display with the same 1136x640 resolution of the iPhone 5 but with a lower pixel density. To date, Apple has been very cautious about introducing new screen resolutions to minimize fragmentation.

This is not entirely true, however, as some features such as text with multiple font size options could be used to show more content on the screen at a given time despite the identical resolution.
We performed a similar exercise for the rumored 7" iPad that did provide a very accurate representation of the screen size of the then-unreleased iPad mini. Readers can then see how a 5-inch iPhone would fit in their hands and get a feel for the size of the icons and other interface elements at the larger size.
However, the ability to operate the device with one hand is significantly compromised compared to the iPhone 5. If you replace your logic board (when it isn’t broken) you just burned yourself out of being able to untether. The other added financial and logistical benefit of using a 264-ppi screen is that Apple can continue to use the same screen production facilities and processes that are currently being used for the full-sized iPad screens.
If you send it back to Apple they will probably just send you a refurbished device in return and bye bye jailbreak. You have access to every upcoming beta (and apparently the older betas) from Apple for the next few months as well.
So it’s time to put on your tinkering hat or send it to a place that will just replace the broken parts.

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