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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
You print it out at 100% scale, then cut it out, fold it and glue it to make your very own paper iPhone 6.
Regaining your iPod app is as simple as installing this free tweak from Cydia and respringing.
If you’re sick and tired of two icons taking up the space of one, then try out Unified iPod for iOS 5, and let us know what you think about it below. I suggest you subscribe to our rss feed, Facebook page, or Twitter account so you can easily keep in touch and know when something new has been posted. Waiting for Springtomize 2 tbh, it had the unified iPod option before and does way more than any other tweak, hopefully it’s out soon. If you hide the Music and Video apps in SBsettings, the video icon will appear in the iPod app. Meh I donno I dont mind it I think the iPod seams to load up quicker without loading the videos too. I have a little problem… I have installed that app, and when i removed it, it just crashed, so that the music app is without a icon and the videos app is still gone, and when i click the music app it goes as the iPod app would open(when i had it installed), it even shows the message concerning the videos app… Could i get a little help, please?
An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true.
On passion, mission, delusion: Entrepreneurs must have a maniacal belief in the mission that they have set out for themselves.
Posted in changing the world, innovation, passion, people i like, perseverance, quotes, stanford, startup, things to remind myself. The Apple iPod 6th Generation is one of the devices that has received immense attention from consumers, tech gurus, and Apple's competitors because of its features. The 6th-generation iPod touch has a similar size to the 5th-gen Touch, and a nearly indistinguishable exterior.

According to a statement by gizmag, the newer model has a higher battery life and upgraded cameras that enables users use the device for a longer time as well as take clear photos or even shoot clearer videos.
I Fixit Staff stated in their press release that since 2012, there has not been any other iPod Touch unveiled, and a closer analysis of the 6th Generation iPod Touch was necessary.
Master Herald notes that buyers also get concrete software for their player requirements, as the iPod Touch offers all one would expect from a handy multimedia gadget while also being good for additional purposes like mobile gaming and watching movies. As fans continue to hope to see some well-loved "Call of Duty" titles in the Xbox One backwards compatible games list, the company has been keen about updating it as often as they can.
Once you’re back to your Home screen, the familiar iPod app will be back in its normal place, while the Music and Videos apps are no more. Surely this was just an oversight, and there’ll likely be an update to the tweak to address this issue. Can you not still just use ifile (or software of choice) and go into the folder to the N72AP.plist an change the unified ipod capability from false to true then respring? Innovative bottom up methods will solve problems that now seem intractable- from energy to poverty to disease. I found this podcast by accident from browsing the iTunes store after purchasing my new iPod nano. When you run into an obstacle, you either plough through it or you give up (and do something else). The gadget has an Apple A8 processor, aided by an Apple M8 for motion-specific computations. Their findings, through a step-by-step teardown of the iPod, revealed the processor type, the battery used and other nitty-gritty details that can be found on their website. It appears from the featured of the 6th Generation device that Apple is considering the expansion of the iPod line as a more general multimedia device for Apple customers. I uninstalled it and while the ipod app went back to Music, my Video icon is no where to be found.

Science and technology, powered by the fuel of entrepreneurial energy, are the largest multipliers of resources we have to solve our many social problems.
I’m impressed by it, and I love having access to the audio and video podcasts on the go. Vinod was rejected from the GSB several times, but he re-applied, persisted in calling up the GSB, despite already started school at Carnegie Mellon — he got accepted and moved to the valley. Vinod had no idea how he was going to pay for fees and rent when he got accepted to the Stanford GSB.
Vinod has seen many good ideas utterly wasted, because the team limited themselves in their thinking and just couldn’t think big enough. It will put things in perspective in relation to life, making this leap of faith in entrepreneurship seem a lot easier. Both of these devices operate on iOS 8 software and have almost similar color options apart from the golden 6th generation of which there's none for the 5th generation iPod Touch.
The rear camera has 8 MP resolution previous four iPhone categories (starting with the iPhone 4s) have had.
The findings indicate that there are no major differences between the 5th and 6th generations of these devices. I was just there 3 weeks ago, and there was a point where I had to jump off one rock, bounce my back off another rock, and slide down about one story high into deep freezing water from the Alps. However, since they have slightly similar starting prices at about $200, getting an iPod 6th Generation would be preferred because of the few improvements on the camera, storage space, and processing speed.

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