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Our products make great financial sense: low cost products ensure that you get a fast return on investment.
In addition you can upload your own background photo or design a login page with advertising using HTML. Promote specials to increase sales, or provide a discount coupon to encourage return visits. All our products have a firewall which prevents WiFi Hotspot users accessing any computer that is connected to the same DSL or cable. Connect the product to your DSL router or cable modem then connect a computer to the product. The wizard checks your Internet connection then creates your custom login page and selects the correct features for your business.
One of the problems with WiFi Hotspots is that some guests abuse the service by downloading very large files. We began developing software for WiFi HotSpot management and billing in 2003, since then our client list has grown to include some of the biggest names in hospitality and resort management. Please contact us about becoming a reseller if you think your customers would like our hotspot gateway products.
The dLAN® Hotspot default settings ensure worry-free operation of the WiFi hotspot with ease. Make your own Internet connection available to your customers easily, quickly and securely.
The dLAN® Hotspot allows for incredibly flexible installation in any electrical socket in the room.
Our sales team will gladly answer your questions on any topic relating to devolo Business Solutions. If you had the chance to build a contraption that would provide you with green internet access almost anywhere, wouldn’t you take it? Not that it’s not an impressive project, but wouldn’t it be easier just to buy a bigger antennae or make something like the Pringles Cantenna? Ever been in the middle of nowhere wishing you and your friends could share a single cellular-based internet connection across multiple devices? This little bugger will share an internet connection provided by your phone or any one of several supported USB WWAN dongles that you can get from your carrier.

It has a battery built in that should last a few hours, but it can be charged back up via USB, it can also be used to charge your USB powered device, including your mobile phone, so even when you aren’t using it to set up hotspots in the middle of Bumfukt, Egypt it still serves a purpose. After downloading, Install the application, make sure that you have a Windows 7 OS, this may not work with the previous versions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
To complete your subscription, check your inbox then click the verification or confirmation link. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
A PayPal® account is required and the account information must be entered during the configuration process. The firewall prevents a hacked getting access to a Point of Sale (PoS) terminal to prevent the theft of credit card information. This blocks access to pornographic and similar websites, ensuring that web surfing is family friendly. This slows Internet access for all the other guests, and also for the business computers if one DSL or cable connection is used for all services. Our current line-up of HotSpot gateways offers the most cost effective way of providing Internet access for guests. Small and medium-sized businesses can now offer their customers and guests Internet easily and—most importantly—with assured compliance with the law. All data received from the guest are automatically channelled to the provider partner of the manufacturer devolo via the owner‘s Internet access. The dLAN® Hotspot from devolo combines a smart wireless access point with a special service package for hotspot operators. No matter where the router is located, the dLAN® Hotspot can be positioned at a distance from the router using a second electrical socket adapter (included in the scope of delivery) without loss of performance. Improved customer retention thanks to Internet entertainment and wait times that feel shorter. This DIY WiFi Repeater needs absolutely no electricity to function, yet extends your reach into the cloud by a significant amount. Yeah me neither, but if such an issue were to ever come up, this little gadget will allow you to do it.

Its available right now at Amazon for around $300, but don’t just buy it, make sure your phone or WWAN card is supported. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
File sharing can be identified by organizations like the RIAA who are then suing DSL customers.
In addition to serving as a parental control content filtering prevents anyone viewing unpleasant website in public places. Our speed control ensures that each guest gets a fair share of the total bandwidth available and prevents anyone downloading a large file from slowing the Internet service for other guests.
That‘s because the dLAN® Hotspot makes risk-free WiFi possible and protects the operator against secondary liability (referred to as Storerhaftung under German law). Solar panels power a Linksys WRT54G v8 router with 7.5 volts at 500 milliamps in direct sunlight. Out higher performance products block file sharing to prevent the Hotspot operator being at risk of DSL disconnection and lawsuits.
Once and for all, the hotspot operator can avoid the risk of legal prosecution should a guest misuse the hotspot for illegal purposes, thanks to a simple consent form from the customer and the use of a VPN tunnel.
The WiFi user is automatically prompted to agree to the general terms and conditions during the log-in process. On cloudy days, 5 AA batteries of reserved solar power provide the bit of juice the device needs to function, saved for just the right sunless occasion. You can find a step-by-step demo on how to create your own solar-powered WiFi repeater from the source. Everything is very straightforward, happens in real time and without the need for the owner of the dLAN® Hotspot to take any action.

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