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Harmful foods and drinks that can cause tooth enamel trouble include citrus type foods and also drinks such as wine or coffee. It's important to make sure you do all that you can to keep your tooth enamel from a wearing away because the enamel is what keeps your teeth safe from harmful acids and other damaging bacteria.
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Tooth enamel erosion is the irreversible loss of tooth structure due to chemical dissolution by acids not of bacterial origin. You might not notice enamel erosion at first because the differences in your teeth are subtle. The enamel around your teeth is very important because it protects teeth from damage and allows you to eat foods without hurting your teeth.
Our team at Southport Dental takes the time with our patients to explain their treatment options and inform them of additional preventative care. Lemon is a good remedy for growing back receding gums as it stimulates the growth of new gum tissue. To use it, you can take a small amount of the lemon oil on to your finger or a tooth brush.
Tooth enamel is that really strong stuff that covers your teeth to make sure that your teeth are safe from harmful bacteria and plaque.
As for stomach acids that may cause the tooth enamel erosion, overexpose or is caused by her numerous things.One cause of overexposure to stomach acid is bulimia. Some foods and drinks are worse than others for tooth enamel loss.  The most common drinks and food that contribute to enamel loss are Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, Fruit and Fruit Juices.

As long as you take good care of your enamel, you’re teeth will continue to be protected for years to come. Mills and his staff always take time to explain what they are doing, why, and what options there may be. Most of the time, as long as we brush and floss a couple of times a day and get regular cleanings, we are able to keep our teeth and gums healthy.
Especially  people who crave sweets, and those who live on a raw food diet, are more at risk.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It adheres to the surface of the tooth perfectly without damaging the enamel or irritating the gums. Repeat applications for a more visible result and wait until the product is completely dry before closing the mouth again.
Bulimia is the repeated vomiting that exposes the teeth to stomach acid that's causing erosion of the tooth enamel. If your teeth hurt or throb when you eat something hot or cold, you probably are experiencing some enamel loss. Foods that cling to teeth, such as dairy products, dried fruits, cake and cookies are more likely to cause decay than other foods.
However, because lemon is acidic in nature, its regular use may damage the enamel of your teeth. We take the time with our patients to explain their treatment options and inform them of additional preventive care.

Those who snack throughout the day or who drink acidic beverages are more at risk, as are those who suffer from eating disorders, heartburn, or dry mouth. Both of these going to have a negative affect on tooth enamel, therefore a negative affect on your overall dental health.
Acid reflex, sometimes referred to as heartburn, can negatively contribute to tooth enamel erosion by exposing the teeth to harmful acids.
Instead of using the very strong lemon essential oil, try making your own lemon oil at home so that you are saved from the damaging effects it has on your tooth enamel. To create different effects, use the two shades available or mix them with natural pigments. Lastly, binge drinking to the point of vomiting can expose your teeth to those harmful acids resulting in the wearing away of that enamel and causing trouble for your teeth.
Some of the possible causes of abrasion are brushing your teeth with a hard bristle toothbrush, poking your teeth with using toothpicks, or scraping your teeth while you're removing retainers and or partial dentures.
On the other hand, erosion is caused when the tooth enamel is overexpose to harmful acids from certain foods and drinks, or stomach acids that are regurgitated.

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