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In our last post, we began our discussion on how to create your small business YouTube channel. While you are on your channel page, go to the square in the upper left with the head in two shades of blue.
If you are looking to create a small business YouTube channel for the computer (and you should be), then the IMPORTANT part of the image should be 1280 x 350.
Finally on this topic, we’ve created a template that you can use to design your banner for your small business YouTube channel.

Just below and to the right of your channel banner (and to the far right from your channel name) you’ll roll over the pencil icon to allow you to edit and add details. They also use this header for your Google+ account, which we will talk about in a later blog post about search engine work. By following the guidelines, you’ll be able to create one that you can use for the various formats. This handy indicator lets you know if you’ve missed anything, but it does not drill down completely to every possible area you want filled in.

However, YouTube is trying to use a single image to work on devices of different sizes – a very bad idea in our opinion. For example, if you upload to their recommended specs you’ll see the 2560 x 1440 image will fill the screen for looking at your channel on a television, NOT a computer screen.

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