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Today’s post is going to walk you through how to add channel art on YouTube, and give you a guide on how to make your own YouTube banner.
1st you need to know that the YouTube channel art dimensions for this banner is a whopping 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels high and that is huge for an image! For your reference, a typical blog page like this one is around 960 pixels wide, so your YouTube channel art dimensions makes your banner more than twice the width of what you see on a normal computer screen, making it hard to create yourself. So 1st, here’s an image of the YouTube channel art template that I started out with, scaled down to fit on this webpage of course. Inside of the blue section of this YouTube banner is where I added my 1st Page Traffic slogan, which is the name of my YouTube channel and the purpose of this website of course is teaching people how to get free visitors to a website from the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
If you want to, up at the very top you can add a textual URL, which could be to your YouTube channel if you choose to do this like I did.

Instead of just placing the partial tutorial video here, I’m going to place the welcome video that I made for my 1st Page Traffic YouTube channel. You can use the template that I created on your own YouTube channel if you like the design, or you can use it as a type of guide to create your own YouTube banner from scratch! This is also the YouTube channel art template that you can download from the members area of this website. By the way, you can get to my 1st Page Traffic YouTube channel and see what the finished YouTube channel art template looks like after I finished it by clicking here. I took the official YouTube Creators Academy training when it first came out and I’m finally taking the time to pass on some of what I learned in their YouTube training course. That’s how to add channel art on YouTube step by step, and if you click on the image that I’m leaving for you below you can download the template that I used from your membership area, or you can make your own YouTube banner from scratch!

I’d love to have a look at some of the YouTube banners that are created from this tutorial. Oh yes, this is a membership website and membership has it’s privileges, even if it’s free like this one is! It may give me inspiration for one of my other YouTube channels if I know how much I’m helping people setup a YouTube channel.

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