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As I walk into the school-like London headquarters of Girlguiding UK, all blue walls and photos of earnest girls cradling hedgehogs, I am suddenly nervous. Well whatever shyness Bentley, formerly the head of the Family Planning Association, used to suffer from as a girl, it hasn’t followed her into the workplace. On one level the five girls who make up Wonderland couldna€™t be more different.A  Therea€™s raven-haired Sharon, Corrina the picture-perfect redhead, Kasey with her shock of short white-blonde hair, baby-faced Leigh and pale, pretty Jodi with her cloud of long, loose curls. Shooting on day one finally ends a€“ 14 hours after it started for the girls a€“ at 10pm, and there is still a 90-mile drive back to the motel where the girls are staying, alongside truckers and travelling salesman who are clearly incredulous at their glamorous co-guests.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Sussex Police via AFP - Getty ImagesAn undated handout picture released by Sussex Police on September 24, 2012 shows missing British teenager Megan Stammers.
Vicki Manning, 28, is bookkeeper at her family’s Regal Pawn shop that features in TV series Pawn Stars UK. You learn about gold by first grasping the basics – such as the hallmarks and how to test the gold – mainly through trial and error. We’ve had lots of bizarre things in the shop – one of my favourites was a false leg we spotted at a house call. I’ve left a few times, when I lived abroad and after having my son – but the job’s pretty addictive. Going in front of the camera was very strange at first – but that only lasted about five days. Handmade Cinema is an award winning community cinema specialising in transforming spaces into magical cinematic wonderlands for people of all ages to enjoy.
We spoke to creative director Ellie Ragdale about what’s coming up at Handmade Cinema, their events with Girl Gang Sheffield, and more…How did Handmade Cinema come about?A friend and I attended a Cinema For All roadshow here in Sheffield and I was blown away by what different community cinemas have been doing across the country. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Prince George!
But Wonderland hasna€™t been manufactured to satisfy any stereotypical male fantasies, and the girls share much more than the average (often very average) girl band.
There are, of course, a few moments of dissent a€“ although they cheerfully put these down to hormones. Ita€™s too late for dinner (the restaurant closed at 9pm) and anyway the girls have to be up again at 7am.Day two takes us to the other side of the Salton Sea and a series of locations including a railway track and an abandoned trailer park. And hopefully children a€” wea€™ll see, you never knowa€¦a€™Musical inspiration Celine Dion. I’m very well trained now and have a good eye for a fake but I’ve worked a lot for free when I’ve made mistakes, like when I bought fake gold for ?600. It’s hard at times, because if something goes wrong at work then it does come home with you but I also get to work with my best friends all the time. It turns out that as much I moan about how much there is to do, I quite like being depended on by all the boys. Being primarily a gold shop, people bring in sentimental items such as wedding rings and they need to get rid of them because they have no money. They shun the commercial cinema experience in favour of cardboard props, face paints, workshops and making friends. I studied film, and I started to think this was a great way to combine my love of cinema with my love of making things.

For a start, all five of them can actually sing, and all five have a similar philosophy on everything from the clothes they will (or wona€™t) wear to the things that really make them laugh or cry.The quintet (four are Irish and one, Chingford-born Jodi, is a€?a quarter Irish and three-quarters in love with the Irisha€™) are sitting in the cool comfort of the Airstream trailer that will be their home for the next two days as they shoot the video for their new song a€?Starlighta€™ in the extreme heat of the Californian desert.
Their perfect harmony emerged three years ago when the girls were chosen from thousands of hopefuls at open auditions held in Dublin by Louis Walsh and Westlife member Kian Egan (who just happens to be married to Jodi). Most of the time, though (and certainly all of the time I observed them), the girls are good-humoured and kind a€“ not just to each other but to everyone around them (Jodi calling everyone a€?babea€™, the other four using a€?darlina€™a€™ in a delightfully Irish way). My dad and the others got into the gold business first and I came on board to book the venues and contact the newspapers when we roamed the country holding ‘gold roadshows’. We’re all very strong-minded and like to shout to get any grievances out, so it’s hard for outsiders to work here. Today, for example, I’m sitting with our accounts manager looking through the stock system and tomorrow I’m going out to do a house call. I only regret not putting make-up on because I didn’t think I’d be in the show – c’est la vie.
I was also inspired by hearing about Secret Cinema and rushed home to find out when they were coming to Sheffield – but of course these things are all London based (and also completely unaffordable for most people). Theya€™re being fussed over by the kind of professional team that you might expect on a big-budget Hollywood production (their video is being directed by Nigel Dick, who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Guns Na€™ Roses).
The idea was to create a band that could boast five lead singers (ITV2 made a two-part documentary about Wonderland last year: Louis Walsh and Kian Egana€™s Next Big Thing). They love and miss their families (when asked who their heroes are they all say, a€?Our mummies are our queensa€™) but they are relishing every moment of their glamorous new lives and crossing their fingers that their moment will last.a€?We are having the time of our lives.
All five girls are on a subsistence allowance from their record company, but Kian and his Westlife bandmates are estimated to be worth A?31 million between them, so Jodia€™s wardrobe is more extensive and higher end than the other four girls, who tend to shop in Forever 21 and H&M. But on the plus side, we never have moody staff because it’s all shouted out and forgotten about in five minutes.
So we tend not to buy them and offer the customer alternatives, such as pawning, or suggesting that they hold a gold party to make extra cash. I figured I could do something like that in a more creative and handmade setting.Can you explain what immersive cinema is?I think of it as a transformation of a location or venue (a community centre, school hall, back room of a pub) into the world of film. There is a make-up artist with several trunks full of tricks, a hairdresser with bags full of straighteners, curlers and crimpers, and a stylist hovering in a corner with a stacked rail of carefully coordinated outfits. Louis and Kian (who co-manage the girls) have taken time to develop their sound a€“the nearest comparison any of them can come up with is the American girl group the Dixie Chicks a€“ and with a major investment from their record company Mercury (who signed them in April 2009 and report very high pre-sales for their debut album Wonderland) they are being hailed as the biggest and most talented act to emerge from Ireland since the Corrs.A  And the girls dona€™t just sing together, they live together too.
However, the style, if not the labels, is much the same a€“ low-key, a€?occasionally sexy but never sleazya€™. Like any family, if anybody else had a go at any of us, we’d defend each other to the hilt. That usually means taking inspiration from the film you're screening and bringing it life for the audience to experience in that room, and also making it something they can take part in themselves.You’ve been going since 2012. But none of the girls is keen for much more than a little mascara, some factor 50 to combat the fierce desert sun (ita€™s 98 degrees outside) and the kind of comfort clothes they usually wear (jeans, T-shirts, little cotton dresses).
Kasey, Sharon, Leigh and Corrina relocated from Ireland to a three-bedroom apartment in London a€“ in the same block as Mr and Mrs Egana€™s marital home a€“ and all five have become so close they now see themselves not just as best friends but as family. If one of us is hyper we are all hyper, if one of us is quiet we are all quiet a€“ ita€™s mad how we have similar reactions all the time.
Sharon reveals that Wonderland were approached to be the faces (and doubtless bodies) of a well-known lingerie brand but turned the offer down. Which screening are you most proud of so far?Our first was The Aristocats at the Old Junior School in Sharrow, and that was so new and exciting for me – watching the children’s faces as they arrived at the transformed venue and were confronted with an Eiffel Tower made out of cardboard boxes!Girl Gang has been so special too (Girl Gang is a collaboration between Handmade Cinema, The Creep Store, Free Hand Creative and Pull Your Finger Out Productions).

Endearingly polite and good-natured, they are nonetheless adamant about how they want to look today. It was our first experience of seeing people our age take part in the way we’d been doing screenings for children, and we didn’t know if people were going to get it. It was a risk, but we deliberately wanted it to be fun, daft and silly, and not too cool or too cliquey. Just grown-ups having fun and letting loose!What can people expect at a Handmade Cinema screening?Lots of face painting, having to crawl through some kind of entranceway to get in, loads of handmade props and set-pieces. Ita€™s such a lovely relationship.a€™ The pounding sound of that song (with its ridiculously catchy chorus) echoes on the empty beach, inspiring a small group of laid-back pelicans to join in the action. In the next few hours all the girls a€“ and a few of the pelicans a€“ perform for the cameras in an atmosphere of mild hysteria. Kasey, say the others, a€?is your girl for a partya€™, and she is also the only one with any outward signs of her youth (a tattoo across her lower back and the need for an occasional sneaky cigarette which she insists, when caught, a€?is a pretend one from a joke shopa€™).Director Nigel Dick says that he thinks the five girls are a€?super-talenteda€™, and that if they a€?keep together they are going to run and run and runa€™. The people who come along have engaged with art, they’ve engaged with film and they’ve engaged as a family.Is your programming linked to some of your own memories and the way films make you feel?Yes, it’s quite hard for me to create these experiences if I don’t have a connection to the film. The final shot of the final day takes place at dusk around a bonfire on which the girls are roasting marshmallows in time with the music. By now everyone a€“ the crew, make-up artists, stylists, even me a€“ is word perfect on the song and when the cameras are finally turned off, urged on by the girls who are still singing, we join in for a final rendition.Wonderland are, well, a wonderband, and the fame and fortune that is just around the corner couldna€™t happen to five more delightful a€“ or delighted a€“ girls.
As more people are getting on board it's getting more varied, but at the same time it has to be something I like and know how to share with the rest of the world.In a world without limits (licence costs, venue hire, availability), what would you love to screen?When we started Handmade Cinema we made a huge list, and there are still so many we haven’t got around to yet. We want to reach people in the local areas – Hillsborough and Walkley – and bring them in to interact with the incredible buildings on Burton Street.We recently launched Girl Gang in Manchester, so we’ve just taken our Mean Girls event across the Pennines. On 30 April we’re screening the Kathleen Hanna documentary The Punk Singer at Picture House Social, which has been a long imagined screening for us. It had a tiny release, and there are so many people in Sheffield who want to see this film.Why is it important that people like you put on screenings?I think there is a real need for fun events, where people can experience films collectively as a community. The decision was made by its advocate panel – which is made up of 16 girls between the ages of 14 to 26 who decide what issues matter to their fellow Guides.
I think it’s important to bring the magic back to cinema-going, and to showcase films that have perhaps been overlooked or under-appreciated. It’s about dedicating some time to films and showing how much they have to offer if you give them a bit more attention. There is still a glass ceiling and we have to teach them how to break it,” she explains. Before the last election, David Cameron pledged to make sure one third of all his ministers were female, a target he has spectacularly missed.
Consequently he has been fiercely criticised from all sides because only four full members of his Cabinet are women – as we hurtle to the 2015 election.
I am just ensuring we put our head above the parapet on all issues our women care about and stay relevant,” she enthuses.

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